Video: Mobilicity “Magenta Militia” rallies and dances at Rogers Head Office


  • Karamov

    Is that even legal?!
    Pretty hilarious nonetheless….. screw Rogers!!!!!!

  • James

    hahahaha outside of Rogers lol

  • TomatoGuy

    Say no to wireless companies that were ripping you off for years – Rogers, Bell and Telus. Support new entrants, support unlimited data and talk!

  • HighDefiniasian

    LOL… That’s so awesome.

  • boink

    that’s stupid, if they won and rogers starting offering unlimited to everyone, they’d be dead in the water with their swiss cheese network…

    • TomatoGuy

      Robbers won’t offer unlimited anytime soon. They specifically created Chatr in main cities for that. All of new entrants are doing pretty good nonetheless.

    • Mattymo

      Rogers does offer unlimited now. $50 per month for unlimited local, long distance and unlimited texting anywhere in Canada and to the United States.

    • jabba52

      It’s crazy though, man; 65 bucks unlimited everything, like North American calling, global text, data unlimited, voice mail (love it when the others charge 8 for that, even wind) and any other fully unlimited plan is 110. It’s war.

  • winddowg

    this just makes me want to stay with wind

  • Shaun

    This is pretty funny but holding rallies in front of the big three buildings isn’t gonna make the government be on your side.

  • rzz

    I thought Rogers basically was offering unlimited plans through their Chatr brand. It’s hard to keep up with all the names the big 3 operate under trying to make it look like there’s so much wireless competition in Canada though when really there is virtually none.

  • tbr

    Way to go Mobilicity. I like this, that is how it is done.

  • Bong Sniffer

    The stunt was pretty lame, especially at the 3:00 mark…but the effort was in the right place

  • Reggie Noble

    *I will not make any inappropriate jokes about their “festive” uniforms that will get me banned*

    *I will not make any inappropriate jokes about their “festive” uniforms that will get me banned…..*

    *I will not make any inappropriate jokes about their “festive” uniforms that will get me banned…..*

  • Arber

    they look like theyre ready to camouflage themselves from rogers

  • Canadianman20

    Posted to youtube using their Rogers internet connection 😉

  • Alan

    Lol @ this

    walked by them trying to give free t-shirts on the way to work

    You guys can complain about Rogers all you want – things are not perfect – but at least we hire canadian workers and we dont make fools like this in front of our competition

    Maybe moblicity should spend money on towers instead of choreographed dancing

    • Canadianman20

      I think Rogers could have one huge bonus points had they done the following, Used loud speakers and played the Imperial March from star wars, and had people come out in Storm Trooper outfits that have the Rogers logo on it and pelted the moblicity people with red paintballs. If Rogers would do this, the last non-rogers service I have would be cancelled. 🙂

    • EJ

      I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that all the new entrants hire Canadians… You ignorant chump.

  • Reggie Noble

    OK, After watching that video, I’m never switching to Mobilicity, lol.

    When viral marketing goes bad…

  • Darryl Wright

    Rogers is a sitting suck in this regard. They’ve beem such an evil behemoth for years that a display such as this is bound to be at least chuckled at by most. As to whether or not it’ll make anyone switch to Mobilicity – probably not because they’re all shackled to Rogers contracts.

  • ehoustoun

    Though I am thrilled with the decision of the competition bureau, I can’t help but think this is the wrong approach from mobilicity. Not exactly classy anyhow, better to just do their thing well and market that. Don’t get into a brand war.

  • Ant

    Rogers is the best.PERIOD. Other Carriers are jealous because they can’t get better then them, and never will they. Even though other Carriers have been here longer, no one cares. Rogers Customer Care/Service is the best so far. Even if you think, they rip you off; there trying to give you the best service they can. Mobilicity and Wind Mobile are just one of those companies that are out there going for the money. They don’t care about there customers. Why do you think there suing Rogers for.. just cause of a lame advertisement by Chatr?

    – Rogers Customer for Life.

    • Sam

      Of course, When you are paying a bigger cell phone bill than your actual car rent every month with Rogers, the least they can do is to give you a good customer service.

      Screw them anyway

    • jabba52

      Just to counter the poor Mobilicity service you’re talking about; I joined them a few weeks ago and I’ve had fewer dropped calls with them then I ever did with Fido. That’s why Rogers is being fined 10 mil by the CRTC. Great service.

  • donald

    nothing against publicity stunts I guess – anything that attracts attention, but I didn’t see a lot of people stopping on the sidewalk to watch and it’s not the sort of thing that will get on the evening news. best thing to come out of it is a small paycheque for the hired performers. sure they can use the $$

  • Zeake

    Real classy…. O.o

  • Regulator

    Cmon peoples ok this may not have been in the best taste but it occured on public property. Rogers has fleeced us for decades good to see egg om their face

  • Justin Credible

    WIND should have sent the Random Acts of Kindness crews out to join them and hand out free WIND shirts to the Magenta crew.

