Samsung Galaxy S5 will have a fingerprint sensor embedded within the home button, says latest report


  • Zed

    Lawsuit bait

    • Aaron W

      Before people start throwing around the lawsuit bait crap, Ill quickly point out that the design and operation of the sensor is different enough from Apple’s to avoid a patent lawsuit. That and the Moto Atrix, and MANY laptops have also had this technology for a while now. So definitely no innovation on Samsung’s part there. But no points go to Apple either

  • Canadianman23

    Does Samsung even try and innovate anymore or do they just wait for Apple to do something and then they copy them next year. And 5.25 inch? How big are these things going to get? I am all for bigger phones but soon itll be a two person device.

    • thepeddle

      The actual device size is not changing just the screen size. Same as TVs. So you would rather a 5 inch device with a 4 inch screen over a 5 inch device with a 5.25 inch screen? BS

    • Canadianman23

      Device screens all around are getting bigger. Galaxy Mega and Note III are good examples. I am all for a phone that fits nicely in the hand but it seems all manufactures are racing to get the biggest phone out there. I remember when it was all about how small they could make em, now its how massive you can make them. Thats my point. Not that 5.25 inch is outrageously huge, but that its the beginning of a trend.

    • Martin Chan

      I think the screen size are plateauing. I don’t see countless people buying Xperia Z Ultras.

    • FlamesFan89

      Agreed, and besides, if the dimensions of the phone aren’t getting bigger as pointed out by thepeddle, then more screen is good.

      Also, phones like the Galaxy Mega are relatively niche phones. The Note III has sold a tonne, but it certainly isn’t for everyone, nor is it intended to be. And the Mega, well, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone with one. I doubt they have sold many, and it too isn’t meant for everyone. Flagships are just that, the one that is intended to be the big seller, the face of the company. The Galaxy S4 is the current flagship, and the S5 is rumoured to be no bigger than it in footprint.

    • SuperDSpamalot

      You should probably know that there was a fingerprint reader on the Motorola Atrix, which came out at least a full year before the iPhone 5, before your fanboy indignation hits overdrive. Laptops have also had fingerprint scanners for the better part of a decade. It’s not a new idea.

      Also, if the G2 is any indication, this 5.25 inch screen won’t make the GS5 any bigger then the GS4, the bezel will just be smaller.

    • Felix

      I think he was saying that this is exactly what apple did with the 5s. Having the scanner in the home button.

    • It’s Me

      It’s a shame that needs to be explained to some people.

      Putting it on the home button seems obvious and makes sense, yet it never happened. Putting it on the back seems counter intuitive and poorly designed. Yet that is what Motorola brought us.

      But Samsung got the idea dr Motorola…right.

    • FlamesFan89

      I see, so what you are saying is that Apple’s innovation was the placement of the scanner. Well knock me down and call me Susan, you are right! Apple really DID do all the innovating here and everyone IS copying them!

      Apple, never stop innovating by changing the placement of things, think differently. 😉

    • It’s Me

      Well, if every car manufacturer was putting their wheels on the top of their cars, you might might argue against whether someone putting them on the bottom was innovative. That’s your logic.

      Apple put it in a location that actually made sense and was usable. Apple moved away from the legacy implementation of needing to swipe. And Apple embedded it onto a physical control that is already used at exactly the time you would otherwise have your most used digit.

      So, two out of three implementation details, that no intelligent person would argue against made it a useful feature, are now going to be found on Samsung. If it wasn’t innovative, and was instead simply obvious, was everyone else simply too re-tarded to see it? Nice benchmark you have for innovation….lack of re-tarded-ness.

      You might not find their implementation innovative, but obviously Samsung does.

    • FlamesFan89

      Ah, so the “innovation” was not just moving where it was, but also using existing Tech B instead of existing Tech A. Got it.

      And Apple didn’t do the equivalent of moving the wheels from the roof to the ground, they did the equivalent of changing the doors from being suicide doors, to rear facing doors. Both work, one’s a little more logical and better implemented, but both work. Mock the Atrix all you want. Point out that Moto killed it all you want, but it does NOT change the FACT that a phone PRIOR to the iPhone, had biometrics, specifically a fingerprint scanner, and that is also AFTER countless other electronic devices have had them in the past.

    • It’s Me

      And again, no one ever claimed that Apple invented finger print scanning or was the first to put in on a phone. The claim is that similar to deciding tires belong on the bottom of a car, they implemented it in a way that was actually usable and made sense. Tires on the top of a car doesn’t make sense and is not useful. A scanner on the back of a phone does not make sense and is not useful. A scanner that requires a change from how you normally handle the phone does not make sense and is not useful.

      But you are right, the analogy to tires on the top of the car was poor because that would be completely useless, while a scanner implemented where it was on the Atrix was simply clueless. Perhaps a better analogy would be doors only on the roof of your car. Sure, they would work but they would force awkward behavior and wouldn’t make a ton of sense. That’s the Atrix.

    • FlamesFan89

      I don’t know how you hold your phone, but when I hold mine, in an extremely natural position, my thumb is up on the side of the phone, and not at the bottom, in fact, none of my fingers are at the bottom near the placement of the home button. My index finger however, is basically central on the back of the device, interestingly enough, right where Motorola put the fingerprint scanner on the Atrix.

