Samsung’s new ‘Wall Hugger’ commercial says iPhone users are ‘denied the freedom’ of a good battery life


  • Ethan Pollock

    My 5S gets better battery life then any other android phone I’ve owned. Including the S4… Apple should retaliate with an ad saying “android users denied the right of software updates”..

    • Domino67

      Do you turn it on at all?

    • It’s Me

      Yep. Better to turn your smartphone into a gimped feature phone with monochrome, no LTE, handicapped CPU, 1970s level screen refresh and most apps disabled.

      Sounds like a great way to conserve battery. One step up from turned off.

    • FlamesFan89

      Except that it will still function as a… what are these things called again? Oh right, a phone.

    • It’s Me

      Yup. And it has it’s place.

      On any phone if you turn down the brightness, disable all the antennas and networks you can, close out any background processes and apps, then you can extend the charge longer. This is especially useful in low battery situations. And it’s great that Samsung implemented this as a one button feature.

      Like I said, one step up from off. Turning it off would also preserve the charge.

    • FlamesFan89

      So in one post you mock Samsung for providing the convenience, then in the next, you state it is great.

      The the amount cognitive dissonance that is required for you to get through the day must be staggering.

    • It’s Me

      How did I mock them? I explained what the feature does in both posts. In both posts I said it was great, but also said it introduces limitations. It’s a fact that the feature aggressively shuts down, reduces and minimizes almost everything. And it does it in one move.

      It’s nice to have those options.I’d like Apple to implement something similar. But I wouldn’t want to use my phone like that on a daily basis. Only in emergency.

      Some people can see different sides of things, good and bad. I’m sorry you are missing that trait and seek to belittle it. Perhaps you’d find yourself a more balanced person if you didn’t suffer from that limitation. The inability to see more than one side of something seems common amongst religious people, at least in my experience (would hate to stereotype you all).

    • FlamesFan89

      I don’t think anyone is suggesting you use the phone in the extreme battery saver mode at all times. That’s not the point of it, so why even mention that?

      If you think it is a great feature, then why do you mock it by saying things like “turn your smartphone into a gimped feature phone”? After saying that, “Sounds like a great way to conserve battery. One step up from turned off” doesn’t come across remotely like you are actually calling it great. Instead, it reads like thick sarcasm. Forgive me if I misread the tone based on the content of the rest of the post.

    • It’s Me

      Because I see it as both. It does turn your phone into a gimped phone, almost hilariously so. But it also a great feature to have in emergency. So yes I was being sarcastic, because while it’s a great emergency feature it also is almost unusable (the intent).

      What I find funny is that Samsung is selling it as contributing to great battery life. And it does. One step up from turning it off does.

      So while it’s a great feature, selling it as part of great battery life is funny because it’s great battery life at the expense of usability. Most people don’t think of a disabled phone as a phone with great battery life. They think of a phone that works well for long periods as having a great battery life. It’s almost like an ad that says “it’s got great battery life when it’s turned off”. My sarcasm was not directed at the feature but at samsung’s marketing it as great battery life.

    • FlamesFan89

      I agree, that a phone that works well for long periods is one with great battery life, but I don’t take it as them saying that it has great battery life because of that feature, I take it as, it has great battery life, AND, you can extend it EVEN FURTHER by using the extreme power saving mode when you start to get low. But wait… there’s more… if you still manage to burn through the rest of your battery, you additionally have the option to swap out your battery, and be INSTANTLY back to a full charge.

      I think the intent is that on top of having great battery life, you have multiple options which will keep you from being a “wall-hugger”, and with iPhone, you are limited to being a wall-hugger.

      On top of that, it’s a joke… so there’s that.

    • SmellyOaf

      The “android software updates” argument again? That thing’s as old as the soiled chewing gum you just sat on

    • Jim – Rogers Rep

      So is the denial of fault counter-point, software updates are too broad in the android ecosystem, it has been an issue since device proliferation and will be until they figure out a solution.
      While manufactures make devices to their own specs and nothing is a constant neither will the OS, it becomes one of the few advantages of having very limited options without a wide range of difference between models from a curtain fruit based manufacturer.

    • SmellyOaf

      You see, Google is already doing something about that. The shift to Google Play Services for core apps, refusal to OEM skins for Android smartwatches, OEMs being judged by how quickly they give updates, the new and latest Android L to come soon – all these are changing the scenario and leveling the field

    • Jim – Rogers Rep

      Good, and it only took 7 years too, nice to see quick action when literally millions of people have the same complaint about a relatively easy issue to correct.
      Good-guy Google for sure…

    • marorun1982

      Just taken years for IOS to get function Android had up to 5 years ago.
      So its the game man sometime its Apple who is first sometime its google.

      Good for us the customer.
      So dont be a one sided fanboy plz.

    • Jim – Rogers Rep

      Like what, customizable keyboards and widgets? thing you could have if you jailbroke, just like if you wanted to not deal with the crap that is TouchWIZ you have to root.

      BTW because I acknowledge a better product by my oppinion doesn’t make me a “Fanboy” any more than it makes you a Shill to throw that in my face.
      I use an M8 because I feel its the best thing in the industry right now, we’ll see what September holds.

    • mat

      Compare apples to apples, then. Nexus vs iPhone. ’nuff said

    • marorun1982

      Pull down notifications , Extensible widget ( you now resizable wich wont be available on ios8 lol ) , Google map navigation ( was available on android way before ios ) , Browser with full desktop like support ( flash and such ) Even today you cant get the not mobile version on iphone only on ipad , Live wallpapper , Speech to text appeared on android way before ios , Advanced lockscreen with Various way to unlock on iphone before you had your lil finger scanner all you had is nothing or a pin , Mobile hotspot appeared before on android as well , Advanced multitasking was present way before on android and finally with ios 8 Apple will finally have a real multitask , NFC support again before Apple, Data usage with automatic billing cycle and automatic shutdown of data if you get to the max you allowed and Multi user on same tablet ( with each there own desktop ect ) .

