Bell changes up a few monthly rate plans


  • DL1119

    $70 for 500mb of data? bell you can suck my bells!

    • silver_arrow

      I think you mean oligobble their balls.

    • Balls O’Steele

      What a joke. Just get $40 5gb data plan with Fongo.

    • Thrasher

      Or the 5GB 30-day tablet pass for $35.

    • Balls O’Steele

      I don’t think bell offers that 30 day pass anymore

    • Thrasher

      Sure they do. It’s on their website.

    • Balls O’Steele

      Can’t find it. Link please.

    • Thrasher

      I can’t post a link here, but just google “bell tablet plan” , go to the first link and click on the “30-day pass” tab…

    • ArberBeq

      yeah what the hell the $50 plan includes 1gb data & unlimited minutes and the other plans include only 500mb.

    • Max Fireman

      I say we riot like Kiev

    • Plazmic Flame

      Translation: If you’re thinking of getting one of these plans, STOP!

    • d a

      This, lady’s and gentlemen is why we need more serious competition. Their prices are totally fearless.

  • Accophox

    How does anybody get through a month with 500MB of data these days…? What a rip-off. 😡

    And by anybody, I mean anybody that does a reasonable amount of phone use… it’s like 1 Youtube clip per day, and you’re already most likely over.

    • Thrasher

      I know. My wife is a very light data user and she goes through 600-700 MB of data monthly. Luckily she is on the $20/1GB tablet plan from Bell and just uses fongo to call and FB to message.

  • MXH070

    Ahahahahahaha…… I’m a bell customer I have 6gig plan for 50 bucks and 1000 national calling mins.

    These new plans are a Complete JOKE!.

    • thisiscjay

      Anybody else find it amusing that the image header is of an iPhone and nothing to do with Bell? Lol

    • kilowiko

      Nope, just you. That’s what happens when you’re a bb fanboi.

    • thisiscjay

      Spoken in true troll type fashion. Why don’t you do us all a favor and go play on the freeway

    • Columbo

      No it makes sense, if you’re careless with your money enough to sign up for one of these ridiculously costed plans you’ve probably also got an iPhone.

    • Mike

      It makes sense, the iPhone is on bell’s network. Who cares, anyway?

  • Matt

    It has nothing to do with Holidays being over. Big 3 are increasing their prices now cause they’re no longer scared by 700mhz auction cause Wind Mobile declared their pulling out of the auction. And prices started increasing right after the Wind mobile news. A big coincidence is it not.

    • Plazmic Flame

      Actually… the prices increased as soon as 2 year contracts were enforced. So, the justification is that, because they are losing a year of ravaging us, they are increasing the monthly prices. So much for “treat a customer right and keep them forever”, these prices are insane. They’ve basically doubled the monthly rates. Nuts.

    • Plazmic Flame

      Actually… the prices increased as soon as 2 year contracts were enforced. So, the justification is that, because they are losing a year of ravaging us, they are increasing the monthly prices. So much for “treat a customer right and keep them forever”, these prices are insane. They’ve basically doubled the monthly rates. Nuts.

    • Smartphone_Expert

      Yes I agree, they increased prices months ago, but big 3 are increasing prices a second time and taking away data limits to make them smaller now, because lets face it, once Wind Declared they no longer in the 700Mhz auction race, there’s no more competition and Big 3 can now relax and just gouge the customers more and more cause now there’s nothing to stop them. Lets face it. Wind Mobile will only be around for several more months to a year or two. But eventually Wind will be bought out as soon as the Spectrum hold rules by Government runs out. And wammo competition is completely killed off. Just rememeber Big 3 have huge huge deep pockets. And wouldn’t surprise me if Industry Minister is being paid under the table to look the other way and to make sure competition is never aloud into Canada. And I’d make a bet that Big 3 probably gave Verizon a huge payment to stay out.
      Just remember Government is Run by the Corporations not the average Citizens. Its the Corporations that paid for The Politicians Election and Politicians do favors for their Sponsors first.

