Nexus 5X receives additional $50 price drop, now starts at $389 CAD


  • While the U.S. also received a $50 price drop, still cheaper to buy the N5X in Canada than across the border ($299 USD for 16GB = $422 CAD).

    I’m theorizing that the N5X isn’t selling as well as Google hoped because its entry price was much higher than the original Nexus 5 upon launch; this brings the pricing a little bit more in-line, so hopefully this will mean more units sold!

    • Omar

      The Nexus 5 was a flagship, this is a mid-range phone. The market for midrange phones has changed a lot since 2013, which I think Google may have underestimated. There is a lot more competition now, and these phones are competitively priced. $389/449 should have been the prices at launch.

    • Brett Arnold Allard

      If You consider the snapdragon 808 to be midrange then what about the G4?

      The only thing setting them apart at this point is the additional 1gb of ram and perhaps better camera.

    • Vito R.

      It is a mid-range phone. Nexus 6P is top of the line.

      There is a noticeable difference in CPU power/RAM/screen quality – either you’re a flagship or you’re not.

    • Brett Arnold Allard

      The only thing mid range about the phone is the screen quality, and Ram! No other midrange phone has the advantage of a modern 808 and it almost definitely sets it apart from what most would consider mid range.

      I use both the 5x and 6p for my daily driver, and although I have some software issues with my 5x. I have similar side by side performance when using both .

      All I’m getting at here is if specifications were slightly different you wouldn’t be calling it a midrange device .. 3gb of ram and a 808 (810) is a standard for 2015-2016.

    • Vito R.

      I don’t think you can call two phones your daily driver – but I digress…

      Exactly, if the specifications were different we’d be calling it a flagship. I don’t understand your point.

      Look, I’m not saying the 5X is a *bad* phone, I’m just saying it’s not a flagship. While I do consider the 5X better than most (all?) current “mid-range” phones, it’s not a flagship. Would it make you feel better if we called it mid-to-less-than-high-range?

    • Brett Arnold Allard

      Ever heard of a work and personal phone? Yes I use both daily!

      When you answered my initial question you basically told me what I already knew.

      I also never called the 5x a flagship either, but calling it a midrange device isn’t exactly something I would settle on either when in my eyes the 1gb of ram is really the only thing setting it apart from the likes of the G4. and that’s all I really used as example.

      If we never had the Huawei made 6p then wouldn’t the 5x be googles flagship? Not every phone needs to have top of the line specs to be one nor would it ever be the first time!

    • Vito R.

      Right. If the Nexus 6P didn’t exist then yes, the 5X would be Google’s flagship – but it wouldn’t be in the same class as, say, the Galaxy S6, it would still be a few notches below.

      Look dude, no matter how you slice it, in my mind (and that of many others) it’s a solid mid-range device as there is nothing “high-end” about it.

    • Brett Arnold Allard

      Except for the snapdragon 808 which I pointed out in the first place. It’s not mid range by any means.

    • Vito R.

      Hahaha, you can’t say “except for the cpu”!

      But anyway… I don’t know why you’re asking me to repeat myself but I’ll add a few more to the list – also the RAM, the screen, the storage and the build quality. The camera isn’t very good either. It can take good pics, but the app controlling the camera is terrible.

      What was considered high-end a year ago is not considered high-end today. The bar has been raised.

    • Brett Arnold Allard

      Nothings been raised until next month when we see device roll outs.. The 808 and 810 are still the modern day contenders.

    • Vito R.

      The bar was raised as there were already better spec’d phones on the market when the 5x was released.

      Every company has a “flagship” phone regardless of whether or not it has the best specs on the market at that time. For example, the Sony Xperia Z1/2 were obsolete the day they were released – but they were still Sony’s “flagship” phones at the time. So you are correct, a flagship phone doesn’t have to be top of the line or even be good for it to be that company’s flagship device.

      However, that’s not what we were discussing, we were talking about Nexus phones. By all measure, Google has ONE flagship – the Nexus 6P.

    • TP

      It’s not just the CPU, anyone can know 5X is more geared towards mid-range and more mainstream – 2GB RAM, FHD display, only 16/32GB storage, etc.

    • Brett Arnold Allard

      When compared to other flagships yes that’s still correct, but you basically stated what I said already.

      But even today we still see flagships with FHD as a norm.. The Huawei Mate 8, and Moto x play have by far the 2 best FHD screens I have ever laid my eyes on. Ones a flagship the other is a midrange.

    • Omar

      You’d be right, if you weren’t wrong…

      The LG G4 has a better, bigger screen. A better camera. And a better build quality. It’s not just an extra GB of RAM (3GB is the standard for flagships in 2015).

