BlackBerry ties three-year EnStream deal to provide mobile payment infrastructure across Canada


  • Syaz

    Interesting… diversifying their market.

  • Anthony Roberts

    Blackberry strength I know for a fact will be more software. QNX is the key to their success I see this process will take 3 to 4 years to truly flourish. BB10 is truly amazing and will continue to grow. Remember BB10 is only over a year old and so far has a lot of positive reviews…especially towards the Z30….With the New windermere coming out…Z3 LTE…Classic and the mysterious rumor Manitoba device being shown off the blackberry experience in London and BES 12 coming this fall its going to be an interesting time for blackberry in the next year. Blackberry please listen though next year you need a successor for the Z10 and Z30 extremely important.

  • Martin Chan

    This is actually the proper way to do things.

    There’s this problem of having a certain phone with a certain carrier with a certain bank. Simplify it, only if this could catch on with all platforms.

  • MXH070

    Well it would be foolish for the market to only work with apple for mobile payment when iPhones are a small fraction of the devices in the market. Apple should just add NFC and join with the rest so everyone can enjoy this feature, but we all know apple won’t do that as it being a control freak company and won’t give apple users ANY freedom.

  • Kenny S. Zhang

    the article is about blackberry, yet the stock photo is of a Samsung device?

    • Brian Wuttke

      That’s the first thing I noticed as well. Come on MobileSyrup you are better than that!

  • Omeed

    Apple doesn’t have infrastructure to even offer this. What are you talking about? Since apple did iphone doesn’t mean they can fly to moon.

  • John_JJP

    I think the big problem with the different mobile payment systems out there are that they are .. well .. different. It seems that no one system works with all banks/all carriers, etc. If the group could come to a consensus, build a system that worked with any bank (that signed on to it of course) and any cell carrier etc.. things would take off a lot more than they will with everyone offering a different product.

    Think of it this way .. if the Interac system we have was not in use virtually everywhere in the country, but only at certain stores with certain banks with certain terminals, etc etc.. It would not work. However, being able to go to basically any store with any bank card and use the same terminal .. It has become so highly used.

    Maybe Interac should take this on?

    • J-Ro

      I think that is what the article is about. Blackberry is stepping up and taking on the mobile payments role. Interac could try to jump in but that would cost them more than it is worth. They would be better to partner with Blackberry later on down the road. If interac got into the mobile space and did it badly, it would severely hurt their image.

  • ScooterinAB

    This is refreshing news. Blackberry certainly needs to do more business like this to repair its damaged consumer image. This certainly goes to show that they are more than consumer electronics.