    • ScooterinAB

      You guys really need to take the tin foil off your heads. These price changes have nothing to do with Wind, Verizon, or Industry Canada. No bribes have been handed out, no bullying has been done. There is no fear that the big bad Wind was going to steal their spectrum or business, nor has any action been taken as a result of the company continuing to fail. Wind is failing because they have an unsustainable business model. Bell (and others) are succeeding because they actually have revenue. Simple as that.

      I would like to highlight that the Voice and Data Plus plan went down in price. Not up. Down. As in cheaper or less expensive. Meaning less money needs to be paid. In other words, not a price increase. Are you still with me?

      Yes, two of the cheaper but seldom used plans went up in price. But they are seldom used. The most important part is the entry plan for smartphones went down, not up.

      As an aside, the vast majority of Canadians actually use less that 500 MB per month. Far less. Very few people actually use more than that, since they are using WiFi and mobile data responsibly. 500 MB is low for the market, but still more than enough for probably 80% of Canadians.

  • silver_arrow

    Surprised we didn’t see a “due to competition…” line in there, was sure that Bell would use that as their reasoning to raise their prices to match Telus.

  • Thomas Milne

    How can you share 500MB of data?

    • Max Fireman

      Easy, Twitter, Facebook and oh sh!t, you’re over limit lol

    • KrispyInTO

      3 emails for you 30 seconds of youtube for me.

    • Columbo

      You can’t. It’s a perfect way to get you to pay huge overages.

    • Mike

      The worst is that it’s $50 per gig of overage!!!!! WHAT THE ACTUAL EFF IS THAT?! Even Bell has $10/GB recently. Fu*k, I hate these companies. I wish it was a living entity so I could beat the crap out of it for being an a-hole.

    • iPwn8599

      man thats exactly how I feel right meow

    • Thrasher

      Yes, I wish you cold call in and give someone crap for offering “the fastest LTE network” or whatever slogan with data packages that give you all of 26 seconds of fastest data per month!!! You would never be able to say that to the face of someone influential and the poor CS guy on the phone does not deserve to be treated like that, he probably already knows how crappy their plans are…

  • Matt Krieger

    Yay! at their 150Mbps service speed, they are offering data plans that can be used up in 27 seconds and 55 seconds respectively.

    • ScooterinAB

      You realize that Mbps (speed) is not the same thing as MB (size), right? It’s almost not possible to blow your data limit in 27 seconds, no matter what you are doing.

    • Matt Krieger

      Correct, 150 Mbps = 18.75 MB per second, 500 MB plan / 18.75MB per second is 26.67 Seconds. So yes, download one 600 MB iso file from a fast server and you have a perfect LTE connection and yes you could use it in less than 30 seconds.

      But lets talk real world here. lets say it is %10 that speed, and you have a 6 GB (MASSIVE they say plan), You could still use the whole month plan up in under an hour. (15Mbps = 1.875 MB per sec, (1024MB)*6/1.875MBps / 60 convert to min = 54 min.

    • Thrasher

      Thank goodness for Android built in data limiter that will cut you off when you go over a set amount of data.

      However, I still long for days (hopefully in my lifetime) when we will have unlimited data on the Big 3 networks. Unlimited in terms of no overage charges and the speed would drop to 32-64kbps after you go over. Other countries have had this for years, but I have a feeling why they don’t intent to change the current policies, if people are willing to cough up excess charges…

    • Mike

      I have unlimited now with Fido. They offer unlimited as retention. They add it for 3 months. I got the rep to add it for 2 years by just future dating the add on 8 times. Lol

    • Thrasher

      Unlimited data? How much are you paying per month?
      Even if true, I wasn’t talking about unadvertised, retention plans, I was talking about regular plans available to anyone.

    • Mike

      I agree. I can’t wait for the day there is a publicly available unlimited option. I never go for public plans though, retention stuff is always way better. Fido is really good at retention. I’m paying $70/month before taxes for unlimited calling, data and text. Data is true unlimited too. I used over 60GB once all at LTE speeds. 🙂

  • Surveillance

    I’m about to find out what it’s like to not have a cellphone. Period! I don’t see the value in them anymore to be honest. An iPad with wifi does the trick and I have OnStar in my vehicle and I use 100 min a year on it.