      The N5X isn’t a bad phone by any means. But for all intents and purposes, it is the mid-range brother to the Nexus 6P – Googles 2015 flagship.

    • Brett Arnold Allard

      You just repeated what I typed out above.

    • Omar

      There’s other factors that play into battery performance. Keep in mind the G4 is powering a bigger screen and higher resolution, therefore for pixels. On top of that, it is still on Lollipop, which had poor battery performance overall and lacks Doze.

      Yes they’re both made of plastic, but the big thing with the G4 was its leather back. I used a Nexus 5 which does certainly feel “cheap” (I had the white soft-touch plastic, not the matte finish) and from the reviews of the 5X, none I’ve seen say anything nice about its design. Which is odd… Since it’s not designed to be a flagship. I think it looks fine. But you can’t compare plastic to leather, aesthetically.

      The standard for flagship screens have passed over 1080p. I agree with you, 1080p is perfectly fine for a phone, and I’d prefer it over higher resolutions for the exact same reason. But in terms of flagship status, I don’t think it cuts it anymore. Kinda like 2GB of RAM. It’s definitely useable unless you’re a ridiculously heavy user, but 3GB is the flagship standard. And we may see 4GB this year.

      I’m not arguing against the Nexus 5X. If I had to choose between it and a LG G4, I’d pick it without question. But that doesn’t mean it’s a flagship.

    • danbob333

      The launch price of the Nexus 5, including shipping, was about the same as the 5X (which had free shipping). That is in the USA. In Canada, the price difference is due to weak CAD. And even then, the price is lower in Canada so Google is being “generous”.

  • St. Misery

    They’ve got my attention now that it’s priced in the same range as the Moto X play. X still has the micro SD slot.

    • Nimer55

      Play’s got the sd slot, and giant battery, but missing: Gyroscope, fast cpu, finger print sensor, and future updates. (Moto used to be good, lately the signs haven’t been good.) The 5x is a much better overall device.

    • Vito R.

      Processor is better in the 5x, but depending on your needs (bigger screen, expandable memory) it’s not clear cut that it’s the better phone for everybody.

  • Mo Dabbas

    You see guys. This is a great example of supply and demand.
    So next time instead of whining that the prices are high while you’re in line to buy that phone, don’t buy it and see how it makes a difference.

    for myself, I’m waiting for the 6P to get a price drop then I’ll go for one.

    • Allan

      US sites state that this is a limited time promotion for Valentine’s Day. Not sure if it’s the same in Canada also.

  • GPman

    Nexus is not a huge name in people’s minds yet. So when you have Nexus 6p,but also 5x it sounds like the 5x is a whole generation behind. They are not known enough to play name mind games. People walking in stores will think the 5x is older tech.

    Should have called it 6x so at least it is on same mental level as the iPhone 6,s6 and 6p.

    • Orage42

      It’s sad but I agree with you. Every other company out there names their devices in numerical order. LG G series, Samsung Galaxy S series, Apple iPhone series, Sony Z series and so on.

      Then you get Google’s approach, where the number actually reflects the screen size.. But they’re alone doing it so people just don’t get it unless they’re tech savvy.

      At some point, numerical orders will look dumb though. Hey look at my new iPhone 17!

    • Vito R.

      It’s got nothing to do with it being the same numerical level as the iPhone – it’s never hampered Samsung. @GPman is right, it’s all about brand recognition and price. This price cut likely makes it possible to sell it for $0 on contract – that will have a bigger effect on sales than the name of the phone.

    • Orage42

      I agree about brand recognition, Google should market the Nexus line way better. Pricing is key, but CAD is to blame here, not Google. iPhones were $649 two years ago, they’re now $899 and $1029 for the Plus. That’s even steeper, no one talks about that…

      Google is still the only one that uses screen size as the phone/tablet’s model number though.

      Nexus 5 is around 5″
      Nexus 6 is around 6″
      Nexus 7 was, you guessed it, 7″
      Nexus 9 is, yes, around 9″

      What are they going to do next year, the Nexus 5X 2? The Nexus 5XS and 6PS? And then what? On top of not having a strong Nexus recognition, they’ll have a numbering problem.

    • Vito R.

      They could do the same thing Google did with the Nexus 7 2012/2013.

    • Orage42

      I completely agree, but they should’ve done it this round, instead of being stuck with the X and P randomness.

    • Vito R.

      Yeah, it does paint them into a corner…

    • blzd

      As someone who follows this stuff regularly, I never thought about it like that but you’re probably right.

    • Omar

      I think the 5X was released more for nostalgia reasons than anything else. There was demand for a Nexus 5 sequal in 2014 which Google saw (and probably felt in their Nexus 6 sales). Hence they released it alongside the 6P, their intended flagship. And hence they seem to have no worried lowering the price of the 5X.