      So dont tell me its only widget and keyboard because you prove to me why i dont trust Rogers rep they dont know all the facts..

    • Jim – Rogers Rep

      Because I didn’t feel like going through a whole list you attack my job, are you kidding me?
      How much class do you have buddy, I would NEVER attack someones job because they broke something down like I did.

      Clearly your parents should have taught you how to behave in civilized culture where people are allowed to talk freely in an open forum without being disrespectful to others.

      It’s called decorum, look it up.

      I’ll stop here, feeding the trolls is not my style.

    • 5Gs

      If feeding the troll was not your style then why you named yourself Rogers Rep. Trust me you are asking for trouble Jim.

    • It’s Me

      Par for the case for dear moron1982.

    • Jakob

      Attacking the guy’s job? Please, enlighten us how you put bread on your table and I’ll be sure to rip you apart about what you do and insinuate you lack intelligence. When are people going to realize that certain phones appeal to certain people? Let it be. This old Android argument is seriously a playground of ‘who dun it first’. There is no right or wrong in these arguments.

      You are a troll.

    • It’s Me

      Ironically, he’s a clerk at a carrier store.

    • runningman

      Adroid does not have full multitasking

    • VLAN

      Not to mention, as as apple called it, the all mighty great “INNOVATION” called Flash for the camera was in android and even in some symbian phones way before iphone.

    • Richard Lee

      I hate my M8. Wish I had opted for the S5 instead but I had the S4 and S3 and was getting burnt out on Samsung. The M8 is heavy. I dropped it and the camera lens cracked….even with a heavy duty case. The camera is garbage. So mad at myself for committing to this phone.

    • Laer

      I think the difference of note here is rooting is relatively easy and really unofficially supported. Jail breaking is very much not supported and actively blocked.

    • d3v14n7

      And yet, Apple fails to take any action at all to issues that users have been complaining about since the days of the iPhone 3G… If you think all iPhone users are running the same version of iOS, you’re sadly mistaken, while the version number may be the same, no 2 different iPhone models (IE: iPhone 5 vs iPhone 5S) run the same iOS image even though they could do so easily, and the same goes for the iPad… Also, Apple always updates their phones to the point where they become completely unusable in order to force users to upgrade, I’d much rather be stuck on an older version of the OS than have my phone be so slow that I can’t even use it properly… Lastly, with Google Services, OS updates are no longer as important as they once were, Google can push important and necessary updates to any user without the need to wait to update the entire OS.

    • Jim – Rogers Rep

      Thats because there is customization for each handset rather than a One Size fits all solution like another company we all know. Regarding slowdown issues I defy you to show me any Android 4 years later running a present OS that is experiencing no slow-down, though I doubt you would find any that would even run KitKat 4.4 from 2 years ago.

    • SmellyOaf

      “I doubt you would find any that would even run KitKat 4.4 from 2 years ago”
      Galaxy S3 for 2 years; but 4 years ago? Geez.. that’s a tough one. I am not an ancient art collector

    • Trave Thibeau

      My Galaxy Note 2 is running 4.4, and with no real issues. And on par with how it was running when I first got it.

    • It’s Me

      All rubbish.

      The funniest one is you chestnut that Apple “Apple always updates their phones to the point where they become completely unusable in order to force users to upgrade”. Now one is forced to upgrade and Android from the same period stop receiving updates at all (official). I guess that’s one way to prevent slowing down “old” (like a year old) by just not releasing updates at all.

      And the pushing of google services is great…unless you use third party apps and would like to use more recent versions that actually use newer APIs. Solution: developers end up writing to the older, outdated APIs in order to maintain compatibility. Lowest common denominator development is hardly a plus.

    • demon5

      “The funniest one is you chestnut that Apple ‘Apple always updates their phones to the point where they become completely unusable in order to force users to upgrade’. Now one is forced to upgrade…”

      While it’s true that no one is forced to upgrade, in my experience iphone users don’t _understand_ that and just figuratively click “okay” and upgrade to the point of making their iphone unusable.
      Of course, the solution that they come to on their own is to buy a new iphone and hop right back on the upgrade bandwagon.

      Fool me once, shame on you.
      Fool me five times, I’m an apple fan.

    • It’s Me

      The preferred solution being to simply stop providing updates? From my experience it usually takes 3-4 years before people start really complaining about ios updates slowing their phones. Would be better simply not to offer updates after 2 years.

      After 3-4 years it makes sense that the hardware starts to fall behind the software. We saw this with PCs and laptops. That the nature of technology.

    • demon5

      The over/under lifespan on a smartphone(apple/other) is 2 years.
      Given the propensity for a user to upgrade to a new device, the usefulness of providing updates beyond two years provides diminishing returns for a manufacturer except for marketing purposes e.g. apple.

      Just within my own home, we have a mixture of apple & android devices. One android, which was a flagship purchased at launch a little over 2.5 years ago is running happily on ICS 4.04 (came with gb and jb is available for it) and the person using it is quite happy with what it does and how it does it. (It does have a removable battery so that can be addressed if it becomes an issue.)

      I have a iPhone 3GS that is about the same age that I haven’t used in 2 years. I upgraded it to the IOS5.x (IIRC) and it ran like a piece of junk. I opted not to continue on that upgrade train and bought a refurb android identical to the aforementioned android which was running gb then ics then jelly bean and now is running a third party kitkat ROM and is demonstrably much faster than the version of android it came with out of the box.

      I could go on but I think the point is well made.

    • It’s Me

      “The over/under lifespan on a smartphone(apple/other) is 2 years.
      Given the propensity for a user to upgrade to a new device, the usefulness of providing updates beyond two years provides diminishing returns for a manufacturer except for marketing purposes e.g. apple.

