The Top Six Moments in Mobilicity History

To combat not only WIND Mobile, but the incumbent carriers such as Rogers, Bell and Telus, Mobilicity decided to infiltrate Canadians with a number of confusing messages that saw the company picket outside Rogers head office in Toronto, stating its prices were a “ripoff” to Canadians. In addition, there was a classic “Stop Getting Screwed” Valentine’s Day blitz that promoted its new $69/month couples’ plan saw Mobilicity’s street team members hand out condoms in Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto, and Edmonton.

Below is a list of the top six Mobilicity moments (so far):

1. Mobilicity at Rogers Head Office

2. Dave Wireless proudly says “Competition is Coming”

3. Chicken and Mobilicity share the love in latest coupon


4. Mobilicity is the ‘Bentley Motors’ of wireless, says its CEO


5. Mobilicity announces the Canadian Mobile Phone Throwing Competition


6. Mobilicity handing out condoms to promote $69 Couples Plan