  • MoYeung

    No one wants this phone? Why?

    • Nimer55

      Specs for price was sort of underwhelming.

      Especially when you consider the fact that 16gb is considered sub-optimal by many forcing them to spend an extra $50, combined with a higher USD starting point for the 16gb, and the lower dollar. Also, the 5X isn’t as impressive spec was as the 5 was for its time. (Look at CPU, and ram.. The 808 feels like the snapdragon 600 did back then, good, but not the best). Also, there’s now many more reasonably priced decent phones, whereas back then nothing else came even close.

    • Vito R.

      You’re over thinking it. The average consumer has no idea anything other than iPhone & “Galaxy” phones exist.

    • cartfan88

      To be honest I can’t remember Google doing much ads or promo for the Nexus line…more like ‘here it is’ especially on the traditional advertising routes. Apple and Samsung do run a healthy ad budget which gets baked into their prices. For me I’m happy to have Nexus as a budget option yet near flagship specs again which the new pricing on the 5x is and has been missing since the original N5.

    • Vito R.

      Yeah, main difference being the original Nexus 5 was pretty close to flagship. The current 5X feels a little underpowered. Not in normal use, but while playing games on it I notice the corners that were cut – just not as quick as it should be.

    • blzd

      Really? The 5x outperforms most flagship phones in gaming right now because of its 1080p screen.

      Be lucky you’re not using a device with a 2k screen, they get lower FPS in games than the 5x.

      Check out the Anandtech review test for final frame, the 5x was the top performing Android device that they tested (beating Galaxy S6, LG G4, etc.) during sustained performance, though still far behind the iPhones.

    • Vito R.

      You’re right – I’ve only been comparing it to an iPhone 6 for gaming. That said, I did compare app loading times with a 6P and there was a noticeable difference.

    • FlamesFan89

      It continues to amaze me that other companies haven’t figured out that advertising matters. Apple is probably the best in the industry when it comes to marketing their phones (and other products). Samsung made their rise on the back of the “Next Big Thing” campaigns and openly mocking Apple and the lineups on launch day. They presented themselves as the best Apple alternative, and it worked.

      Other companies, HTC, Sony, LG, etc, their ads are the same, movie guy voice, lens flare, panning product shots on a black background, you get the idea. They are boring, and forgettable. I honestly can’t recall an advertisement from any other companies, so clearly their impact is non-existent. I understand that advertising costs a lot of money, but what is the cost of a failed product launch?

    • Vito R.

      There’s an old post on Android Police about HTC v Samsung advertising campaigns. Aside from the much smaller budget, HTC’s ads just don’t hit the mark.

      Google: a-comparison-of-samsung-and-htc-ads-or-this-is-why-the-galaxy-brand-is-killing-one

  • marshallpower

    They’re afraid of the new Asus Zenfone 2 Deluxe Special Edition with a lot of internal storage….

    • G.P.

      Myself i’m rocking the Zenfone 2 Laser and i’m happy. I would have bought the 5x a long time ago at this new advertised price however I am not disappointed at all at the performance of my current Asus.

    • marshallpower

      yeah if you paid 269$, it’s a great phone for the price…I still can’t find the price for the new SE with 128GB of storage…if it’s less than the Nexus, it could be just as good considering 16GB is not a lot for 389$…

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  • danny wood

    I like the Nexus 5x for the most part and vanilla Android etc, but in this price range I think I’d buy a One+X instead as a backup to a Nexus 6p. I think.

  • Nachotech

    I loved my Nexus 5, and was really anticipating the 5X, but when I saw the $499 price I noped out right away. I’m glad I waited. At $389+free shipping this is gonna cost almost exactly the same as my Nexus 5 did, but is superior in every way: better CPU, GPU, screen, battery, camera and build quality. They finally got the price point right.

  • rgl168

    At that price, I would have bought the 5x instead of my current Moto X PE.

  • Garrett Cooper

    If it was this price at launch, I may have got one and not my Z5. Or, launch at the price it did and give me 3GB of RAM, that would have been enough to earn my business. I’m really happy with my Z5, I just miss the fast updates.

  • Rexroth

    This most recent price drop convinced me to pull the trigger; the previous drop only served to get my attention. Opted for the 32gb as no provision for a microsd card is a bummer, now to find something to do with this 64gb samsung card..

  • ConcernedCIT

    I just bought the Motorola 2014 unlocked from Staples for $369 CAD. It was immediately upgradable to Marshmellow. The phone is super fast, gorgeous, and looks and runs like a flagship phone. It is easily as fast and Its screen as good, if not better, than my iPhone 6S. So, the only way Google can compete, is to bring down those prices.