      So then why the kvetching about OS updates slowing down devices after 3-4 years? Seems like you are saying they would already be replaced after 2. Apple would hardly need to force users to upgrade by intentionally slowing down 4 year old phones. They could just not provide updates like the others. Seems like you are stretching and it’s a case of damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

    • demon5

      The iPhone 3gs was about 2 years 5 months old when iOS 5 came out.
      2.4 isn’t the 3 to 4 years you are strawmanning but I guess to iPhone fans 2.4 is 3 to 4 like 3.5″ is about 5″
      If a device is running well, the availability of updates is a moot point.
      Yes, I’m fully aware that manufacturers can fabricate many reasons why one’s current device is no longer good and an upgrade is required.
      However it is intellectually dishonest to ignore Apple’s version of the upgrade game while pretending that a lack of updates is equivalent.
      It easy move to have this discussion.
      Feel free to continue the argument if you feel it necessary.

    • It’s Me

      Strawmanning? I stated facts. iPhone 4 is still supported up to the most recent OS and it is 4 years old. That’s a fact.

      You want it both ways. Android vendors stop support exceptional quickly, you excuse it and say “well that too old to support”. Apple supports their for much longer, you say that’s just marketing.

      But then you say that they intentionally obsolete their hardware to push sales, but that makes no sense in light of the fact that they support their hardware much longer, which you them blame on marketing.

      You stretch the truth and seem to have real fundamental problems with logic. It’s not “intellectually dishonest” to see the holes in your reasoning. It would be intellectually insulting to be accused of falling for such tripe.

    • demon5

      Question for you: how old is the phone you use daily?

    • It’s Me

      Pushing 2 years.

      Maybe I’ll upgrade. In which case Apple’s trick of intentionally obsoleting the hardware won’t make a difference.

      Or maybe I’ll keep it. In which case expecting another year or two with updates and a useable phone is fine too. Again, Apple’s apparent intention to obsolete phones after 3-4 years would seem not too bad, compared to anyone else.

      Nice to have choices, no?

    • demon5

      “Pushing 2 years” – Would that be an iPhone5 by chance?

      “Maybe I’ll upgrade. In which case Apple’s trick of intentionally obsoleting the hardware won’t make a difference”

      Actually the iPhone4 is an excellent example of planned obsolescence.

      A year after the iPhone4 was released, Apple chose not to provide Siri as a feature to the iPhone4 with an iOS update while simultaneously marketing the crap out of how great the Siri feature was when launching the iPhone4S. If that isn’t a manipulative and cynical way to treat loyal customers who spent their hard earned money just a year prior then nothing is. I could go into more detail on how Siri was originally an app that worked on every iPhone before it became a flagship selling feature baked into the iOS but I think that goes into kicking you while you are down territory.

      To re-cap:

      Me – arguing that a device without manufacturer provided updates beyond 2 years is irrelevant if the device works well *AND* uses a device that is over two years old

      You – arguing that an Apple device is well supported up to 4 years *BUT* uses an apple device that is < 2 years old.

    • It’s Me

      Actually, Siri is only a good example for those ignorant of the technology. Most people don’t realize that the 4S incorporated a custom chip from Audience that was used to significantly improve the performance of Siri. The 4 did not have that. Could it have been made to work with the 4? Sure, but it would not have worked as well, and given the already known growing pains of Siri (and any voice system) putting your best foot forward is sort of important. That might not matter to some vendors, especially those for whom “beta” and “good enough” are sales pitches,but some have higher standards.

      Similar to your uneducated claim about Siri, one could say the same about Samsung and “Air Gestures”. Why didn’t they roll that back to the S3? Sure you can hack it, but it isn’t there by default. They could have. Why didn’t they? Because the hardware would not have supported the software feature as well. Duh.

      So again, while you might think Siri is a good example of your point, it’s only so for the uninformed and tech pundits wanting a good sound bite.

      You: Arguing that Apple providing updates in order to force upgrades, while excusing the lack of updates from others. Best way, then to prevent plan obsolescence is to end of life as quickly as possible, provide no more updates and be done.

      And yes, I upgrade more than I have to. I like toys and I like new features. I used to buy a new car every 2-4 years but I stopped that when I had kids. The old car was still perfectly good and even had warranty left. It’s a weakness. But other than being somewhat foolish with my money when it comes to toys, that doesn’t say anything about how well supported my old devices are. I hand them down and they are still well used and well supported…to this day for the iPhone 4.

    • 2kfire

      “No one is forced to upgrade”

      My wife hates the iOS 7 UI so she hasn’t updated her iPhone 5. She can’t use Facetime unless she updates. Also, she can’t update a bunch of other apps unless she updates. PLUS, her power button doesn’t work, but if she gets it fixed, her phone WILL be updated. But hey, she’s not forced to update, so she’s got that going for her!

      In the meantime, my HTC Sensation can run ANYTHING in the Play store 😀

    • It’s Me

      Exactly, thanks for proving my point. Your wife chose not to upgrade. With that choice she gets to avoid what she doesn’t want but that obviously means missing out on the rest of the OS too.

      She had a choice and made it. No one forces her to upgrade. If she loves iOS 8 but hears that 8.1 will turn her phone into molasses, she can choose not to install 8.1.

      Thanks again for proving my point.

    • 2kfire

      You’re wrong.
      Facetime used to work fine before. Now it won’t unless she updates.
      If she wants to use facetime, she HAS to update; she is FORCED to update.

      Or did you mean to say “no one is forced to upgrade… unless they want their phone to keep working”

    • It’s Me

      So, when you say she chose not to upgrade you mean she was forced to upgrade?

      Like I said, if she chooses not to upgrade, she’ll miss out on some stuff. But she wasn’t forced to upgrade. She didn’t plug her phone into iTunes and haven’t automatically update her. She has a choice. She made a choice.

      If she wants ios 7, she needs to upgrade to ios 7. If she wants the features of ios7, like the newer supported FaceTime, them she can choose that instead. Choice. Great to have.

      Thanks again for the added support that I’m right. Even if you didn’t realize it.

    • 2kfire

      Ok. So literally, no one is forced to upgrade. Fine.

