Koodo Mobile unveils new Canada-wide plans today


  • koodofail

    $72 for 2.5GB of data…no thanks.

    ANother fail Koodo.

    • Super_Deluxe

      Even better $5/250MB you go over.

    • Aaron

      $5/250 is better than what Virgin is offering, 15/GB, or even 10/GB is only a better price if you use most of it but if your usage bumps you into the next GB you are paying for a lot you probably won’t use.

    • Mike

      You understand that $5/250mb is $20/GB, right? I’d much rather pay the $10/GB that fido has on their overages. Fido is still gouging, but they have the best customer service and best retention deals. I’m paying $72 a month for unlimited data, calling and texting. I’m not complaining. :p Koodo and Virgin don’t even do retention!!

    • Ammar

      72$ for unlimited? and it’s a retention plan?! I’m paying 20$ (originally 30$ but after some discounts) unlimited everything with Wind, and it’s not a retention plan. the difference is significant…

    • Kyle Edwards

      The difference being of course that he has a better network and doesn’t get throttled after certain amounts of usage like on wind.

    • Ammar

      but you realize the price difference is significant? paying 52$ more is not a joke. being throttled after 5GBs of data and pay 52$ less, I can definitely live with that. I live in west gta, yet I’ve never seen the network goes down or bad call quality for about 2 years now.

    • Justinn Parkinson

      I completely agree with you but you also run into the issue where WIND doesn’t operate and you’re not left with many options… I miss being on WIND.

    • bnp

      $20 for unlimited data and no coverage in pretty much every spot of Canada seems like a poor deal.

    • Ammar

      Wind is not for everyone, people’s needs are different, but just because you don’t use Wind doesn’t mean you throw false or random statements. As I mentioned earlier, I used Wind for 2 years now, yet I never had any reception problems or data problems. I went to California, made roaming calls for 10 cents, and I went to Italy 3 times, I made calls for 20 cents/min. When I was with Fido, they charged me 2$/min in Italy. Wind fit my need and my budget to the penny!

    • Ammar

      pic of what? you can go to wind mobile website and see for yourself.

    • Niklsun

      The point being made is that you get only 5GB of usage before it gets throttled to almost dial-up speed. Stop calling it unlimited unless it is UNLIMITED!!!

    • Ammar

      limited = pay more money for overage
      unlimited = no overage, and you still have data regardless of speed.
      for that definition, yeah it is unlimited…
      Dude 5GB is way too much, I never went over 2 GB no matter how hard I tried.

    • Anaron

      You obviously didn’t try hard enough.

    • Ammar

      Well, anyone can go over, but obviously I’m not that demanding! 😛

    • KiwiBri

      I’m on 3.5 GB out of 6GB this month. Easy – stream TuneIn Radio every day for 2 hrs during my commute and check emails etc.

    • Thr1ve

      I’d rather spend $72 a month for 6GB of LTE Data with overages, no throttling and better coverage that spans the entirety of Canada, than spend $20 a month for terrible coverage, even inside Wind zones (which are only in a handful of regions in Canada with absolutely no plans to expand), unlimited but FAR slower HSPA data that is throttled down to uselessness after 5GB with, once again, no plans to upgrade to LTE… I’d rather pay overages on fast data than be stuck with extremely slow, unusable unlimited data… As always, you get what you pay for, and with Wind, you really aren’t getting much, hence the lower price.

    • Columbo

      It’s unlimited data, not unlimited speed. For Koodo, use more than 2GB and you’re paying out the nose. For Wind, use more than 5GB and sure it slows down but you won’t pay an extra cent. That’s what unlimited means.

    • Anaron

      It’s still unlimited, regardless of the speed. The distinction you’re making is about the speed, not the amount of data you can use per month. There are no overage fees with WIND’s voice and data plans.

    • Guest

      The same deal applies to T-Mobile’s 30$ “unlimited” data and text plan as well: 5 GB, then it’s slowdown time. It’s not common to have your cake and eat it too.

    • Thomas Milne

      The data is unlimited. The speed is not constant. For what he is paying he can get 3 plans for the same price as the other dude and still be saving money.