      But yeah, that was just a whacky place to put it. Talk about awkward, having to move your finger from where it naturally is, to, oh wait, you wouldn’t have to move it. Hmmmm…

    • It’s Me

      I don’t know if you have any engineering or design experience, but I’ll guess no. Placing the scanner where your finger holds the device would be a really, really bad design because it would always be active. Putting it where your digit has easy, visible access to and in a location where your digit would normally interact makes sense.

      Similarly, a gun design that fired simply when you held it would be stupid. Instead, putting the trigger in a location that requires you use your finger in a natural, intentional movement makes sense.

      Are you a hardware designer for Motorola? Honest question.

    • FlamesFan89

      No I don’t work for Motorola, and yes I do have engineering experience. First off, the fact that the scanner is right where your finger would be is not bad design, it is good design. It isn’t a touch scanner like Apple’s, it is a swipe. Again, I don’t know how you hold your phone, but I certainly am not actively swiping my finger on the back of the phone as I hold it, but if I needed to, I would want the location of the thing I needed to swipe to be right where my finger is, not in a spot where I had to adjust how I was holding the device.

      Your gun analogy is completely flawed. The trigger is where it is because that is how you hold the gun. The iPhone equivalent would have the trigger up on the top near the end of the barrel so that you had to re-grip when you wanted to shoot it. The logical location is where your finger naturally lays when you hold it. Then you interact with it when required.

    • It’s Me

      Umm, the swipe is needed for it to read. But as an active sensor, if your finger is resting on it, it will be interacting with it. Really bad design.

      If you have to adjust your grip to place your thumb on the home button, you might want to consider surgery. Most of us have evolved to have opposable thumbs.

      For a gun, you hold it without your finger on the trigger. That’s why there’s a trigger and a trigger guard. The intent is to prevent accidental discharge from accidental interaction with the trigger. Placing the trigger when your finger would be simply by grasping it would be a really bad design. Please don’t ever design a gun. or a phone.

    • FlamesFan89

      No, YOU please don’t ever design, or hold a gun for that matter. Who said that you have to have your finger RESTING DIRECTLY on either the scanner or the gun trigger?

      My finger, when I hold my phone, is near the top centre of the phone, but I don’t have it resting on the camera lens which is in the centre of the phone near the top, but if I wanted to put it there, it would be effortless. When I hold a gun my finger is not resting on the trigger, but because of where the trigger is located relative to the handle, it is effortless to place my finger on the trigger.

      If you can’t understand that a finger can be close to something without being directly on it, much like your thumb doesn’t rest directly on the home button at all times, then I think you need to head back to kindergarten or something, I don’t even know where would be appropriate for you to begin, because you have some serious learning to do.

    • It’s Me

      “Who said that you have to have your finger RESTING DIRECTLY on either the scanner or the gun trigger?”

      Who said it?

      “First off, the fact that the scanner is right where your finger would be is not bad design, it is good design. It isn’t a touch scanner like Apple’s, it is a swipe. Again, I don’t know how you hold your phone, but I certainly am not actively swiping my finger on the back of the phone as I hold it, but if I needed to, I would want the location of the thing I needed to swipe to be right where my finger is, not in a spot where I had to adjust how I was holding the device.”

      “right where your finger is”

      Someone said it. I guess that didn’t mean it.

    • FlamesFan89

      “right where my finger is” is a relative phrase, and if you are going to knit-pick like that, then you need some help. Get a grip, or a clue, or something other than the nonsensical line of reasoning you are currently going with.

    • It’s Me

      There is nothing relative about that claim. It is specific.

    • FlamesFan89

      No, it is relative. I can say that the wheel on my mouse is right where my finger is, and be correct. It doesn’t mean that my finger is at all times resting directly on the mouse wheel, but it is right where my fingers are.

      My second monitor is right where my laptop is, but it isn’t sitting directly on top of my laptop, but it isn’t at the other end of my desk either. The fork and knife sit right where the rest of the place setting is, but it doesn’t mean that the plate, the cup, spoon, fork and knife are all stacked on top of each other…

      Need I go on?

    • It’s Me

      The wheel on your mouse it not right where your finger normally is. It is beside your left mouse button, which is where your finger normally is.Your monitor is right beside where your laptop is. Your mouse sits right where your mouse pad is. Your knife and fork are indeed, specifically, right where the rest of the place setting is.

      If you said, “I place my cup right where my plate sits” then you would mean you place your cup on your plate.

    • FlamesFan89

      Holy Hell, FINE…

      The scanner on the Atrix is located in direct vicinity to where my finger rests on my phone when I am holding it naturally. Therefore, its placement is a good one as the movement required by my finger to swipe it is EXTREMELY MINIMAL.

      Wow, you won a semantics battle. Four internets to you today sir.

    • It’s Me

      It’s not a matter of picking apart the sematics.

      You made a very specific claim, in order to counter the idea of the home button being more convenient because it allows natural and easy movement of the thumb to the position, by claiming that putting it where the Atrix had it was even better because it required no movement because your finger was already right there.

