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This wallpaper site curates the best satellite images from Earth and Mars


Finding a great wallpaper for one’s smartphone can be a challenge. Despite the prevalence of mobile devices, no one has really come out with a go-to destination for visually appealing, smartphone-ready wallpapers.

Enter WLPPR, a website that hosts a collection of wallpapers created from satellite imagery of the Earth and Mars. WLPPR’s offerings won’t be for everyone, but what is here is visually interesting without being too busy.

The website was created Sergey Minkin, a user interface and experience designer at Yandex, Russia’s equivalent to Google.

Minkin obviously had the iPhone in mind when he cropped these images, but they should work well enough with almost any smartphone. Moreover, Minkin has linked all the original images, so anyone with a bit of image editing experience can create a wallpaper custom tailored to their phone, or, for that matter, desktop.

For those that like what they see, Minkin says a cup of coffee is always appreciated.

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