BlackBerry to unveil three more devices in 2015, including a dual-curved keyboard slider

Yearning for a successor to the BlackBerry Torch? The Canadian company announced that it would release, in addition to the newly-announced Leap, three more devices this year, including a long-rumoured fullscreen slider.

The company said that it is aiming for another keyboard-based product in the summer, as well as another Porsche Design phone nearer to the holiday season. The Porsche Design will be called ‘Keian’, in honour of Keian Blundell, the child of a BlackBerry employee that passed away recently.


But the real news at the event was a slider device that features a “dual-curved display,” likely using the same process as Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 edge. It seems that the partnership with Samsung is extending to hardware manufacturing processes, too. The unannounced product was shown briefly at a breakfast event in Barcelona, but press was not allowed to see or touch the product, which is still believed to be in prototype stages. The slider will feature a full-sized display and a BlackBerry keyboard, similar in theory to the BlackBerry Torch, which was discontinued in 2012.