Mobilicity handing out condoms to promote $69 Couples Plan


  • Terry

    That’s actually pretty hilarious. I like it.

  • Alex

    Hilarious tactic!

  • Reggie Noble

    Pretty cool ad campaign.

  • beavertail2

    Great marketing! Mobilicity is good. Please go IPO soon.

  • TomatoGuy

    The best promotion ever. Mobilicity is literally trying to “make” new customers for itself. 😉

  • baconeater

    You see that middle vest : Robelus Screw You – hilarious!

  • Luqman

    Hey atleast they’re promoting safe sex unlike Virgin mobile who are promoting breakups haha. Hilarious ad promotion indeed.


    Dave needs to protect his customers from low coverage…. Not sure if the condoms will help but I will try to get those groupies fo my nuts!

  • djino


  • Dan

    LOL this is great!!

  • al

    this pro makes zero sense at all. Say if you have 2 of 45 unlimited plan and chose to prepay for 12 months, then you will actually pay 60/month for two lines, and that is 9 dollar less than this couples plan. So the extra condom will cost you 9 bucks! Wow.

    • Tim G.

      Keep in mind that the multi-month doesn’t include data or BBM which costs an additional $15/month.

      But then again, I’ve been reading people on forums who say the bonus promo that was in effect a couple weeks ago is still in place.

    • mobilishitty

      clearly your a dumb a*s, some people dont like to prepay 12 months in advance they’d rather spend the extra 9 bucks and go month to month. either way, i know id pay an extra 9 bucks to avoid a f**k up child like yourself.

    • wtv

      Euh 2×45 = 70.

    • Mehran

      But if you choose 69$ couples plan you will get $125 rebate for two phones that you are choosing and if you choose a phone around $125 you can get a free phone 🙂 But with $45 you will only get $50 rebate on your phone … That’s the difference. I think now it makes sense

    • Franky


  • al

    by the way, the coverage really needs to be improved. How strange is that you don’t get any signal at all in the heart of Richmond, just about 200m away from the city hall.

  • Rogers Rep

    I woukd get Mobilicity but alas they do not have coverage where I work so I just have to wait until they expand the network.

  • Andrew

    Haha best ad ever seriously. I’m pretty sure mobilicity will come out to be one of best cell phone companies. Once they have there own canada wide towers up. There won’t be a competition left.

    • RoccoStiffReddi

      Andrew they are Canadian so yes.. they are going to stick around.. hey have you seen that silly petition the one with 459 anonymous names on it! Typical windie tactic inflate your numbers.. how it must hurt when jabroni said less then 200k and around 800 workers.. what will orascom say? 170k and 650? tis to laugh.. and to laugh is wind! Gooo wind.. oops Gooone wind.

    • chall2k5

      Mobi didn’t buy spectrum outside of the major cities, and southern Ontario, they wont be Canada wide, as for being Canadian, they have taken more than 65% of their equity from foreign sources….again, the facts have proven ROCCO wrong, there are only 2 of the 5 new entrants that took majority of their money from Canada…..that is Shaw (launching early 2012) and Videotron

  • RoccoStiffReddi

    As usual ragu comes out to make his point.. yes yes we know you have no grapefruits.. and we know brucie is the pitcher and you are the catcher..

  • mobilishitty

    i hope you people dont expect any troubleshooting steps for any broken condoms.

  • carl

    69 eh? 😉 dirty minded company much !

  • Anti-robellus

    Really thats there promo’s. ahahaa I never saw a mobile company promote sex before.

    • chall2k5

      what about virgin?

  • Thed

    69, clever.

  • Zeake

    lol I love, keep your eyes on Mobi boys & girls!

  • espink

    Random thought:
    For a quick picture, that is a really nice pic.

  • al

    From mobilishitty ,”clearly your a dumb a*s, some people dont like to prepay 12 months in advance they’d rather spend the extra 9 bucks and go month to month. either way, i know id pay an extra 9 bucks to avoid a f**k up child like yourself.”

    Just who is childish?…Loser!

  • Erik

    why cant Wind come up with awesome tactics like this…