      However, if one wants to use features that used to work fine, one IS forced to upgrade, because they no longer work. Thanks for agreeing with ME and everyone else on this. End of discussion.

      That’s the definition of planned obsolescence BTW.

    • It’s Me

      Umm, no, that’s not the definition of planned obsolescence. That would be if she upgraded and it killed her phone, forcing her to upgrade the hardware. Her choice not to upgrade because she doesn’t like the OS cannot sanely or intelligently be related to planned obsolescence.

      If you don’t even understand the terms being used, best for you not to comment. I have no interest in tutoring you.

      and I just looked up the bug you mentioned with FaceTime and wow are you ever being slick with your accusations. FaceTime on ios 6 didn’t just stop working when ios 7 came out last year. It was this spring and it was an expired cert issue. And duh, they didn’t go back and fix it for their old discontinued OS. It would have been nice for Apple to update the old OS too but it’s not unusual given the age of ios 6 and how long ios 7 had been out. Nice try trying to make it sound like more than it was. Your wife still can choose.

    • 2kfire

      The fact that the phone doesn’t work like it used to makes it “out of date”, or obsolete.
      The fact that this was due to a planned update, makes it planned obsolescence.

      I have no interest in being tutored by someone who doesn’t know the subject matter.

      As for whatever caused the “bug”, it’s irrelevant. The point is, the phone doesn’t work how it used to, and it never will again. Planned obsolescence.
      Whereas an Android phone (or Blackberry or Windows phone for that matter) will work exactly the same the day you buy it, or 4 years later… Even if it never gets new features, it won’t lose the old ones!

      It would have been nice for Apple to not have broken things.

      Well, that was fun. I’m done.

      (Walks away and repeats “planned obsolescence” under his breath)

    • It’s Me

      No. She stayed on an old OS and it isn’t working well anymore. Think your old windows 95 would work well today? What happens when old software is broken by protocol updates or changes in security? If you are lucky they provide a update or a patch to correct that. They have done so. It’s iOS7. She chose not to apply the update that would resolve her bug. That’s the way software works. Even if you don’t grok technology, you should understand at least that much.

      Planned obsolescence would be if she upgraded and her phone couldn’t support the newest OS forcing her to buy new hardware…because the new OS made her hardware obsolete. That is not what happened here. At all. Her phone is more than capable of running the very latest software so it is not obsolete. Can’t be planned obsolescence if it isn’t even obsolete.

      Again, don’t talk about concepts you are clueless about.

    • 2kfire

      The only clueless one here is you, you’re just too ignorant of facts to realize it. Planned obsolescence doesn’t mean something stops working. That would be called a “defect”.

      Planned obsolescence is when something doesn’t work as well as it used you, creating a desire or the FEEL to need to upgrade. It doesn’t mean your stuff explodes. That’s why the idea is called “planned obsolescence”. In this case, there is a need to upgrade the software to have the old applications continue to work.That is a textbook case for planned obsolescence.

      Read up a little on it first, from reputable manufacturing/business-related sites or magazines, before you start telling people THEY’RE clueless. I even posted a link to a good article for you earlier but the great mod gods decided my post wasn’t worthy to exist. 😛

      I’m done with you. You clearly have a superiority complex and can’t admit when youre wrong. That’s cool, nothing wrong with that, I just can’t stand arguing with people that won’t listen to reason.

      PS: Yes, my old windows 95, TWENTY YEAR OLD operating system, would work well today, just as well as when I bought it! It would still run all the old programs well. If I had a video-call program running on it 18 years ago, it would still run today. Unlike Facetime on the iPhone 5 running iOS 6, which is a ONE AND A HALF YEAR OLD operating system.

    • It’s Me

      And since the defect or bug doesn’t make her feel the need to upgrade to new hardware, then you cannot intelligently call it planned obsolescence.

      I don’t have to read up on it. I work developing software that works with commodity hardware and custom hardware that we design. I get exactly what planned obsolescence is. I also understand out of date software and not supporting legacy software when newer software provides the same fix. If you do need to read up on it, you’ve been reading the wrong books.

      And no, your Win95 system would not work well today. Your browser, for example, would not be sufficient to browse many sites because it is out of date. Similarly, your wife’s OS is not longer sufficient to support facetime because of an expired certificate. Apple has provided a free update to resolve that, she has simply chosen not to install that update. For hardware that could not support the new OS, they provided an iOS 6 update. For hardware that can support it, they provided iOS 7. Both free and both do exactly the opposite of making the hardware obsolete, they extend the life of the hardware. That is the exact opposite of planned obsolescence.

      A textbook case for “planned obsolescence” would be an update that made her existing hardware obsolete. That didn’t happen no matter how much you misunderstand the concept. Your wife’s case, is in fact, the exact opposite.

      It’s really unfortunate that there are people so clueless about how technology works and use phrases they think they understand.

    • 2kfire

      What’s more sad is that there are people designing software that don’t understand these concepts!

      The argument is whether or not one is forced to upgrade. In this case, yes, you are forced to upgrade if you want things to keep working. You just admitted that is the case, due to a security policy. Thanks for that.

      Like I said, I’m done. I’m not replying any more because what’s the point in arguing with you.
      Done done done.

      PS: last I checked, mobile syrup isn’t a recruiting agency, so there’s no need for you to go around posting your resume on public forums 😉

    • It’s Me

      Forced to updated to resolve a bug.

      Now, if they didn’t provide a fix and she had to then buy new hardware to fix the problem, that could be called planned obsolescence.

      You’re done because you’ve run out out clueless things to post (I hope so anyway). Stick to making comments on things you understand. Technology clearly isn’t one of them. And that’s ok. Just don’t post like you do.

    • 2kfire

      It doesn’t matter WHY she’s forced to update, the point is she HAS to to keep using features on her phone!

      That is planned obsolescence!!! Planned obsolescence doesn’t mean your stuff becomes absolutely useless AFTER you upgrade! It means things become increasing harder and harder for you to entice you to upgrade! It means your stuff becomes more and more useless UNTIL you upgrade!!!