  • bellsuck

    bell always sucks.

    • VinceBabin

      I’ll disagree they have treated me very nicely and well as they play me in the rear as hard and as violently as possible. Like being a prison butch that gets flowers lol

  • Wow

    I don’t see how the $50 plan has 1GB…

  • VinceBabin

    My biggest annoyance is the damned lite vs plus.. I was actually told by a rep that my Note 3 uses different data then the Nexus 5.. I laughed and laughed, the “superphones” eat different giggabites Lol so stupid.

    • ChrisPollard77

      Then I’d have asked for the Nexus 5 plan, and made a bet that if it worked on your Note 3 you get free service with unlimited data for a year. See if they held tight to their incompetence. LOL

    • VinceBabin

      We all know that they can’t possibly put that plan on a device like the Note 3. And somehow if you go buy a Nexus 5 and ask them to switch they of course cannot. This magical super one way restrictive system must have been made for the government… I’ve always loved the lack of an “undo” function.

    • Kotoula

      Wait a minute, so they told you the data plan for the N3 was different aka MOAR $ than for the N5? So basically you have to lie about what device you’re using? New Low.

    • VinceBabin

      No, only on new activations. From what I gather the plus plans are for contracts the lite are for off contract.

    • ScooterinAB

      Agreed. Lite plans are garbage and confusing. Also, that rep was really dumb.

  • Sgtyuro

    This is how it works: Bell gives you a 500$ data credit towards your new phone. Let’s say you want the Note 3 and paid the 299$ in store Bell subsidizes the rest and divides that credit evenly over 24 months. In the 70$ plan above you the device payment fee (which is 20$) for this example. So the actual plan is really only 50$. Now with that being said 500mb isn’t enough and this plan is only good for people who desperatly need the latest phone with the biggest data credit and will only make phone calls and texts.

    • N00bicals

      So if I brought my own phone to them it would be cheaper? When did that happen?

    • GILLY01

      They would give you a 10% discount if your plan as a matter of fact

    • Sgtyuro

      20$ off the Voice and Data Plus plans!

    • ToniCipriani

      But charge you $35 if you do so. “Waived” only if you go on 2 year and take a phone.

    • Thrasher

      Good luck at selling the Note 3 for $799.

  • ChrisPollard77

    I like my current unlimited talk/text/long distance (Canada and US) with 6GB data for $50/month. I haven’t seen a rate plan in the last 12 months that even touches it. (But in the event I ever do, the phones are unlocked, and there are no contracts!)

    • jimin

      which carrier are you with ?

    • TheTruthIsNotOutThere

      I have 3gb data, unlimited nation wide for $60. And I’m definitely not complaining after seeing this. .. With Telus.

    • iPwn8599

      same deal, 60.00, 6GB data, Fab 10, unlimited sms and mms with Bell.. what a joke

  • bellsuck

    Bell sucks no matter how

  • Martini

    No national threat? Better keep raising prices, because of reasons.

  • bembol

    Pricing aside, you get what you pay for.

    My sister who’s with Rogers paying $50 taxes in for her Hospital plan. I pay $61 plus taxes, we both get 200 Minutes, Unlimited Text & 6GB Data.

    I was with Rogers too but poor Customer Service & poor Reliability is the reason why I took my 5 accounts and switched to Bell. Rogers maybe the fastest but if you can’t use it…

    Simply put she needs to turn her Wi-Fi on in her house because Data is unreliable and when she has a party forget making calls while in the basement.

  • Chris

    Hi, I am a Bell employee. Please do not support Bell, Rogers or Telus and do everything you can to support companies that are not greedy. These plans suck.

    • Andy

      you fired! don’t come back to work tmw

    • Tom

      Haha, you remind me of my friend who works at Telus but still carries a personal Wind phone (he has a corporate discount on a Telus plan but uses that number only for work).

  • G.P.

    I don’t see the 50 plan advertised on their website with the promo advertised here

    • G.P.

      called Bell this morning and they said the 50 Promo is for new customers only. That should be noted. Also i was put on hold for more than 20 minutes before they could acknowledge that the plan even existed.