      Now you want to change it and say you meant it was in close proximity. But then that means your argument of it being a better location because it required no movement was just wrong because now you are saying it also means having to move to the right spot.

      It isn’t what you said and it isn’t what you meant. Holding you to what you said isn’t a matter of semantics, it’s a matter of honesty and integrity.

    • FlamesFan89

      No, you are making a mountain out of a mole hill.

      Consider the effort required to move your finger a few millimetres. That is what you are getting all ornery about. Clearly with a swipe scanner versus a capacitive button you have to make a movement with your finger no matter what. What I was saying, which you seem incapable of understanding, is that your finger would be “right there” anyway. In other words, you wouldn’t have to change your grip on the phone. In other words, you wouldn’t have to get a full night’s sleep followed by a large carb-rich meal to have the energy required to make that movement. In other words, you wouldn’t have to tap into the power and magic contained in Mjölnir in order to get your finger over the button and swipe. No… your finger would be BASICALLY RIGHT THERE!

      tldr; get a grip, you sound pathetic

    • FlamesFan89

      Here are some questions for you, when you use a mouse with a wheel, would you consider the wheel to be placed in an appropriate position? Is it logically and ergonomically placed? Why is that?

      I’m guessing your answers are yes, yes, and because it is in the direct vicinity of your index finger. So is that a good design? or a bad one?

      The point here is the one I was trying to make all along, that you tried to imply that the placement on the Atrix of the fingerprint scanner was some completely ridiculous one that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, when in fact, for the way that a very large number of people hold their phone, it is a completely logical place for it to be.

      But you are correct, I did say that my finger would be “right there”. Wow, aren’t you special. Four additional internets for you. The first four were clearly not enough.

    • It’s Me

      It was such a logical and useful place that no one used it and Motorola killed it?

      Ok buddy.

      At least Motorola and Samsung were able to recognize poor design. It’s unfortunate their pitbulls haven’t received that memo yet.

    • FlamesFan89

      It was poorly implemented yes, but based on placement is only speculation on your part. Please show me the testimonials from Atrix owners who feel it was terrible placement.

      What was poor was that it didn’t work reliably. That has nothing to do with the position of it, and everything to do with the hardware they used and the software that surrounded it.

      But hey, some guy on the internet said that it was poorly placed, so that must be it. Ok Buddy. 😉

      I’m not sure why you think I am some pitbull. I’m simply correcting your errors. It’s actually quite easy.

    • It’s Me

      …And yet here we are with Samsung using technology that is more similar to the Atrix than to the 5S, and what are they changing in hopes of it being a success?


      You’re not correcting any errors. You are wallowing in them.

    • FlamesFan89

      Just as a bit of an experiment, I went over to CNET to check the user reviews on the Atrix. I scanned through the first 40 or so, and there were a couple people who bashed the fingerprint scanner. Their complaint was just as I have been saying. It wasn’t reliable, and in fact, the part started to “peel” (as it was described).

      Placement didn’t seem to be an issue as you would have everyone believe. In fact, most reviews I saw that mentioned the scanner at all praised it.

      You seem to think that Apple did something that was world changing, they brought peace to the middle east or something, or solved world hunger, by moving the placement of something on the phone. This isn’t a game changer here, we are talking about using your thumb or your finger to unlock the phone.

      Simply put… GET A GRIP!

    • It’s Me

      Ahh. It’s clear now. I see why Samsung and Motorola have both decided to continue with the tradition begun with the Atrix. Makes perfect sense now that you explain it with such indisputable logic.

    • FlamesFan89

      Here’s a thought, the scanner wouldn’t fit on the side of the Samsung phones where their power button is, and they wish to maintain continuity with their design style, as seen throughout their entire lineup of phones. So, instead of moving their power button, they kept it the same, and instead put the scanner on another button that they have on their phones, which has the real estate to contain the scanner.

      Nah, you are right, the more logical answer is that they looked at the Atrix, and decided that it was the most ridiculous thing they had ever seen, and as such, they must ensure that they do nothing like the Atrix. Atrix Bad! Very Bad Atrix.

      Or, ya know, they just used their usual button layout…

    • It’s Me

      You’re really having to dig and stretch to try to make sense of the situation,aren’t you? Instead if going to the most obvious and logical route, you’re having to delve into fantasy land again.

      I could swear I had the same conversation with some other door knockers the other day that were telling me why I was going to hell. They also had to perform some logical gymnastics to make sense of their bizarre world view.

    • FlamesFan89

      So, after searching through over 100 user reviews of the Atrix, you know what I found? Not one single solitary complaint about the positioning of the fingerprint scanner. Not one. A number of people complaining that it wasn’t working, or that it broke, and that sort of thing, but no one, not one person complained that it was placed in a position that made it difficult to use.


      Your point here has been that placement matters, that it was critical to the success. I’m saying that sounds like you drank too much of the Steve Jobs Kool-Aid made from the blended up remains of his turtle necks, and choose to ignore indisputable fact.

