Hands-on with Rogers suretap wallet mobile payment solution for Android and BlackBerry 10


  • Jakob

    Cool. I like the idea of a finger print sensor now being on phones as a lock combined with the virtual aspect of cards.

  • Raphael Del Castillo

    Wouldn’t this require data? And a lot of vendors still do not use tap.. So you’re kind of screwed if there is no tap lol.

    • RogersElise

      No, the only time a customer would potentially use data is when they upload a payment card to the suretap Wallet. Mobile payments made with the suretap Wallet use NFC-technology which does not use data, but radio waves.

  • imjohnh

    Wake me up when I can associate my existing debit and credit cards with the app. (And not have to pay for the right to do so.)

  • Martin Chan

    There’s too many factors that need to add up. The phone part is almost accpetable. Almost everyone has one of these phones. But not everyone wants more credit cards.

  • abc123

    Projects like this, spearheaded by a wireless company, are doomed to failure. There is no standard and it’s not open to be used by everyone. A very closed system with limited support and limited audience. Furthermore, not all merchants are on board.

    Even if it were to succeed, all it would take is the credit/debit card companies to take notice and form an alliance to adapt a new standard that is accepted everywhere that credit/debit cards are used, and they will have effectively destroyed suretap.

    Rogers no doubt sees the huge revenue from the fees that can be collected from each transaction and probably because of greed, decided to go it alone. In the end, your credit card will work anywhere in North America, but your Suretap phone will only work in Canada.

  • Andrew Sangho Lee

    You need to get a SureTap SIM card in order to use it. and it’s not free.

    • chris

      call rogers and they will send u a free one

  • Martin Chan

    I think it should go like this. Bank and app. Or credit company and app. No SIM, carrier.

  • Sweet

    It looks like I can still pay much faster with my physical card than with a smartphone, as is the case with my PC Plus card & app. So, since I have to carry a wallet around anyways, and I’m impatient when it comes to buying things, I’ll be sticking with my physical card.

    • ShocWave

      I don’t even need to take my card out of the wallet. Just tap my wallet on the machine and I’m good to go.

    • deltatux

      or if you’re with BMO, you can use the PayPass tag which you can put at the back of your phone to just tap and go. Of course, there are security issue where people can carry NFC readers and just easily swipe the credit card info just by walking by you (yes this is possible and is a legitimate concern, that’s why there’s the added security).

    • Guest

      or if you’re with BMO, you can use the PayPass tag which you can put at the back of your phone to just tap and go. Of course, there are security issue where people can carry NFC readers and just easily swipe the credit card info just by walking by you (yes this is possible and is a legitimate concern).

    • Sweet

      That’s exactly why I use a RFID-blocking wallet.

  • PT

    The Robellus Fair for Canada campaign is dishonest and a downright insult to our intelligence

  • Francis L-R

    This better come to Moto X!!!

  • Beno

    CIBC was the first partner to use Suretap with CIBC Visa card.
    So, why is CIBC Visa card not available on Rogers wallet experience?

  • PΞTΞЯ™

    I have the Phone and the proper sim and it still won’t get past the “validation Code” screen. Rogers was no help. They wanted me to sign up for a level 2 tech support that requires a monthly fee or a huge one time fee. I couldn’t believe that have that crap. Anyone else figure out how to get it working? Does rogers need to do anything on their end like activate the service or anything?

    • RogersElise

      Hi Peter, would you be able to reach out to me on Twitter – @RogersElise, or on Facebook? I’d like to see if I can help.

  • RogersElise

    Hey Tyler, is it working now? I’ll email you to double-check.

  • RogersElise

    Hi Chris, it might be that your SIM card is not NFC enabled. You can get that in a Rogers store. The LG G2 is suretap cartified, which means that payment networks (Visa and MasterCard) have tested the device and approved it to load virtual versions of existing payment cards.

  • Al

    this app is not worth the time or hassle
    installed on the 11th and still waiting for wallet to be registered on the 17th
    swapped sure tap Sims cards uninstalled re installed a few time
    on the phone for 4 hours and 3 tickets open this week
    I have no joy yet

    • RogersElise

      Hi Al, sorry to hear you’ve been having issues. Would you be able to contact me on Twitter – @RogersElise? Thanks

    • Al

      you never called me on wed ?
      I did get it fix / reg. on Thursday the 17 th
      thank you for the help

    • RogersElise

      I was supposed to call you? Sorry for that, and glad to hear you had it fixed.

    • Shawn Richarz

      So what worked? I’ve had the same problem for almost a month.

    • RogersElise

      Hi Shawn, please reach out to @RogersHelps on Twitter and they’ll help.

  • Al

    Great app after you get registered.
    used it at tim’s last night
    long time to register

  • francopellicciotti

    I got the suretap sim over the weekend have not had any luck using it.
    When I run the Suretap wallet, either it gets stuck at validating device, or if everything is aligned properly, I do get to confirm the code, but when I do try to enter the code, I get Validation code expired.
    Called Tech support, and went to even rogers store, and they were no help.

  • victor aguilar

    I try using this on winners, ebgames, target, gap, and no one accepts this type of. Payment, I’m stuck any idea of which stores actually use this??

  • chris

    WOw i got my surtap sim card for my first phone and it can’t complete registration. its been escalated for 15 days now 🙁 thanks rogers. Now my second phone won’t register LOL wow i love rogers

  • Codename_Falcon

    “it’s a good first step towards solving the fragmentation problem in the mobile payment ecosystem”… With a small supported device list and not supporting Host Card Emulation I would have to completely disagree.

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