    • Ammar

      Thank you! as a matter of fact I do have 3 plans, and I’m paying 60$+tax for all the thee plans.. it will go up 5$ soon since I’ll loose the promotional discount, and then I’ll pay 75$+tax for 3 lines! and yes unlimited everything…

    • Ammar

      yes I know. I didn’t say I’m with Fido. I was referring to wind.read my post.

  • Anaron

    The current double data and double minutes plans are better. For $50/month, you get 1000 minutes and 1GB data (as opposed to 800 minutes and 1GB for $52/month). The difference is even greater with the $75/month plan: unlimited minutes and 4GB data vs. unlimited minutes and 2.5GB data for $72/month.

    • Nachotech

      Exactly. I’ve been keeping a close eye on Koodo’s rates lately as my -shudder- three year contract is almost up. Their $50 a month plan looked pretty good, but now the price has gone up by 2 bucks a month and the minutes have gone down from 1000 to 800. Sucks.

    • zaikatanox

      The 42 dollar plan would be good if you have twice as much data. Let’s hope they will give out double your data promo for this plan. A gig of data for 42 bucks (-10% if you BYOD) seems pretty decent for a Canadian wide-plan.

    • Anaron

      Looks like it’s still available.

    • zaikatanox

      For plans without promos, they’re actually not that bad. Even compared with the promo prices they had before, they’re roughly comparable.

      It’s 52 dollars for 1 GB of data with unlimited minutes. Before, they had 50 dollars for 500 minuts and 500 MB of data, or, with double data and minutes promo, 1000 minutes and 1 GB of data. So for two extra bucks, you get unlimited minutes, and the same data as with double your data promo.

      Likewise, the 62 dollar plan seems like a good deal to me. Before, without promo, the 60 dollar plan would give you unlimited minutes and only a gig of data. Even with promo, you’d only ended up with 2 GB of data. Now, for two dollars extra, you get an extra of 500 MB, not too shabby.

      The overage now, though, is MUCH more expensive than before, which is a shame…

  • Dave

    What happend to the 6gb plans? Why do we keep lowering data these days ?

    • Super_Deluxe

      Let’s put those plans in the history books because they’re never coming back with these recent plans and pricing.

    • Squint

      Because more people want to use more… and the more you use the more you have to pay with overage charges. See? FUN!!

    • Chris

      People don’t use the phone as much anymore and now use data a lot more. So why not offer the amazing deal of unlimited calling and data caps!

      It’s all about money and power. They couldn’t care less about us as long as we keep paying as much as they can possibly get from us without us leaving. And they know no one will leave because of fixed pricing between the 3 main carriers and their “insurance policy” (aka infrastructure).

    • Justinn Parkinson

      I agree with you here, what they are selling is essentially “air”, more people are IM’ing and using the internet to stay connected, less talking. They know everyone wants data so they will raise the price of that “air” and add other features that make it seem juicier like unlimited International texting… It all plays on demadn -_-

    • kirilmatt

      I currently have 6GB from Rogers on a great retentions plan, but even as an ultra-heavy data user I cannot reach 6GB. In 20 days I’ve used about 3GB.

    • afavbcvbcvbcv

      uh if you can’t use 6GB, then you aren’t a “ultra-heavy data user”

    • kirilmatt

      I’m just mostly on WiFi. Combined I use about 20GB on my phone.

    • Kyle Edwards

      Im on my phone a great deal since I travel often, my father doesn’t use his data but he keeps it for me, so I have around 12GB to use. And trust me, I can and do use every bit of it every month.

    • kirilmatt

      Its easy if you are a heavy user and do not have access to WiFi most of the time and/or you are always on your phone. The majority will usually have access to WiFi at home and probably work/school.

    • Noah Roesler

      I have 6GB too but, also share it with 4 other phones. I don’t know exactly how much we all use but i’m sure it’s less then 2GB. Though, I can easily reach the 6GB if I had unlimited battery…

    • Thrasher

      Not too hard to go over 6GB per month. For exmple, if you stream music for 2 hours per day, you will most likely go over.

    • Ry29

      They keep lowering data, because that is what people now demand.
      Funny how unlimited nationwide minutes would have been far more useful 4 years ago instead of my measly 100 minutes. Back then, I had unlimited data, but I was hard pressed to do more than 1GB.