      Fact, Motorola was first to put a fingerprint scanner on a phone
      Fact, it was located on a button on the phone which served another function as well
      Fact, it used shoddy hardware and software and as a result didn’t take off
      Fact, Apple spent the time, money, and care to ensure that they used quality parts, and implemented the EXACT SAME CONCEPT much much better, and as a result it was met with far greater success.
      Fact, based on Motorola’s lead, and the success found by competitor Apple, possibly Samsung, and possibly HTC (remember these are rumours) have decided to also include fingerprint scanners.
      Fact, saying fact at the beginning of a sentence makes me sound like Dwight from the Office.
      Fact, It’s Me thinks button placement is kind of a big deal. People know it. It’s very important. It has many leather-bound books.

    • It’s Me

      Preach it brother! Amen and hallelujah!

    • FlamesFan89

      Classic ad hom.

      Stop right there, I’ve made up my mind, do not confuse me with facts…

      Come on It’s Me, you give up too easily.

    • It’s Me

      ” I think you need to head back to kindergarten or something”

      ” I’m saying that sounds like you drank too much of the Steve Jobs Kool-Aid made from the blended up remains of his turtle necks”

      Pointing out your striking resemblance to a door knocker was no more and no less of an ad hom than your posts, brother.

    • FlamesFan89

      Whoa, you’re my brother?


    • It’s Me

      Aren’t we all brothers in the faith?

    • FlamesFan89

      Science requires no faith…

      … brother?

    • It’s Me

      So you are against science now too?

      and i call you brother, because I figured that’s what all you door knockers go by. I know the ones that come by my place are always “brother this, sister that”. I wanted you to feel comfortable.

    • FlamesFan89

      Ok, I’m pretty sure you have gone completely off the deep end. I am NOT against science, I’m for it, and you stopped making any sorry of sense a number of posts ago.

      I was stating that science requires no faith. Then, I said “brother” as a question, in the sense that I have no idea how to refer to you as you seem to think I’m your brother.

      In summary, put down the pipe, you’ve had enough

    • It’s Me

      I realized who you remind me of. That “church” from Westboro.

      You’re scientific like them. And just as devoted.

    • FlamesFan89

      Um, that last post about the Westboro a$$hats goes too far. I’m all for joking around and a good ribbing and all, but now you are delving into the realm of needing to have your post reported.

    • It’s Me

      What? It’s all fun and games until it hits a nerve?

      Religious nutjobs are religious nutjobs.

      It’s funny, you make your Jim Jones comments (a religious nut that actually murdered people) but start whining when I mention your Westboro similarities.

      Hypocrite much?

    • FlamesFan89

      You are like that one kid in high school that thinks he’s funny but no one can stand being around, and he keeps saying the same joke over and over, and it was never funny, but he loves it and everyone just rolls their eyes and walks away

    • It’s Me

      Next you’re going to start with the band camp stories?

    • FlamesFan89

      I’m going to watch some Sons of Anarchy, have fun winning yourself some internets so you can feel better about yourself and your lame jokes


    • FlamesFan89

      Who in the Hell is Jim Jones and when did I ever mention him? You need help because you’ve really list touch with reality.

    • It’s Me

      So you aren’t even familiar with the stuff you post? That’s great. A religious nut and ignorant.
      Here’s a clue: figure out what your koolaid references mean.

      No less a hypocrite and no surprise you were familiar with Westboro though.

    • FlamesFan89

      Wow. That’s sad, that you freely admit that you do not understand what a figure of speech is. I pity you, I truly do.

      It’s also funny that I don’t have a religious bone in my body, yet that is the insult you choose to run with. Talk about not having a clue, you have redefined “missing the mark”.

    • It’s Me

      Dude you don’t even understand the figure nof speech you used. Pity yourself.

      While you may not be religious in the traditional sense, you certainly are when it comes to tech and your evengelism.

    • FlamesFan89

      keep these posts coming. I’m enjoying the hilarity. You are great comic relief at least. 😀

      religion, you keep using that word. I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means. 😉

    • It’s Me

      Given you don’t realize how religious you are, that’s a funny comment.

    • FlamesFan89

      Out of curiosity, can you please specifically point out what facts I have ignored, what history you think I have rewritten, and what lies I have stated.

      You have speculated as to the reasoning for Motorola killing the fingerprint scanner, and you maintained your OPINION that placement off the scanner is of the utmost importance.

      I have speculated different reasoning for Motorola killing the scanner, AND BACKED IT UP, and maintained my opinion that placement is not of the utmost importance, that instead the quality of the feature is far more important.

      Where in all that have I demonstrated any sort of “faith”? Was it where I used evidence to back up my position, was that what dun it fer ya?

    • It’s Me

      You didn’t back up anything. You threw out some strawman arguments, accused me and others of making claims that no one made so you could argue against them. You dismiss certain facts you find inconvenient and repeat others that aren’t relevant. It’s textbook door to door proselytizing.

      Every missionary has their own [distortion of] facts. It’s apologetics.

    • FlamesFan89

      Oh and, what does presenting facts have to do with being a door knocker?

      yeah… that’s what I thought. 😉

    • It’s Me

      your facts are fine, such as they are. Your twisting, back tracking and obsessive need to rewrite history are what make you come off as a religious nutjob.

      There are enough religious whackos around. Why do you have to try so hard to be one with technology?