    One big happy newcomer family….

  • Grrrrrr

    Good job going out there and providing another option for Canadians. Keep an attractive price, excellent Customer Service and innovation, and you guys should go up in no time.

    As for Sam, an FYI. Nadir Mohamed (Rogers CEO) bagged 13 M in salary, including shares. How much of that are you getting through customer care, innovation or fare pricing? So, who is out for your money?

  • Richard

    Mobilicity youse trollin!

  • sookster54

    I’d want to kill myself if I were forced to wear that outfit.

  • Gideon

    I don’t think this is any worse taste than the big three’s approach to contracts and customer service…

  • Dirty.Chemistry

    Mobilicity is doing a great job at promoting their brand. I have a phone with them, and I feel its alot better than any phone I’ve had from the big three. Of course this may not have been the greatest routine, but its getting the word out. It doesnt cost a company that much to do this kind of promoting compared to TV Commercials, so Im pretty sure Mobilicity is trying to save money to make sure they can pass savings to the consumer. It just makes sense.

  • Regulator

    I wish i was there so i could bust a freestyle about globalists and the NWO

  • Don

    Lol! I have no problem with it. Last time I checked, we live in a free society. As the Joker said, “why so serious”?

  • Jakefromcanada

    This is the most lame thing I have ever seen. The whole thing looks brutal. So not impressed with this company

  • Jakefromcanada

    This soooo lame.

  • Josh


  • Mikey

    Not to say this wasn’t funny but, if I was Robbers I’d so cancel my roaming agreement with them.

  • Kate

    I find it very hard to believe Mobilicity have all Canadian call centres. Rogers is the only telecommunications company that hasn’t stupped to giving you bad tech support or sales help just to save a buck! When they claim to be a Canadian company, they mean everyone, not just the people on the board making the big bucks! It’s hard to explain to someone that you want to pay with your Canadian Tire Mastercard when they have never heard of Canadian Tire! Or that you are unable to load Rick Mercer’s webpage and they wonder if “this Rick” has maybe just taken down his page. I will gladly pay the extra to keep the money and jobs in Canada!!

  • Regulator


    Are you serious? Rogers has some of the worst tech support reps in the world! Regardless where they are from!

  • Luke

    one thing mentioned though……mobilicity then eeds to have more coverage because guess who they roam with?????…..


  • kathryn

    @Alan from Rogers, you make it sounds like Rogers only hires Canadian ? and You make it sounds like Mobilicity hires foreigner but no Canadians? Do you have proof ? if not, you may see more trouble from Competition Bureau from this public statement.

  • joeblow333333

    My condolences to Rogers employees, last year, Rogers laid off 900 employees and who knows how many they will execute in the near future. When it comes to money, senior managements and executives at Rogers has absolutely NO MERCY to YOU dedicated fellow co-workers. Just face it, Rogers can’t even treat it’s customers properly, and how can YOU expect a proper treatment from your employer.

  • Ross

    Doesn’t Mobilicity roam on Rogers whenever you aren’t within their unlimited zones or whatever you call them? lol. I don’t understand Mobilicity really, maybe things are different when you live in a huge city like Toronto but I can’t imagine paying roaming charges just for leaving the city.

  • Luke

    Yup Ross, it’s true if you leave or say go to…Montreal guess who you are using, ROGERS! I just find the irony interesting.

  • JAWG

    Stay a few days away from this site and the news gets even more hilarious!

    Funny,yet totally worthless and unproductive…obviously rather than spend time and money on building a better network with a professional attitude Mobilicity has decided to dress up silly clowns on the street pushing for unlimited to cover up their own incompetence where their service is still in it’s infancy failing to produce due to their own mistakes and this is what the executives have come up with…laughable.Considering they are entering a trivial law-suit against Chatr Mobi is far more important I would concentrate more on what they’ll do once they lose and after the Big Three bring in their real Militia to compete…should get interesting folks.In short,what a waste…doing something so lame after bringing in new phones/plans and then looking like fools in the process …what a joke.

  • n

    i support such movement but man they look very girlish

  • abc123

    This Mobilicity publicity stunt is better than the false advertising that Rogers does with their Chatr brand. They deserve to get sued… Rogers customers should get ready for a price hike to pay for the lawsuit and sponsor Rogers Arena.

    Enjoy getting raped and shackled.

  • JAWG

    Fairies in pink can’t build good networks…Eric should be ashamed they’re working for the boneheads at Mobilicity as I thought they more class.What do you expect from former KFC salesmen…funny S??T

  • Sanjay Kumar

    I was planning to switch to mobilicity this month from wind.