      The whole concept is based on making things so that the consumer is forced to upgrade, either software, hardware, tools, their car engine, whatever!

      I’m done with you because you won’t listen to reason. That’s it!

      Anyone reading the previous comments can see this.

      Have a great day 🙂

    • It’s Me

      she HAS to update her software. Not her hardware. They provide a free update for her software.

      If she couldn’t run the latest software, then that would be planned obsolescence. They’ve done the exact opposite. Instead of making her phone obsolete, they’ve provide a free path for her to keep it fully up to date. They’ve made it easier for her not to have to upgrade her phone not harder. Not sure how a free update is harder. That’s some fine logic you are using.

      Her phone is fully capable of running the newest OS. How does that make her phone obsolete?

    • VLAN

      You are making good points but I think you are missing the points everyone has tried to make. You are stuck on “Hardware Obsolescence” only.

      In 2kfire’s case the software he is currently running ie: Facetime is rendered useless because Apple refuses to provide an individual update to the facetime app to fix the bug and is forcing the user to upgrade the whole OS to get the fix.

      Also once a person on Iphone 4 upgrades to the new IOS because he/she wants to use an app such as facetime which refuses to work unless updated, because the phones hardware starts lagging behind the software as you stated above in one of you’re comments, the phone will start slowing down and hence forcing the user/making the user feel the need to upgrade hardware. So a chain reaction if you may.

      In android’s case the apps that work will still work regardless of a new OS coming out or a new feature coming out on an app that only works on the new OS. The app will continue to work as it has been when it was installed and will still get bug fixes and updates pertaining to that specific model/OS. Ex: Skype might get a new gesture feature that only works on android Kitkat and above, that does not mean that Skype will stop running for people who cannot and will not upgrade to Kitkat. It will still run the same and will still get bug/security fixes withoutt being told that they need to upgrade to Kitkat to get the fix. They only need to get Kitkat to get the new feature.

      Similarly your point that a Windows 95’s browser wont be able to run todays’s websites is invalid since the whole point everyone is trying to make is that it will still be able to run the websites it was able to run when it was new. Nobody is saying that it should be able to run HD animated websites.

      So “planned obsolescence” doesnt just pertain to hardware obsolescence but can be for software too. I hope this helps clear the point.

    • It’s Me

      I don’t disagree with anything you’ve stated. But I will add to it. In the specific case of Facetime, it was a bug caused by an expired certificate. This could have as easily affected any app that uses network services, on Android or any other platform. In that case, the vendor would similarly have to roll out a patch in order to update the certificate. Whether a company does release such a patch or not will differ in almost every instance. You can’t simply assume that Google would issue a patch for an OS provided feature to resolve a bug for an older OS.

      In 2Kfire’s case, his wife simply chose not to apply the update, which was provided. Not because of any performance concern, since her phone was completely compatible with the new OS.

      Releasing the new OS the OS did nothing to make the old one obsolete, neither did releasing the iPhone 5S make iOS obsolete for iPhone 5. A bug that developed well after iOS came out was the problem.

      There’s just no rationale way to call that a case of planned obsolescence.

    • VLAN

      You are right but I do feel a company like the following of apple knows there are about a few million people with each variation of their phones and should be providing a stand alone app update or a bug fix for it.

      I android’s case I think if it was a famous/flagship phone that had millions of users complaining about it either Google, the app developer or the OEM would put out a fix for it like they usually do. Majority of the updates to apps are security fixes/ bug fixes and when you read the changelogs they only pertain to certain handsets.

      So you are right but you cant deny that a company like apple has the resources to provide such a fix and the following to warrant them providing such a fix.

    • It’s Me

      I agree they should have fixed it. But I also know it is not unusual for a software company to patch only the most recent versions and allow legacy versions to remain legacy versions, especially when it’s a free update that includes the fix.

    • It’s Me

      And that’s great that they are finally taking steps to mitigate the problem. How effective those steps are will have to be seen.

      Google Play services for core apps is great but it doesn’t do app developers a hell of a lot of good. Having to support outdated APIs and hardware not to mention the breadth of hardware will not be fixed by making core apps updatable through modular Play services.

      Judging OEMs on their speed might finally light a fire under them to get those stale updates out faster than a few months after release but then they still have to deal with the carrier bottleneck.

      Sure it’s old argument. It’s about time they take steps to fix it. Hopefully they go beyond that bandaids you mentioned.

    • marorun1982

      Response to outdated API = ART

      PS: wont respond to your reply 😛

    • It’s Me

      ART is an API now?

      Please don’t talk about things you clearly don’t understand.

      ART is a runtime. The single biggest advantage of ART over DALVIK is that apps will load faster because of Ahead of Time compiling. This will bring Android apps into the modern world in that respect (as opposed to the JIT of DALVIK). This is great. But it does nothing to fix the problem of outdated APIs which a developer would utilize. If an OS doesn’t support newer API, then you need an updated OS. ART doesn’t magically fix that.

      Don’t reply because you have nothing to say of value.

    • d3v14n7

      They don’t need to support all outdated APIs, only 2 sets, 2.3 and 4.0+ IF they also want to support older Gingerbread phones, otherwise, so long as devs support Android 4.0 and up, their apps will work correctly on ALL devices that run ICS or higher (which is the vast majority of devices now), it’s up to them whether or not to support newer features which are included in the newer minor API updates… Not to mention, adding support for the older API (IE: Gingerbread) is quick, easy and painless… Unlike iOS, once an older Android phone becomes EOL and receives its last update, it doesn’t become a paperweight, you can still download, install and use the vast majority of apps, the phone doesn’t become a lagging piece of sh*t that’s pretty much unusable, the same cannot be said for EOL iPhones, you can’t download new apps, the phone is completely useless due to how slow it is, and Apple just doesn’t care, because they want to force you to upgrade… Lastly, it isn’t necessary for an Android phone to run the latest and greatest version of the OS, of course you’ll possibly be missing some newer features, but at least the phone won’t become a paperweight when it’s unable to run the latest version of Android like iPhones do…

    • It’s Me

      I’m not sure how you can mention EOL with a straight face. Androids have roughly half the lifespan, as far as being EOL’ed as iPhones. The Nexus S was released in Dec 2010 and received it’s last official update in Oct 2012, less than 2 years later. Meanwhile, the iPhone was was released in June 2010 and is still receiving updates 4 years later.

