Rogers cuts several hundred jobs, will ‘become a more nimble, agile organization’


  • neo905

    Hmmmm.. Employees at VP and above level. That’s a lot of six figure salaries getting laid off. Yet Roger’s overpaid for the NHL rights to try to trap consumers in their archaic business model that is dying a streaming death.

    • luke

      ya and fido customers are feeling it, now outsourcing many customers to Philippines call centers. I used to love how Fido call centre only employing Canadians,I cannot say this anymore 🙁

      I don’t like any of the companies anymore, I miss when Fido wasn’t owned by Rogers.

    • Izo

      LOL where did you get that info? Fido has not outsourced customer service to the Philippines

    • luke

      yes they did, call them up and ask them, as a Fido customer I called them the other day and spoke with Cherish who confirmed she was indeed in the Phillipines. They use high percentage of it for overflow and prepaid primarily, but occasionally monthly customers.

    • President_Kang

      Only for prepaid. All postpaid support is in Canada.

    • Anon

      The person was lying to you. Unless your prepaid, which no one cares about anyways.

    • John Lloyd

      I just called to confirm. Monthly service department is located in Canada only. I am like you. I love Fido and never want my monthly service handle from somewhere else.

    • Jesse Scott

      i can tell you for a fact that we do not out source our call centres for Rogers or Fido and since i used to work in that division of the company i can also tell you that we are not allowed to tell people where we are located ( for the reps privacy and safety reasons )

    • Khris Sirhk

      I can say that yes Fido has outsourced their Fido Answers to the Philippines. Having said that, i heard there were rumours to move everything back to Canada (but probably outsourced). Probably just need to wait until the existing contract to expire until that happens.

    • St. Misery

      True, fido was by far our best until Rogers messed them up.

    • 5Gs

      Yeah start crying now. I remember you people crying over WIND and how it is not canadian company. Lets think like a wise man. These companies don’t care if you are partiotic or you are lover. They love to make money out of fools.

    • luke

      Yes i know about Wind and his shady past of putting jornalists in jail for exposing the truth. It isn’t so much just about patriotic but security wise, your information is not governed by same laws in other country. search TD customer service outsourced to see what i mean, in toronto star.

    • 5Gs

      Exactly my point.

    • John Lloyd

      You must either press the wrong button and got transfer to prepaid department or you are a prepaid user. Only prepaid is outsourced.

    • billybee

      I can confirm this morning at Rogers HQ, Rogers HR played “LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR” on the PA speakers as employees got escorted out the door.

    • Martin Delaney

      I am happy they lost their jobs! Looks almost as good on these arrogant sobs as it did on the losers from RIM 🙂

    • pomplamoose

      you mad bro?

    • Roger Payne

      Hopefully one day your wife and daughters aren’t raped by hooligans and the rest of society’s only concern is how much of a waste of taxpayer resources are being spent to investigate and clean up the aftermath.

      Do yourself a favor and go slip in a puddle of AIDS.

    • Martin Delaney

      Hahaha you are mad!!! Why are you mad!? Do you want to fight me?

    • yup

      Martin, I bet you are unemployed.

    • Martin Delaney

      I work for the government, I’ll never lose my job unlike you losers hahhaa

    • Jakob

      The government employed you? I guess they really don’t require an IQ test to hired…

    • Richard Lam

      Rogers doesn’t seem to understand that their Training department is one of the most inefficient organizations, spending thousands of hours and dollars without any real ROI. Judging by the customer service nightmares due to bad training and poor leaders. Has been for the last 10 years.

    • Richard Lam

      don’t think Mr. Lawrence is aware of all the Cable stooges and golfers in Sales and Support, Planning, Direct Sales that are being protected by someone high up in the family. These guys really need to go, they are useless. Responsible for highest customer dissatisfaction and poor processes. They only care about their bonuses and golfing.

  • wildspin

    Your salaries are all mine … ah-oh, your bonuses are also mine.

  • pcguy8088

    1. Be a strong Canadian growth company aka Keep competition from entering Canada at all costs
    2. Overhaul the Customer Experience aka see if we can piss off less customers and keep the churn rate down
    3. Drive meaningful growth in the business market aka since cord cutting home customers will impinge on our profits we have to make up for that lost revenue somehwere
    4. Invest in and develop our people aka try to do more with less people so our bottom line looks better year over year comparisons
    5. Deliver compelling content anywhere aka get people to pay for higher price plans which still have lousy data caps
    6. Focus on innovation and network leadership aka do minor upgrades but charge customers major prices due to lack of competition
    7. Go to market as One Rogers aka try to make people forget how crappy their experience in the past has been.

    • luke

      you forgot recent move, outsource customer service to Phillipines and take jobs away from Canadians,paying them poorly in other countries, at least they are doing so with their brand Fido.

    • John Lloyd

      My whole family is using Fido. My brother and I are using monthly services and my parents are using prepaid.
      So I am fully aware that only prepaid department is located outside of Canada which I understand. Companies don’t make money off prepaid when people just use prepaid for emergency.
      You must either press the wrong button and got transfer to prepaid department or you are a prepaid user.

  • Box

    Shut them robbers rite down!

  • Victor_Creed

    It’s going to get a lot worse for Rogers before it gets better. Canadians have awoken and will not be signing up for an $80 plan with 500MB of data. They’ll be lucky to get 2000 net adds next quarter just as their last quarter.