    • FlamesFan89

      If you want to call accepting that I misspoke with the comment on “right there” when I meant “essentially right there” backtracking, then that’s your prerogative, but it is your need to ignore the Atrix which is an attempt to rewrite history, not mine.

    • It’s Me

      See, there you go again…when did I ever ignore the Atrix? I’ve aid they had a scanner before Apple.

      Brother, if you have to make things up to spread your faith you might need to rethink your religious zealotry.

      You and those other Westboro types scare the crap out of me.

    • FlamesFan89

      Futhermore, I pointed this out on another article, the idea that the concept of using existing tech X is limited to the first to market and all others should avoid it, else they be shamed, is ridiculous.

      If that were truly the case, please be aware that the iPhone would be barred from having:

      -pull down notifications
      -turn by turn navigation
      -Wireless syncing
      -the ability to open apps from the lock screen
      -customizable backgrounds
      -Over the Air updates
      -An LED flash for the camera

      Yeah, so, how about we give up the whole “Apple did it so everyone else is copying and therefore they are horrible” line of reasoning, as it is garbage.

      Just because Apple did something, doesn’t mean that no one else can, especially when they are clearly doing it DIFFERENTLY as is the case here. The one and only thing that Samsung is doing the same as Apple here is the PLACEMENT of the fingerprint scanner. Everything else is far more a copy of the Atrix than the iPhone.

    • It’s Me

      First of all, multitasking? Really? It’s f#cking BSD under the hood, so please don’t say it never had multitasking. I know you are probably referring to supporting background userland processes, but please don’t confuse that with multitasking.

      And, at least for me, I’ve never claimed no one else should implement similar features. I’m simply pointing out the level of ignorance it takes to claim it wasn’t different and/or innovative or to claim that Samsung isn’t clearly taking their cues from Apple.

      Aside from the front facing camera or other hardware, almost everything in your list existed before Apple implemented it, through various jailbreak apps. I can’t think of any that came over directly from Android or rather that didn’t exist in JB apps prior. They might exist, I’m not claiming otherwise, I just can’t think of them.

    • FlamesFan89

      The ONLY cue they are taking from Apple is the placement, every single other aspect of this implementation is FAR closer in resemblance to the Atrix than the iPhone. So Apple gets credit for the placement. WOW. That’s just earth shattering.

      And no, your aren’t claiming they can’t implement similar features, but you sure as hell look down on them for doing it.

      Also, are you seriously trying to somehow give Apple and the iPhone credit for things that existed in JB? Do you not think that many of the features that showed up in JB did so because they existed in Android first, and iPhone and JB community wanted them too? Seriously? You are grasping at some pretty short straws here now.

    • It’s Me

      In this case, placement is a pretty important detail. This should be obvious now that other’s are considering the same change. Like I said, you might not see that as an innovative improvement, but obviously Samsung does.

      And no, not trying to give Apple any credit for JB enhancements. Just pointing to the lineage before the fantards start trying to claim they all originated on Android.

    • FlamesFan89

      Yeah, the lineage is not JB > Apple. It is Android > JB > Apple.

    • It’s Me

      See, I meant to head off that sort of fantard nonsense. Guess it didn’t help.

    • FlamesFan89

      Slap any ad hominem on it you want, it only weakens your position, and doesn’t change facts.

    • FlamesFan89

      I’d also like to correct you on an error you keep making as well. I’ve seen you say before, and you have said it again here, that Apple innovated by embedding the scanner onto a physical control that is already used. Yeah, that button that the scanner was on on the Atrix, yeah, that was the power button, i.e. the button you use to wake the phone. So, you can’t exactly give any credit to Apple on that one either. Sorry about your luck.

    • It’s Me

      You realize the power button is where it is in order to avoid accidental pressing right? It is intentionally placed out of the way. And that the home button is where it is because it is the most natural placement for repetitive interactions.

      You’ll note I said “And Apple embedded it onto a physical control that is already used at exactly the time you would otherwise have your most used digit” which is entirely different than simply putting it on any random, awkward control.

      You must be a Motorola hardware designer.

    • FlamesFan89

      You must hold your phone weird.

    • It’s Me

      You mentioned you hold your phone with your index finger always at the top of your phone. if so, then yeah, I guess I hold my phone weird because that would be uncomfortable for me. When I grip something, it’s usually by wrapping my hand around it.

      But then, I have opposable thumbs.

    • FlamesFan89

      My middle, ring and pinky fingers are on one side of the phone, my opposable thumb is on the other side of the phone, and my index finger is resting on the back of the phone, near the top. You know, sort of like this:


      But if you want to put some sort of kung-fu grip on your phone, by all means, it’s your phone…

    • FlamesFan89

      I don’t think you know what an Atrix looks like.

    • FlamesFan89

      (great idea to use (dot) btw)

      Yeah, Disqus doesn’t play well with links unfortunately.

    • FlamesFan89

      I think the thing about all this is that Motorola was the innovator here, if you want to hand out that label to someone for using existing technology and putting it on a phone.

