NHL and Rogers revamp GameCentre Live app with better streaming quality, customization


  • nonenone22

    MLBAM will make this app/service great again.

  • Karl Dagenais

    “For comparison’s sake, a typical HD Netflix stream is around three megabits.” Not really, not here in Canada at least. Their highest quality stream was, until a few weeks ago, 5600kbps, which any high speed internet user can get. They have tweak their compression algorythms a few weeks back and now go up to approx 7500kbos for some titles.

    That said, 5Mbps for NHL Gamecenter will give similar quality to the compressed stuff our cable providers give us, maybe better if they use better codecs.

  • Mo Dabbas

    What’s the point of watching hockey if the Habs are playing like a minor league team 🙁

    • Karl Dagenais

      Hockey =/= habs. Plus, we’ve been stuck with desharnais and plekanec and the gang, id rather they tank and draft high

    • Mo Dabbas

      I know it’s not = Habs. But I’m not going to turn on the TV to see teams I don’t care about.
      Ya, this group needs changes.

  • John

    I don’t know if anyone else has had issues, but tonight was the first time I’ve gone to use the app (or the website) since the update and now it barely works. Ya it looks pretty and everything but the game stream was messed up all night, the app kept crashing or just stopped playing audio/video requiring the stream to be restarted. And worst of all the website isn’t working for streaming any games so i couldn’t use that instead. If you’re going to update something make sure it works first, sheesh.

    • RjPiston

      I had similar issues last night “Video error: cannot load video” for all games.

  • Brian White

    Was working great for me on PS4/XBoxOne/Android Phone casting to Nexus Player or Chromcast … since this came into effect… has been terrible. XBOX not working, PS4 not working, casting has out of synch sound…. Tried everything support suggested over the last few weeks….. I Just cancelled it tonight…. Rogers deal with MLBAM = FAIL

    • Brian White

      BTW… I have Fiber Internet 1.5GB with powerful 5GHz router… so not my hardware causing the problem. They can say what they want… it sucks.