  • KiwiBri

    I knew people who worked there.. they said similar things “everyone was a “manager” “

    • Richard Lam

      Unfortunately, even though they are laying off lots of managers and people with 20-25 years, Rogers still has to comb through all their dead heads and losers at the senior management and Director level, who kiss a*s and are protected by their buddies

  • samic2046

    Funny how they didn’t mention anything about bringing value to customers.

    • disqusmy

      They did say it in other words. 🙂

  • William Z. 

    Bye Rogers~~

  • BB BB

    Good riddance rogers. All hail Wind.

    • 5Gs

      Well said. They thought WIND couldn’t make a dent. Now they are giving it a name of being agile org. More like Fragile to me.

    • Jakob

      I don’t think this has anything to do with Wind. This is an organizational structure problem, not a competitive one.

    • ScooterinAB

      Agreed. Wind hasn’t made a dent. This is about Roger’s being bloated and inefficient. When the company can fire 15% of it’s employees solely from management *this week* (not to mention the last few firings), that shows there is a problem. That has nothing to do with Wind and everything to do with Rogers being an old boy’s club with too many overpaid and non-working managers.

  • Lex B.

    Remember when the whole Verizon debacle was still hot?? the same very companies said that they are the one that employs lots of Canadians? so much for that now huh?

    • NotARogersEmployee

      Now Rogers will only employ 28,445 Canadians after this. They may even fall to number 22 in the Globe and Mail’s list of Canada’s biggest employers. I don’t know if we can even call them Canadian now.

    • abc123

      Someone should dig up the website they created to brainwash us (i’m sure its archived somewhere) and play it back to their faces…

      Then maybe slap them afterwards.

  • Martin Delaney

    I hope they lose their homes and end up on the street

  • vn33

    How come I’m not surprised Rogers is one of the most hated “Canadian” company ?? Even the Banks do not evoke such emotions !!
    Wish Wind is available in my area, so I can ditch my wife’s phone plan on Rogers … even if it’s a corporate plan.

  • Jakob

    When people lose their jobs its never funny – it’s peoples’ livlihoods. Maybe some of them did or didn’t perform well, but the fact is that these people have families and are now out of a job. Take your telecom hating down a gear and stop laughing at people who were trying to make a living. The same went for RIM. Lots of people who cared about the company stuck around too long to try and turn the ship around and ended up getting let go and all the little kiddies here were “LOL RIP RIM jerks”.

    You don’t owe the company anything but have some damn respect for people who just got put out on the street.

    • HeyYoWL

      Agreed, I hate Rogers as much as the next guy, and though I’m sure there some higher ups raking in cash losing a job (who are sure to have backup money), I’m sure there’s equally lower ranking people who’ve just lost their jobs. That’s never a funny or cool thing and there’s no need to dance about it.

    • Al Chui

      When purges like this occur, large corporations tend to be on the generous side (usually in the 1+mth/yr) with the severance packages regardless of what position the person had. Well above the legislated minimum of 1wk/yr.

    • HeyYoWL

      That doesn’t make an uncertain future any less worrying, or the situation any more funny though. =

    • Al Chui

      Sorry, wasn’t trying imply it was either a trivial or funny situation. I was simply trying to add that large corporations in Canada at least, tend to try to provide a “softer” landing for those that are affected regardless of position.

      In my career I’ve lived through enough of these purges (both chopped and spared) to know that it isn’t a fun time regardless of which side you were on. The stress level is through the roof on both sides.

      I also wholeheartedly agree with Jakob’s point that too many people on sites like this one take some kind of morbid pleasure out of the misfortune of innocent employees because of their hatred for the company.


      I work for Rogers and were still waiting for it to “FINISH” before end of summer. Lots of ppl have postponed vacations, home reno’s, etc cause of whats coming down the pipe. AND just so you know its not 1+mth/yr its 2wk/YR for dir and below, all VP’s have exist pkgs and are fully negotiable!

  • 5Gs

    Rogers outsource so many jobs to a point where it is hard to call them canadians as they were blaming WIND for it many years back. I guess it ain’t easy being canadian EH! First they bought our skydome and named it robbers center (which is really unheard of that any company can buy heritage of a country) but people were like oh hail the ROGERS..

    • Anon

      What are you smoking?? All Sports centers are named after companies. And are renamed often.

  • abc123

    Wow! Nowhere in the entire article… nor probably where the source of the article came from does the word COMPETE ever get mentioned.

    So basically, they’re shedding managers to reduce operating expenses to increase the bottom line.

    What can we, as a customer, expect? A fancier website.

  • Thomas Yok

    Lets hope the Robelus internet shills here, are the first to go.

  • OgtheDim

    Every quarter…the layoffs occur.

    And then they hire more people in another division.

  • Richard Lam

    Besides objective 2 and 7, the others are nothing new and all companies should be doing them anyways. Rogers has been plagued by a lot of executives making too much who are buddies on the golf course with the Rogers family and old Ted cronies.

  • Worktillwedie

    Sorry to dissappoint you folks, contrary to what “Rogers” announced these were not “management” positions..there are tons of regular employees who have lost their jobs and will continue to loose their jobs, as they are only supposed to be done by the end of the summer. I think its ridiculous the way they come out in the media like this was for Upper Management positions THERE ARE NUMEROUS REGULAR JOE’S and JANE’s now unemployed and others who are left to pick up the pieces and do extra work for no extra pay. And @alchui:disqus regular employees are lucky if they get 2weeks per year and wheny you have given years of your life to a Company..that doesnt mean a lot.

  • Matt

    Just you wait. As soon as all these employees are cut. The big executives will be receiving their big bonuses. Rogers is only doing this so the big guys can get more money in their pockets

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