      So, when you use the fact that you can still download a use apps once an Android it EOL, it’s sort of funny. I should hope you still can, given how quickly the get EOL’ed. All the while, the iPhone users keep downloading and using their apps because their phone is still supported. See many people rocking their Nexus S these days? Any? I know a number of people that have handed down their iPhone 4’s and they are still being used. My nephew is using mine and I’m sure he’ll keep using it once iOS8 is out and he is unable to update it at over 4 years old.

    • It’s Me

      mat: I am replying here since your post is being moderated.

      I never claimed it was the end of the world. But it is real. If you’ve also developed for iOS then you know there is a world of difference in what is required to support a broad array of users on both platforms. Obviously it isn’t often a deal breaker for Android apps. But it is real and it does contribute to some paid, both for users and devs. It is at least partially responsible for the Android version of apps to lag behind iOS releases.

    • Laer

      I feel a lot of blame lies with the carriers, so let’s not forget them

    • It’s Me

      Tons of blame is on the carriers. But it’s the OEMs that give them that control.

    • Laer

      I’ll agree to that but I think consumer choice is the leverage used by the carriers on the OEMs.

      So again back to the carriers for trying to take control of something, I personally believe, should be illegal. Carriers have no business on my phone.

      Sure, shame on the OEM for falling to the carrier threats.

    • pomplamoose

      android software is fragmented. i’d rather updates from apple than android where some devices get them and other’s don’t. android is fragmented. hands down.

    • Brandon Abram

      Um….IOS has similar fragmentation. Some phones get some of the functionality of the new OS when there is an update. That’s fragmentation as well. But the whole fragmentation argument is old, tired, and we should be past that on both ecosystems.

    • 5Gs

      Bro! Come on. Atleast don’t lie to peoples faces. I used iphone 5s, samsung note 2, s3, s4, s5, nokia lumia 710 and currently using BB z10.

      note 2 had the best battery following s5 and then bbz10. Iphone don’t have any juice.

      Even to give you benefit of doubt I can change battery on all my phones except iphone. Now how can you compete with that? An extra batter with you. You can’t just simply beat that.

    • Ethan Pollock

      I’m going to assume you meant *Lie to peoples faces*. I’m happy to hear you had such great battery life with your phones. My personal experience, I unfortunately had the complete opposite. My iPhone Lasts my whole 12hr shift with at least 50% left by the end of the day. And that’s including playing Tapped Out, Facebooking, reading Mobilesyrup and others, texting thru out the day and the occasional call on my breaks. Don’t get me wrong, I love android. I have quite a few android phones I sometimes dig out of my drawer when I feel like I want to switch things up. My Moto X is hands down my favourite android phone. And I have to admit it comes quite close to achieving the same battery life as my iPhone. My iPhone has been unplugged since 5am, And I’m still at 35% (I will be happy to provide anyone with a screenshot of my usage). I think it is very petty for Samsung to call out apple with their battery life. The two of them need to give this childish elementary school girl rivalry up. But then again that’s what the mobile industry is about right.

    • 5Gs

      Well perhaps they should keep the rivalry. I just can’t wait till they fight between each other for price war. Now that will be good for us but seem to me the prices keep going up.

      I really want SG S5 but too much for me so i end up with Z10 for now lol

    • FlamesFan89

      I would argue that they should NOT stop the rivalry, and they should hammer each other as hard as possible on the topic of battery life. Perhaps then one or the other will innovate in the area of batteries beyond tweaking software and increasing the size of the battery, and come up with something truly groundbreaking that suddenly pushes battery life into the multi-day, or dare I dream, WEEK category.

      oh how I dream…

    • 5Gs

      I totally agree but i am pretty sure this ad is regarding moderate using. The worst battery i had though was with iphone.

      So far my best experience is Note 2 and now Z10 but again i am not a big fb ( actually use fb only on my desktop ) My phone is pretty much just for useful use.

      My note 2 always used to last me 2.5 days. Actually on 3rd day i always had to by force drain the battery because i know the fourth day it will die.

    • mggOptimusG

      Not sure bout the 5s but I can tell you that the 4s battery is garbage. I had the 4s battery die around 2PM in the day when my OptimusG last well into the night with similar usage.
      Gave that 4s to my wife and she is rocking it for 3 days without issues. So it must depend on what you do with it. I guess she could have a dumb phone and it would get the same use.
      I would rather have my OptimusG than a 5s. Oh wait, I do.

    • Jonathan Schmitt

      I can agree with this statement for sure. My boss at work has to charge her iPhone 5S about 2 -3 times a day. Meanwhile she has an S5 that lasts her the entire day with battery to spare.

      Its funny that people mock the Ultra Power saving mode, but for folks who needs the two essential features (calling, sms) its a miracle. My business clients absolutely love it.

  • Acer12345

    Wasn’t it BlackBerry CEO John Chen who coined the term “wall huggers”? So is Samsung copying direct quotes now…?

    • SmellyOaf

      Blackberry… yawn

    • Marc

      I used to agree, but Chen gives BB the shot in the arm that it needs.

    • WhoCares1000

      Yes he did.

    • It’s Me

      It’s Samsung. What else could you expect?

      Funny ad though.

    • Tootall

      It was the best quote ever by a CEO!

  • grantdude

    Haha it’s funny cuz it’s true. But iPhone users totally deny it.

    • SmellyOaf

      The scene in airports is absolutely true. And I lug around my 2 spare batteries (S3, an old phone even) and flip the batteries in style. I do sit alongside them once in a while to empathize and discuss our bad choices in life (read “theirs”) =P

    • It’s Me

      So, you buy extra batteries for when one doesn’t cut it. Couldn’t the iPhone users buy a battery-case for the exact same situation?