      Their implementation wasn’t great, but it wasn’t due to it being a bad idea, or bad placement. It is more to do with using hardware that wasn’t high enough quality, and perhaps software that wasn’t up to snuff, but they were first to do it, and so they get the credit for that. You CAN’T take that away simply because you like someone else’s implementation better.

      Apple on the other hand, get’s credit for being the “improver” of the idea. They used a different existing technology, and they changed the location. They definitely used higher quality hardware, and made sure the software end of it worked like a charm. There is credit to be given, as they implemented it very well, but it wasn’t innovation, it wasn’t the first one on the market, it was just a slightly altered, and decidedly better implementation of the same thing.

    • It’s Me

      I can buy that and I haven’t disagreed with any of that in general.

      But, with technology, most innovation is in terms of how one improves, both the technology and the implementation. Seems like sour grapes to try to deny that when it is Apple and only when it is Apple.

    • FlamesFan89

      I think it is a matter of semantics, and how much weight is given to the word innovation. To me, and this is just me, and that by no means makes it the only opinion on the word, innovation means much more than just improving on the work of others as the touch ID improved on the Atrix. To me, something like going to a full screen touch screen phone with no physical keyboard, when no one had done that, that was innovative. Motorola making the Moto X so that you almost don’t even have to touch it to use it, ever, that’s innovative. But moving the placement of buttons, or doing the same thing as someone else, but just doing it better, I don’t see that as innovative. Credit is due, and it is great to see improvement, but I just don’t consider it innovative, and I still think the credit, for what it is worth (which isn’t much in the case of just using existing tech like a fingerprint scanner) should be given to the ones who did it first, not best.

      If you want to come on here and read the article above and say that sounds like crap, and no where near as good as Touch ID, by all means, be my guest, and I agree wholeheartedly, but there are now multiple phones on the market with fingerprint scanners, and this will just be another. It isn’t copying a specific one, it is just going with the trend, and in that regard, WHO CARES. Apple follows trends, so does Samsung, so does HTC, so does everyone. It isn’t rocket science.

    • hyperhyper

      I have to say that I’ve enjoyed the back and forth from the two of you. That being said, I just want to add that I think I know why they two of you are back and forth over this whole “finger on the back of the phone”. The iPhone is still pretty narrow in comparison to the wider and larger screens found on the Android phones. As a result, your fingers wrap around the phone naturally so it doesn’t make sense for you to have the sensor on the back.

      I bought the G2 back in fall and I absolutely love the phone. Since it does have a 5.2″ screen, is has wider-than-iPhone dimensions and thus, my index finger sits right in the middle on the back of the phone. Which I think is awesome because that is where I control the power on/off and volume controls. Also helps that if you press the button while in your camera, it takes a picture. Great for selfies if you are into that sort of thing.

      Anyways, all that to say that both your ideas are good but they are dependent on the dimensions of the phone. I didn’t own the Atrix but since it was about 3 (or 4?) years ago, I suspect it was probably the size of the current iPhone which wasn’t great for the location of the fingerprint sensor.

      That being said, I think the back of the phone would be great for me now (especially with the G2) because my thumb is never down at the bottom of the phone due to the dimensions of it. Once the iPhone gets a bit bigger (and wider), I think Apple might rethink the locations of some of buttons.

    • FlamesFan89

      Well said. Hear hear, or is it here here?

    • Aaron W

      You guys are both truly pathetic to have spent that much time arguing……. Jesus H Christ

    • It’s Me

      Yeah, and they all worked so well that everyone jumped on board and we all were using them. Oh wait, that never happened because they were so poorly implemented that not only did no one else do it, even Moto decided it was $hit and dropped the “feature”.

      Talk about fanboi. You guys try so hard to rewrite history.

    • Samuel Gomez Recuero

      I believe that SuperD was referring to Canadianman23 comment of Samsung not innovating just to say that apple didn’t innovate either they just took existing technology and idea and make it work well.

      Innovation is about creating something new out of an idea, so neither of them (Samsung or apple) are innovating.

      Only time will tell if the fingerprint reader is something that will take off this time around for anyone.

    • It’s Me

      Innovation is usually about making something better.

      Funny that properly implementing it seems so obvious now, yet until Apple all we saw were jokes.

    • cs098

      Honestly, I’d just wait for the release and see what is actually brought to the table.

      I mean why are we putting stock on this rumor and seemingly discounting the other two rumors (i.e the fingerprint scanner on the display or the retina scanner). That sounds like a case of ifans believing what they want to believe.

      While admittedly the retina is probably not practical. , if samsung goes for the scanner in the display, it will be as big of a jump as optical (atrix) to capacitive (iphone 5s).

      So we can’t be sure samsung is copying before the device is even out yet. And even if this rumor is true if the tech is an improvement to the capacitive tech on the 5s, it still won’t be a copy.

    • realitycheck

      the article already states that the sensor will be in the physical home button not the screen itself which i agree would be a huge leap.

    • cs098

      This article stated that, but otter articles stated the display and retina ones.

      The thing is this is just a rumor, we have no idea what samsung is actually going for.

    • SuperDSpamalot

      I’m not rewriting anything. I’m pointing out the error in the statement. Apple didn’t invent the fingerprint reader and they aren’t the first to put it on a phone. I’m not saying that’s bad either, there is nothing wrong with people reusing technology, that’s how things have always been done. Ignoring proper sources, regardless of how well you think they work, is just ignorant however.

