The Galaxy S6 edge+ and Keyboard Cover together look like a BlackBerry Passport, and that may not be an accident

I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but as I was catching up on my news feed today, one particular photo from our friends at Engadget caught my attention. It’s of the new Samsung Keyboard Cover attached to a Galaxy S6 edge+, but without paying too much attention I thought it was a BlackBerry Passport.

Which may not be an accident.

BlackBerry and Samsung have become pretty cozy recently. Not only have the two companies been working together to integrate Samsung’s Knox security suite into BlackBerry Enterprise Service, but there have been numerous occasions over the past year or so to believe the Korean company was looking to purchase the House John Chen Rebuilt.

Image credit: Engadget

Image credit: Engadget

The Keyboard Case is a pretty simple accessory. Samsung isn’t the first company to try this, but the Keyboard Cover is certainly the most well-implemented for a passive accessory. And while it lacks the high-quality metal frets separating the individual keys, and the lines between them, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that the company consulted with BlackBerry, at least from a legal perspective, before deciding undertaking to build it.

Finally, it’s understood that BlackBerry’s collaboration with Samsung has extended to the hardware space, with the Korean company advising, or perhaps building, the dual-curved Android slider expected to be released later this year.

Then again, Samsung could have conceived of the Keyboard Case with no outside input, which would amount to yet another tacit theft of a better product.