      Samsung seems to be playing up better battery life not ways users have to get around poor battery life like extra batteries and battery-cases.

    • neo905

      That doesn’t really mean anything in a vacuum. I could unplug my phone at 8:00am and put it in my drawer and still have 90% left when I get it out. Everyone’s usage varies. That said, Apple REALLY needs to focus on battery life this time around. You appear to be more of an outlier. You can’t have a 1500mah battery when the competition is over 3000mah regardless of how “effecient” you think your software is. Android L is closing that gap that apple has enjoyed so Apple has to step their game up now. And PLEASE stop making the phone thinner. That is at the bottom of Iphone users priority.

    • 2kfire

      Yeah but the screen is tiny lol!!!
      Which should mean reduced battery usage, but my One, which is notorious for poor battery life, often outlasts my wife’s iPhone 5

    • neo905

      The bigger issue is the Half-Life of iPhone batteries. I am assuming you have a 5S. That’s great that the battery life is outstanding now but if you have a 4 or a 4s or a 5 those phones are all now wall huggers. Now the fact that they’ve trapped some a small battery with systems that are optimized for the user experience of the 5S leads to frustration. Not everyone gets a new phone every year and Apple prides inself on the quality and longevity of their product. There are literally hundreds of millions of 4, 4S and 5 that see things differently with respect to battery life. Apple needs a Lux type screen brightness management. The auto brightness is terrible. They could solve 25% of their battery issues right there. As an Apple owner you have got to be able to accept criticism. That’s the only way they don’t get complacent and arrogant which I think they have been since 2011 which has allowed companies like LG and HTC to come out with really compelling alternatives.

    • neo905

      I am platform agnostic. I had an iPhone for 3 years. I got my wife one which she still has.You are trying to tell me people over use their iPhone which leads to poor battery life? That is ridiculous. All I know is I wasn’t impressed with the battery life and neither is my wife. That doesn’t mean it is a bad phone but it is a shortcoming for millions of users.These aren’t phones anymore they are mini computers. Everyone uses there’s a lot iPhone or not.

      I could care less how many phones a company sells. It doesn’t justify anything as far as the quality or value of a product. You are correct. It is all about the marketing budget. Hence why Samsung Is the number one smartphone seller worldwide. I would never consider buying one though just for that so I don’t see your point. As a matter of fact, they are my least favorite phone. Sales don’t validate anything. If so, Beats headphones would be considered the best and there are not. I have an HTC one and have been very happy with it. I’m not married to it though. I don’t like the M8 as much and if the M9 doesn’t show process I may go another direction.I like the direction Microsoft is going but the app store is atrocious. if they bring it on par with IOS or Play Store I would consider them. The point is this isn’t 2007 anymore, the distinctions that existed before no longer exist and Apple is now playing catch up whether you wish to acknowledge it or not. All these platforms and meeting more and more in the middle.

    • grantdude


  • TomsDisqusted

    The remove-able battery of Samsung devices is great (the 3rd party market for batteries has some great options) and some Samsung devices come with big batteries.

    On the other hand, iPhones generally have pretty good battery, so this ad doesn’t really seem fair….

    • SmellyOaf

      I am not so sure that the ad is not fair. They showed airports, and it’s exactly as portrayed – people crowding around power outlets and most if not all with iPhones in hands. But then again most people who fly carry iPhones

  • Jim – Rogers Rep

    What kind of crap is that, Abandoned my Note because I felt like I had a Home phone (Always tethered to a Wall) then my S4 for the same reasons, 4S still going strong for the day.
    Samsung is the worst for battery life although the S5 and Note3 are by a wide margin better than ALL previous models they still don’t have as good of a track record as apple in regards to battery life.

    • SmellyOaf

      Are you sure, man? The Note 3 is praised for it’s battery life and the S4 is rated on battery the same as iPhone 5s

    • SmellyOaf

      Are you sure, man? The Note 3 is praised for it’s battery life and the S4 is rated on battery the same as iPhone 5s

    • Jim – Rogers Rep

      100%, also I can tell you that my #1 customer complaint is Batteries from Samsung.
      Regarding the Note3, that is exactly what I said, it was the Note that I was referring to

    • Joseph

      hmmmmmmmmmmmmm maybe I just lucked out on getting a good note 3 then…….but it could also be certain apps like skype had known issues for draining the hell out of batteries even in standby mode so it might not be the battery but the certain apps they install.

      EDIT: when I say I lucked out its cause by the end of a 8 hour work day I sit about 5 hours screen on time with about 50-60% battery life left and that is having data turned on and bluetooth hooked up to my gear 2 neo

    • Jim – Rogers Rep

      To quote myself if I may, “the S5 and Note3 are by a wide margin better than ALL previous models.”
      I do think it has a lot to do with Apps though, and some people just don’t understand the correlation between multi-tasking and power consumption.

    • Joseph

      touche mate wasn’t raggin’ on ya just stated my experiance and I won’t argue with the s4 cause after I had the note 2 I went to the s4 and the battery was terrible so I jumped to the LG G2, nexus 5, sony xperia z1 to find myself back on the note series with the note 3 😛

      I swear I only went back cause I love the Spen when editing photos from dslr on my phone on the go

    • Jim – Rogers Rep

      no sweat, I just wish Samsung had payed attention to Battery consumption issues prior to this generation, but I’m glad they finally did.

    • Nadefrenzy

      Which note 3 variant?

    • Joseph


    • Leo

      I have had a noticeable battery hit on my Note 3 since KitKat.
      Pre upgrade 70% after 8 hours
      Post upgrade 45% after 8 hours

    • Omis

      He is most certainly correct.