    • It’s Me

      And if it was implemented in a manner at all similar to the Atrix, you would have a point. Clearly the rumoured implementation is mostly influenced by the 5S. To even try to deny that shows a distinct disconnect from reality and an obsessive need to rewrite history.

      No one claimed apple invented the finger print scanner. Unfortunately, that is a strawman and a really poor and obvious one. That’s not ignorant, just dishonest.

    • FlamesFan89

      It IS IS IS IS IS being implemented in a manner similar to the Atrix. Why on earth can’t you see that? The ONLY thing it has in common with the iPhone is the placement.

      It is a swipe scanner, and is clearly mostly influenced by the Atrix. To even try to deny that shows a distinct disconnect from reality and an obsessive need to rewrite history.

    • realitycheck

      thats a real stretch. Just because the atrix had it first does not mean they inspired all subsequent phones that come out with finger print scanners until the end of time.

      The finger print scanner on the atrix was implemented so badly even motorola didnt care to carry over the feature to their feature phones after that…

    • FlamesFan89

      I said this elsewhere, but the bad implementation wasn’t due to it being a bad idea, it was due to them using low quality hardware, and the software wasn’t up to snuff, so it didn’t work well, and never caught on. Apple took the idea, ran with it, put more money (i.e. better hardware and tighter software) behind it, and made it work really really well, and so it was a success, but you can’t take away from Motorola that they did it first. You can’t just erase that from the history books.

      No, they aren’t inspiring all subsequent phones, but neither is the iPhone with touch ID. The trend was started, and now all others are just getting on board. Touch ID is an influence, but so is the Atrix, so are laptops..

    • realitycheck

      so much assumptions here its mind blowing.

    • alphs22

      Let it go man. To some people here Apple is the worst at every conceivable thing and no amount of facts will convince them otherwise. They just have no capacity of rational thought.

      FlamesFan happens to be one of them.

    • FlamesFan89

      Nope, credit to Apple for making good products. just not a fan of undue credit. does that sound reasonable?

      To some people here Apple is the best at every conceivable thing and no amount of facts will convince them otherwise. They just have no capacity of rational thought. 😉

    • alphs22

      Undue credit for what exactly? No one is claiming they were the first to implement fingerprint readers on phones.

      The initial post was talking about how Samsung continues to copy Apple, which really is pretty obvious to anyone with half a brain. Let’s look at the timeline of fingerprint readers on phones:

      Jan 2011: Atrix 4G announced with fingerprint reader at the back of the phone. Did the industry follow?

      Nope. No new phones with fingerprint scanners in the next 2.5+ years. 2-3 whole phone cycles later…

      Sep 2013: Apple announces iPhone 5S with fingerprint reader built into front home button.

      Few months later….

      Feb 2014: Samsung’s next phone revealed to have fingerpint reader built into the front home button.

      So was it the Atrix 4G pushing Samsung to do this, or the iPhone 5s?

      Don’t think too hard.

    • d a

      This is why their Apple fanboys are widely viewed as a cult. Not all of their customers, but the fanboys are nuts. I’m a tech fanboy and have bought several Apple products but I don’t buy into their us against them bull. So when something better comes along I dump what I see as inferior, like the iphone 5. I’m always open to the Iphone 6 if Apple decides I’m grown up enough to do whatever I want with my phone or at least as grown up as Google currently thinks. That said, google is getting worse in this regard and so is Samsung with their bloatware.
      The fingerprint scanner is old news. The Fingerprint scanner on the home button might have been done by Apple first but who cares? This is innovation? If they were the first to have a white smart phone, is that brilliant to fanboys?
      And if someone decides to put the scanner on the side of the phone, GOOD, as a consumer I couldn’t give a flying F. None of them are “my team” and I’m alway open to considering any of them. Get over it.

    • Thom

      The iPhone is the first smartphone that has a implemented the fingerprint scanner in a way that makes it practical. The Atrix’s fingerprint scanner was garbage and the one included on the One Max is knows to be very unpractical because you need the swipe your finger on the back of the phone and it doesn’t work half the time. Let’s be honest when we see a good implementation on a product and when it’s not. The fact that you’ll have to not only swipe your finger slowly but also have completely dry hands will make this one very impractical as the iPhone’s one requires a second and works when your hands are moist.

    • FlamesFan89

      Here’s the thing though, the Atrix’s implementation was not terrible due to it being a bad idea, or the placement being bad, they simply didn’t use high enough quality hardware, or necessarily make the right choice in the technology they used from the existing available options.

      Apple used a different existing tech, and placed it different, AND they used better quality hardware, and so it was a much better success, but it doesn’t mean they were the innovators, they were the “improvers”.

    • Thom

      I never said they innovated, I simply stated that their implementation works better than any we have seen on a smartphone to date.

    • FlamesFan89

      Fair enough.

    • Canadianman23

      Calling me an Apple fanboy? Nice try but if anything it is the opposite, I am an Android pusher. I just hate Samsung. I just turfed mine thanks to their screen burn in issue with their screens and the fact even though ive had it a few months, they said it was a common issue and it was MY fault for not doing some research before buying the device.

