SyrupCast Episode 5: Culture Club Sandwich


  • Jane McEntegart

    I’m so glad that’s the teaser frame for the video.

  • vn33

    “Culture Club” … I immediately think of Karma Chameleon 🙂

  • Jeff Brassard

    I believe that Paul Thurrott and Mary Jo Foley were suggesting on Windows Weekly that the bulk of the Nokia cuts are in the manufacturing plants in Asia while the minority are in the design business based in Finland. Either way don’t think Microsoft is gutting Nokia, just reducing that unit to a size that makes sense. Nokia was way too bloated with excess staff and manufacturing capacity.

  • gwydionjhr

    I have to say, it’s great to see you guys getting into a groove.

    I would like to bring one thing to as food for thought RE: bundling the keyboard on the Surface line up. (from someone who was a Retail manager for 10 years and now works on the Wholesale side of things)

    if a retailer was to carry only ONE of the five Surface Pro models bundled with each colour of the keyboards, they would have $28,960 of inventory sitting on the shelf.

    Buy selling the keyboard as a separate SKU, a retailer could have TWO of each of the five different Surface Pro 3 models on hand, and two of each of the four colours of the Type Keyboard on hand for only $14,222. Restocking the thinner, lighter keyboard as a separate unit to meet demand depending on each stores needs is also considerably cheaper and more flexible as well. For Best Buy alone that means 16 million dollars not tied up in stock on their shelves. That’s better for the retailers and better for the consumer. And while most Surface Pro’s will be bought with keyboards, not all of them will. Finally, starting at $799 looks a lot more attractive in advertising than starting at $929.