    • Cam Online

      I unplug at 6am and by bedtime at around 11:30 – 12:00am I have more than half battery left on my Note 3. Worst case I’m down to 35% but this is rare. Lots of texting, data usage for voice streaming, web browsing and emails throughout the whole day. Note 3’s battery is a beast. With medium usage I could easily get 2 days straight out of it.

    • 5Gs

      You are lying bro. Note 2 and 3 has the best battery ever. You have to wait for battery to die. Not the other way around.

      Even if i were to agree with you which i shouldn’t. I can have an extra battery and there i can beat that problem of running out of battery.

      Can you really do that with any apple phone.

  • Generalissimo_S

    I think my Nexus 5 makes me a wall hugger as well. Maybe I should take a look at Samsung… I’d love a Note 3!

    • SmellyOaf

      Agreed, replaceable batteries are a big deal until battery technology improves drastically

    • Kickside01

      Not sure how much you use your phone but my nexus 5 is great i’m on day 2 and still at 45% battery….

    • Generalissimo_S

      Oh wow… anything special you do to maintain battery life? I’m at 12:30pm and I’m already at 32%.

    • Kickside01

      run task killer, run auto for brightness, and I find games are the biggest killer on battery. Usually I plug in every night with about 50% left but today i”m still at 45% and I didn’t plug in last night.

    • Joseph

      I had the nexus 5 and by the end of the work day I would be about 20% but I’m an extremely heavy user lol

  • Omis

    Thats rich. My S4 is sitting at 35% since unplugging it, fully charged, at 7 in the morning. Its 2:45 now.

    • SmellyOaf

      2:45 AM? Man, how do you go by with only 4 hours of sleep everyday?! 😉

    • Omis

      have a child. 4 hours is sleeping in 😉

  • Jeremy Janzen

    This is weird. I don’t have a Samsung, but in my experience my HTC One X has far, far worse battery life than I even had on my old iPhone 3GS. And that is with all sorts of tweaking, running Greenify etc. Why do you think Google is concentrating on battery life for the ‘L’ release? It’s not a strong point for Android at all right now.

    • d3v14n7

      My One X got great battery life (compared to other similar phones on the market at the time) even without power saver on, it easily lasted the entire day with about 30% – 50% left when I went to bed… My HTC One (M7) and One (M8) can easily go 2 days on a single charge with no battery saver enabled, and this is with med to heavy use throughout the day (7am till 11pm to 12am), although I don’t use my phone to play games, I wouldn’t have the time for them even if I wanted to…

      If people actually stopped using their phones for pointless crap like games or spending hours on Facebook and other nonsense, their batteries would last the entire day, then again, if people did that, they wouldn’t even need a smartphone, they could do everything else on a feature phone or even a dumb phone…

    • 5Gs

      Well said. Do you really think people buy phones these days to use them as a phone. First thing they check is how many mp the camera is. Second is fb going to work on it. Third how fast i can upload pic on instagram.

      Phone is not phone any more. I call friends and never get answered but when i text them. I get answer right away even though they just missed my call lol

  • oj

    n so my new nokia lumia 625 have battery saver

    • Nadefrenzy

      Doesn’t compete with ultra power saving mode.

  • JT

    While I don’t care for apple products at all and their battery life might not be as good as S5 or whatever, you can easily get a case for iphones which includes a battery pack which doubles the battery life. You really can’t say the same for android devices and there are way less options even for Samsung phones. My Sony android device simply does not even have an option to purchase a case and extended battery combo.

    • neo905

      Those cases exist for the very reason this Samsung commercial exists. The iphone has a 1500mah battery. That is half the size of a typical android battery these days. That is pathetic. That Sony battery is over 3000mah already.

  • Marco Simone

    So true…. they hit the spot RIGHT on!

    • 5Gs


  • MatroXX

    I think he said “did you ‘jiggle’ it?” in reference to the power adapter to the wall socket.

  • Shane Kweens

    My LG G2 poops on the S5’s battery life. Samsung marketing this as their ‘feature’ is a joke.

    • Nadefrenzy

      No it doesn’t. Please read reviews at PA and GSM-A

    • 5Gs

      Currently a Z10 owner and an ex user of iphone, samsung, nokia lumia. I assure you that so far samsung batteries were the best.

      Their option of using [ SAVING MODE ] actually saves a lot of juice and works.

  • Guest

    This is one reason I love my BlackBerry Q10. I travel with two batteries. Rarely have to use the second one, but when I do, it’s no convenient to just pull the back off, swap batteries and power up again. Just a nice to have feature.

  • Neil

    This is one reason I love my BlackBerry Q10. I travel with two batteries. Rarely have to use the second one, but when I do, it’s so convenient to just pull the back off, swap batteries and power up again. Just a nice to have feature.

    • 5Gs

      Same with Z10 and samsung. Iphone seem to be the only control freaks.

  • Ulysses Grant

    There are battery packs now a day. This is technically a non issue because even Android users will have to face a battery life problem.

  • warrencheswick

    Maybe this is an oversimplification, but Instead of Apple increasingly making their phones thinner, couldn’t they increase the battery size? The new iPhone 6 is reportedly even thinner than before. Is thickness of the phone really a complaint? I’d take a slightly thicker phone with better battery life.

    • 5Gs

      Or they can just give users to use extra battery option.

  • Usman


    • 5Gs

      Indeed buddy!

  • 5Gs

    HAHAHAHAHA Killed it. They actually did. ROFL. Funny part is when the guy is drinking water from fountain and there is a bit of silence drop there 😉

  • MikeOxlong

    Pretty hilarious considering any iPhone is capable of 8-10 hours of on screen time for web browsing and video watching something that no Samsung phone to date is possible of…

  • bembol

    This is what I don’t, why can’t you just admits it’s a FUNNY commercial. You’re allowed to laugh just because you’re a fanboy.

    I’m a Mac user and I loved it, nothing to do with that I own the S5. The battery life is amazing. I only bought the Samsung Extra Battery Kit because I had a $25 coupon that I needed to use but it’s great that I can take advantage of it.

  • aaron

    What a nice comerical for juice packs lol