  • Fair for canada

    So this is what they meant by ” fair for Canada “

  • HeyYoWL

    lol.. I saw the heading and the first thing I thought was “prices went up”. Good to know when I read further that I was correct. 😛

  • Thrasher

    Australia (Virgin) – unlimited Virgin calls, pay-per-use national calls, 1.5GB of data – AUD$30

    UK (O2) –unlimited minutes & text, 8GB (!!!) of 4G data – GBP 31

    USA (T-Mobile) – 100 minutes talk, unlimited text, first 5GB at 4G speeds – USD$30

    Germany (Vodafone)– 500 national minutes, unlimited text, 200 MB data – €25

    Austria (A1) – unlimited talk& text, 5GB of LTE data – €54.90

    Canada (Bell) – unlimited talk & text, 500MB of data – CDN$70

    What’s wrong with this picture?

    • Tom

      Australia – everything else (cars, groceries, electronics, etc) makes Canada look dirt cheap. e.g. BMW M3 is 60k US, 71k CAD, and… 160k AUD. Box of strawberries costs double what it costs here last time I visited. Even toothpaste costs 3x there for the same brand and size!

      European Union – 20% VAT and higher income tax. e.g. new Xbox One = $565 w/13% tax, UK = $780 w/tax after converting from GBP. BMW M3 is 90k CAD after 20% tax in UK, not that high by world standards but then Britons get hosed on registration and gas and other taxes.

      US – TMo is great (I have their $3/day prepaid plan) but coverage is still limited and in many places they are still only on EDGE. People outside their 3G coverage go with AT&T – just as bad as Robellus – or Verizon – even worse (people think they’re cheaper but don’t realize there’s a separate $40 fee for the handset access). Even in the places where they do have coverage, the weak AWS indoor penetration is the reason why TMo is only the 4th biggest carrier as lots of people need reliable indoor calling. Plus as a Canadian I can easily take advantage of their consumer good prices, even import a car if I feel like it!

      Yes, I want Canada to have lower phone plan prices. But I would never give up our relatively affordable prices on most other things and move out. Moving to Oz or the EU may chop my cell phone bill by over 50%, but my net purchasing power will take a huge hit regardless. Moving to the US is possible – but I hear a lot of Canadians who moved there did NOT use TMo and are paying through the nose on AT&T and Verizon!

    • Kotoula

      Um, servers make $25/hr in Australia, gas bar workers make $18/hr, these are entry level retail jobs. Wages are higher so if you live and work there, it all works out to be the same. Yes there’s no tipping for servers, but you at least get 25/hr for all hours worked, vs next to nothing in Canada for a slow day at the restaurant. Plus there’s the weather…

    • Tom

      it’s true that oz has better equality than North America does, but for professional jobs, the wage gap narrows (or even gives the short end to Oz). A 100k salary in Sydney or Perth is like a 70k salary in Toronto and that’s with living in the cheaper suburbs in both cases. Now if professionals in Oz made that much more than in Canada it’d even out, yes, but unfortunately that isn’t true (I checked). I live in Ottawa and a similar software job in Oz pays maybe 2-4k more than what I currently make. That gain promptly gets more than offset by my car costing 1.5x there, basic essentials costing way more, etc :/ As for the weather – I’ve been there and there are winters 🙂

      I need to found a country that has the best of everything… North American prices on basic needs + European/Aussie prices on telecoms + the social services we enjoy + a sufficiently diverse economy…

    • accord1999

      It seems unfair to compare a Bell plan from its family of high subsidy smartphone plans with a hodge podge mix of sim-only, prepaid and subsidized plans.