    • d a

      I don’t see this as anything innovative by Apple but rather a natural progression of the fingerprint scanner. Apple simply improved on what Atrix did before them. It can’t be ignored by the way that one my notebooks from 06 has had a fingerprint scanner. I don’t know who was the first to put it on the notebook but it works great. I wasn’t surprised to see it on the Atrix and it seemed an obvious location improvement when apple did theirs but to suggest that this was some sort of Apple invention just tells me that some people are living in a bit of a vacuum. I have to admit, from what I’ve seen on youtube, I’m surprised at how well the Iphone scanner works.

    • Aaron W

      Does Apple (or anyone) actually innovate anymore? Like at all? All they do is take their old products, slap some new bells and whistles on, give it a polish and throw it out the door… Lather Rinse Repeat. Lather Rinse Repeat, Lather Rinse Repeat…

    • Canadianman23

      I do think sometimes, rarely, but sometimes genuine innovation does take place. Putting a finger print reader in the home button was a new idea, that others will now copy. The question is do you believe Samsung would be coming out with the same thing on their phones if Apple had not done it first?

    • Aaron W

      (Disclaimer, I like apple products, but hate the company)
      You know what, No, I’m not even going to try and argue that. Samsung would NOT have done it at this time if Apple didn’t do it first, BUT 🙂
      Putting it on a phone in the first place wasn’t an Apple idea, they just picked a new place for it. Not really groundbreaking.
      Nor was the idea for the Drop Down Notification bar that’s oh so important in iOS 😛
      Apple steals (“innovates”) all the time too, they just have a legal dream team to defend them (God I wish I had their lawyers)

    • Canadianman23

      You are 100% correct. Apple does steal a lot of ideas from Android. And while I love Android I always wonder why everything has to be so boring. I know its a silly thing to want but if you look at iOS and Android notifications screen and the “command center” menus, Apple went out of their way to make it look nice. Make it look appealing. Android went for function. Apple went for style I guess. They will always take the best ideas each other comes up with, but when it comes to Samsung it seems more to be about just waiting to see what Apple will do and follow them. My issue is with Samsung and not with Android. Also dont forget Android has borrowed things from iOS, I am glad they both take the best ideas from each other, forces them to think up new ideas to steal lol

  • 4u2nvinmtl

    Why would anyone want something that scans your prints? I guess they could make an app to find out if you or your friends have a warrent when you scan you print. Asside fromt that i feel that its a total waste of time and money…

    • Thom

      Well most people for one don’t have warrants to hide … That’s a big target market right there

    • 4u2nvinmtl

      Hence my sarcasm. It might be usful for the cops but not so much for the rest of us. Unless of course you want to hand your fingure prints over to the NSA/public.

  • Mayoo

    Oh it’s you, still using a physical home button. No no, I’m not saying this is old since Nexus S …

  • Thom

    If the description of the sensor is true (e.g. flow swiping and dry hands) it’ll be a failure on Samsung’s part. The only way to implement it successfully is the way Apple did it and not how previous and current Android devices do it. Remember the hype with face unlock ? Garbage feature which no one uses today.

  • Ricky Bonnell

    I’m probably one of the biggest Samsung fans you’ll meet but this does seem like playing catch up rather than surpassing (Only regarding the fingerprint sensor). I was kind of hoping to see a bio-metric scanner implemented into the digitizer/assembly /screen setup to use it wherever. This would enable Sammy to keep the home screen but reduce the lower bezel more. Any people out there with more experience with bio-metrics know if there is a huge problem incorporating it into the touchscreen?

  • sgn

    Oh no, I can’t think of anything to rip on Apple for in this article. Help me out guys

  • zach

    Ok Samsung Stop copying apple it a wast of a awesome Mobile OS , i personally dislike apple products do to there lack of use, and useless features. like a button or a finger print scanner. already compared to my nexus 5 the s4 suck it slow to use and task management take forever do to a button and like a fingerprint scanner is going to make that any better by the looks of it ”

    requires the user to completely swipe their finger over the home button “at a moderate speed. If they are moving to fast or slow the user will be met with an error message.”

    Samsung is destroying Android and it potential, they could to soooo much more but they deside play in charted waters

  • FlamesFan89

    Sure yeah, let’s go with that… Dude.

    • It’s Me

      Would I have reason to go with anything else, brother?

    • FlamesFan89

      Oh, I don’t know, you could perhaps actually try to read my posts and understand them, but, well, seeing as how you don’t know what a figure of speech is, I’m guessing it’s all over your head.

      Peace out, I’m getting bored toying with you. Reply all you want, win all the internets. And may the schwartz be with you!

    • It’s Me

      A figure of speech that you use but don’t even understand? Seems common with you. Ironic that you then wet your pants when a similar comment is made towards you or that you, of all people, think someone else doesn’t understand something.

      I’ll leave you with this: remember, you might have been born d-umb, you can’t help that. But being st-upid is your choice. Maybe it’s time for you to make a different choice.

      Keep the faith and well done with your missionary work. I am sure your reward is waiting for you. Brother.