Rogers cuts several hundred jobs, will ‘become a more nimble, agile organization’

Guy Laurence and his Rogers 3.0 vision is coming together.

According to a report in the Toronto Star, Rogers has shed several hundred middle management positions and approximately 15% of its employees at the VP and above level.

Rogers spokesperson Patricia Trott stated that the company is currently overhauling its customer service experience and “as part of the restructuring we have reduced the number of vice president and above positions by 15 per cent and several hundred middle management positions have also been eliminated across the company… These decisions are never easy… The goal is to become a more nimble, agile organization with much clearer accountabilities. Savings will be reinvested in areas like training and systems to better serve our customers.”

While this is no surprise, it is still unfortunate. Back in May, when Rogers announced its new vision to act as “One Rogers,” CEO Guy Laurence said “there will be job losses at the management level” and the plan is to invest in customer service and front-line staff.

As a refresher, here are the seven strategic priorities that Rogers is planning to implement “become a more nimble, agile organization.”

Rogers 3.0: Accelerating Growth and Overhauling the Customer Experience:
1. Be a strong Canadian growth company
2. Overhaul the Customer Experience
3. Drive meaningful growth in the business market
4. Invest in and develop our people
5. Deliver compelling content anywhere
6. Focus on innovation and network leadership
7. Go to market as One Rogers

Laurence also declared at the time that “we will be utilizing things we already have… We will double down on innovation” and “will focus on fewer, more impactful initiatives and execute with more precision to deliver on our game plan.”

Rogers currently has over 10,000 employees across Canada.