      It’s pretty easy to paint a different picture by selecting an incumbent network for the above countries and then compare the price of the plans that Canadians that complain the most about, the high subsidy, large data smartphone plans:

      Australia (Telstra) – unlimited talk, text and 3GB of data with fully subsidized iPhone 5s A$134 (C$129.62)

      UK (O2) – unlimited talk, text and 5GB of data with fully subsidized iPhone 5s £47 (C$86.46)

      USA (Verizon) – unlimited talk, text and 6GB of data with subsidized iPhone 5s US$120 (C$133.11)

      Germany (Vodafone)– unlimited talk& text, 4GB of data with subsidized iPhone 5s €84.99 (C$129.03)

      Austria (A1) – unlimited talk& text, 5GB of data with subsidized iPhone 5s €54.90 (C$83.34)

      Canada (Bell) – unlimited talk & text, 6GB of data – C$105

      So while Austria and the UK are definitely cheaper, they are also tiny countries with Austria being roughly 2/3rds the size of Southern Ontario and the UK being the size of the Windsor-Quebec City corridor.

      On the other hand, Canadian incumbent pricing is inline with the pricing of the two continental spanning countries, Australia and the USA.

    • Thrasher

      Personally, I couldn’t care less about subsidized plans. I have never bought a cell phone on contract and I have owned maybe 7-10 of them over the years…
      I will go with cheaper SIM-only plans any day over 2-year contracts. Especially now that you can buy a flagship Android phone (Nexus 5) off contract and unlocked for $400.
      Besides, for example on the iPhone 5S, if the carriers are subsidizing $490 over 24-months, which equals to $20 subsidy per month, why are the carriers not discounting their plans for BYOD by 20-25% instead of 10%?

    • Comrade Yeti

      All the high end plans offer $20 off from the big three for BYOD.

    • ToniCipriani

      Even after you take the $20 out, still grossly overpriced. CA$ 50 for 500MB vs everyone else.

    • Thrasher

      Hardly a deal from the ridiculously high prices to start with.

    • Kotoula

      So in that case aren’t you better to get the subsidized phone from the big3 so you’re getting more for your $, rather than the paltry 10% BYOD? I mean if you have to pay for the plan anyways…

    • Thrasher

      Could be worth in in the short run, but not in the long run. After 2 years you would start losing money if still on the same plan and still paying $20 more, unless you sign again for a new phone…
      Personally, I like to shop for phone plans not for subsidized phones. I like to have the freedom of getting my own device whenever I choose. This way I can get the newest Nexus whenever it is out without having to sign another contract.
      Currently I am on a “SKMB” Koodo plan and I get a 10% discount for BYOD. I still think I could be paying less, I would prefer the Wind’s $30 plan but the coverage sucks in my house and it’s a real pain to always search for signal.

  • G.P.

    Please remove the Promo 50 plan, it does not exist. I called bell and spoke to 11 different reps including Retention and that plan does not exist for 1 gig. Only 150 mins ( not unlimited) and 200 megs (not 1 gig)

  • Anaron

    The $50/month with unlimited talk/text and 1GB data isn’t available anymore. Also, these plans are a ripoff. How can anyone get by today with just 500MB?

  • AndrewE

    I’m with Bell and have a $60, Unlimited Nationwide talk and text with 6gb of data. Now that they went to two year contracts the same plan jumped to $105. How can they justify a $45/month increase when the monthly device subsidy only goes up about $7/ month from 36 down to 24 months. If it’s because they are worried about not having their customers locked in for a whole 36 months, well everyone is in the same boat. Use the 24 month contract restriction as a business opportunity. The competitors customers are going to be out of their contracts sooner as well, so offer superior service at reasonable prices and use this opportunity to win these customers over and gain market share!

    • Thrasher

      I agree. The $45/month increase just because contracts went from 3 to 2 years is preposterous. With the government running stupid ads how they are trying to protect the consumer from cell phone gouging, why don’t they step in now and do something about it!

  • koconor100

    Voice & Data Lite Promo 50 ($50/month)

    – Nationwide anytime minutes: 150

    – Data: 200MB
    —- —- —-
    Wind Mobile 40$ / month
    Unlimited texting (canada / usa)
    Unlimited any time minutes (local)
    Unlimited data (usage slow down after 5 GIGABYTES, but never any extra charges)

    Why do people even look at rogers / bell ?

  • leafsfan861

    Everyone should just move to Thunder Bay…Bell is giving away the “Thunder Bay Voice & Data Plus 50” plan for only $50 per month. (go to bell dot ca slash thunderbay) Unlimited Nationwide minutes and 6GB of data all for $50!