Google lowers price of Nexus 5X in Canada


  • Steve Rodrigue

    Like this move! Can’t wait to see the 6P getting the same treatment. 😀

    • Andrew English

      You won’t see that kind of pricing for the 6P until the 7 is out.

    • Poodz

      The Nexus 7 is out… lol

  • Chrispee

    sigh..just bought a 5x last week. Wonder if they will credit me.

    • Jesseiscanadian

      As per the policy on the site, you look like you are in good shape

      Prices and Taxes

      The Device price displayed on the site does not include any shipping charges. Information about shipping charges can be found here and will also be presented at checkout before you place your order.

      Applicable taxes will usually be presented at checkout or on the Device description page; however, in some circumstances we may notify you that you are responsible for determining whether certain taxes apply.

      All prices displayed on the are subject to change at any time without notice.

      Should Google reduce its price on any Device within 15 days from the date you order it, you must contact Google Store Support within 15 days of the price change to request a refund or credit for the difference between the price you were charged and the reduced price. Please note that this excludes limited-time price reductions, such as special sales events (such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday) and offers advertised as limited in quantity.

      Google may also provide promotional offers or prices related to the sale of

    • Chrispee

      Just got off the chat with em. They refunded me.. Took like 1 minute.

    • Chad

      Just got my price match processed in less than 10 minutes through the Play Store support chat.

    • bunster10

      Wow! Good thing I checked here. Same predicament. Just called them and they will refund the difference! 🙂

    • Michael Yun

      They will. I call and if anyone purchase the phone within 2 weeks they will offer you a credit. I got my just 2 days outside of that window and the rep on the phone send me the return label and ask me to return it for a refund and then purchase the phone again at the lower price.

    • John

      Yes, you have 15 days, act fast!

  • Collin dubya

    shell out the extra cash and get the 6p, waaaay nice device.

    • TP

      Well, the difference is now $200, it better be way nicer.

    • neo905

      It is…I still wouldn`t pay $500 for the 5X.

    • Chris

      It’s just about the same size as the Nexus 6 with half an inch loss in screen size… That and a few other things really aren’t convincing me to buy.

    • mbowman83

      As much as I really like my Nexus 6, it’s just so freakin’ wide.

  • St. Misery

    Nice gesture from Google, wonder if the carriers will follow suit. Seems like sales on the 5x may have have cooled off. I don’t know anyone who owns one.

  • Omar

    Good on Google for not kicking us when we’re down and bumping the price up, instead.

  • jellmoo

    I really like this move. It’s a classy gesture after the hit our dollar has taken. $500 is more in line with what the device warrants, though I still wish it had at least a 64GB option as well.

  • Elton Bello

    Good lesson for apple. Stop being so greedy!

    • Brad Fortin

      All aboard the Apple Hate Train! CHOO CHOO!

    • Elton Bello

      Buon voayage! Have fun!

    • southerndinner

      All aboard the extortion apologist train. CHOO CHOO!

    • gommer strike

      Shrug. As an audience we all know that we don’t have to buy Apple, especially when there are OEM’s like BLU…who sell Android phones for only $149! That’s far less expensive than even Google’s offerings. Take a look at their lineup unveiled at CES. Again for only $149, with no invite system required to just place your order.

      It’s not news that Apple has been, is, and will be always a luxury-priced item. We don’t complain about the price of Chanel handbags nor Louboutin heels, but for some reason we’re upset at Apple for charging what they do.

      We get that our significant others might make subtle digs at each other’s fashion accessories(“oh is that real? Mine’s from ya know…Holt Renfrew”). But it’s us techno-nerds who have to take smartphones and turn it into the latest religion. Meanwhile the women around us don’t waste their time over petty squabbles.

      They’re above that. We should learn from them.

    • Elton Bello

      I dont need a new phone. I have a beautiful piece of hardware, 6.7″ big screen that I use mostly for streaming. As everyone else, I dont talk much on the phone.

  • ChrisPollard77

    This tells me the 5X isn’t selling too well. I think the 6P is killing it. Still, a nice price adjustment in the consumer’s favour. Makes up for the Bell/Rogers monthly price gouge changes happening today.

    • thereasoner

      Yeah, the 6P is reportedly doing very well and it’s priced well against its competitors. The 5X needed to come down a bit, there’s so much competition at the and/or just below the price point it was at.

  • AppleBerrySandwich

    Nice price.

    Being on a BYOD plan now – I have to pay full price for phones. Tempted!

  • gommer strike

    Maybe things changed but I just checked Google and we’re $0.70 for every 1 USD.

    • mxmgodin

      It dropped below $0.70 earlier today (its lowest since May 2003), but “recovered” a bit before then end of the day.

    • gommer strike

      Thanks for the information, regardless this is very…unsettling news for us Canadians.

  • Logan Rogers

    I definitely would have gone for the 5x instead of my Moto X Play if that was available a month ago… I really like my Moto X Play, but a Nexus would have been swell…

  • Tommy Crosby

    $439CAD gives $308USD as of today which is very under the $380USD as sold down below.

    • Hello Moto

      Pretty much in line with US pricing. During Black Friday, the 16GB Nexus 5X was $299 USD on the US Google Store.

    • Tommy Crosby

      Black Friday special isn’t a every day normal price. The 5X just got a price cut in the US as well and now sells for $349USD ($496CAD) which is still way more than what we pay.

  • J.S.Bach

    I’m guessing it’s not a big seller. Everyone I’ve talked to either has a 6P already or is getting one.

    • GPman

      Maybe people hear 5x and think it’s a generation behind the 6 and a year older. We are trained to yearly numbers.

  • Handheld Addict

    We’ve seen Nexus 5x price drops in India, U.K. and the U.S. Nice to see some in Canada too. At $500CAD, it seems a lot more tempting (should’ve been the launch price) but… as others have said, I already bought a 6p.

  • Allan

    It’s about damn time.

  • Jonah Emery

    Still have yet to see the 5x or 6p in the wild, except for my own 6P which no one is interested in.

  • Beebs

    A $500 mid-range plastic phone is only for chumps.

    • blzd

      Metal and glass are the 2 worst possible choices for casing of a phone. Both break and scratch easily, and thin aluminum bends with minimal effort.

      Some of us like to use our device without worrying about it. Fortunately for those of us with a brain, most phone manufacturers realize this.

      The best part is you probably put a case on your phone anyways.

  • Garrett Cooper

    At $499 for a 32GB, I may have bought one over my Sony Z5. Oh well, I love my Z5 anyway.

  • blzd

    Worth every penny. I paid the $560 plus tax 2 months back but no regrets.

    Great camera, great battery life, and a better IPS panel than the iPhone 6s (according to Anandtech’s testing). The $500 CDN smartphone gold mine if you ask me.

    6p is a great device but there is very little over lap between these two devices due to the size difference.

  • kuox

    Wow good on Google to drop the price on the 5X even with our weak dollar. I have no regrets picking up the 5X at launch. I continue to remain impressed with the phone, especially the fingerprint scanner and the camera!

    As much as I would like the spec increase of the 6P, the size is the deal-breaker. Hope Google continues making Nexus phones around the 5 inch range. Although next time they should keep the specs the same between the smaller and bigger models, and let people choose purely based on size…

  • kEiThZ

    No way this lasts long. Not with the beating our dollar is taking.

  • Matthew

    I was a day one adopter and there was no word of protection at launch. They eventually give protection a few weeks later which I’m ineligible for and now continually slash the price… I’m a bit pissed here

  • Mhee123D

    Nope. I’m just hoping that the regular Nexus 6 get to be that price with a final clearance. Fine with my Nexus 5, but one day…