      I’m glad I still have my Summer 2012 6GB plan for 60

    • ToniCipriani

      “You guys asked for it, two year contracts.”

      – Sincerely, the Big 3.

    • Mac

      Exactly, that’s what I thought about when everyone was complaining (about 3 year contracts) when the CRTC was asking us what we thought of the mobile industry. What did everyone thought was going to happen? Of course the carriers were going to compensate for their lost 3rd year by increasing the monthly fees and/or cell based price. I would have been happy paying a smaller amount per month for 3 years then these increased amounts for 2 years (which makes the next, bigger plan, come even faster!)

    • ToniCipriani

      You’re not making sense. If you are getting a phone, yes, but 30 days contracts also went up as a result of it.

      Jeez I’m so tired of explaining and saying the same damn thing over and over again.

    • Kyle Edwards

      They are not forced to use 2 year terms instead of 3 years, the code simply allows people to leave after 2 if they wish. I highly doubt everyone would. But the change to 2 year contracts was not forced, simply chosen by the carriers. Also, its easier to upgrade phones which most people is all that they wanted, not caring about the consequences in the process, we seriously all need to stop with the subsidies on phones -_-.

    • Justinn Parkinson

      Subsidies = credit card of the Telecoms world -_-

    • Bri

      Because there is no competition in Canada.

    • Anaron

      That plan had 250 Canada-wide minutes. I’m fine with losing a gig of data for unlimited minutes. My current plan with Koodo is unlimited talk/text and 5GB data for $49.50 (10% BYOD included, otherwise it’s $55).

  • D Kup

    This is a very sad day!

    I am glad I have nothing to do with the big three since early 2012. This holiday miracle plan for $29 is just great.

  • David

    Now with less data and higher overage charges. Oh joy!!

  • Plan Shopper

    This just makes me appreciate my $54 unltd + 2gb plan even more.

    • Super_Deluxe

      Same! 5GB for $55 on Rogers that’ll stick with me forever!

    • Walter

      Do you pay $55 dollars for data only?

    • ToniCipriani

      Look up Koodo MB SK.

    • Justinn Parkinson

      only down side to these plans is you need a MB/ SK address to qualify.

    • ToniCipriani

      Search on RFD.

    • Anaron

      No. You can walk into your local Best Buy and get the plan with a Toronto address. You’ll have to get a MB or SK area code though. And you won’t be stopped from porting a Toronto number.

    • Super_Deluxe

      Nope. 400 Canada wide minutes and unlimited evenings and weekends, and call display and voicemail.

    • Kenny G

      Who are you with?

    • Dylan D’Croix

      I have the same plan but pay $56/m. It was originally 60, then got discounted to 58 when I believe fido matched it, then virgin went to 57 i think.. so the plan eventually ended up getting discounted to 56/m.

      It’s solid. I haven’t gone over my data yet, (had the plan for just over a year now) but I’m not heavy on data as I try to use wifi wherever possible.

      Really miss that 65/m ultd + 6gb plan. Going to be kicking myself in the butt for a long time for not getting it… lol

    • Guest

      Well if you act right away you can save yourself $0.20 and pick up an extra 1/2gb more. Currently showing $72 plan for $62 on website.

      *** Pricing changed to $72 now. as of 10:45 EST.

    • NuclearMayhem

      And it’s gone 🙁 I was tempted, an extra 500 mb for $2

  • FunkyMonkey

    Don’t they keep researching how Canadians use their smartphones and data devices more and more… what happens to that research?

    • Plan Shopper

      They used that data to jack up their overages. $100/gb, $50/gb and $20/gb.

    • Super_Deluxe

      Oh yes they do and so do all the others. The more data we use, the more they keep reducing it so they can make the most profit.

    • abc123

      they analyze it, then come up with plans that will extract the most amount of money without losing too many customers.

  • LTE Is Overrated

    They are cookie-cutter plans which give people features they may not need: unlimited 17h, unlimited text and voicemail. Back in the day, you could pay $15/month without all these features for a plan with only 50 anytime minutes and sent texts. Now, El Tabador wants you to pay nearly double, for talk time and texts you may not want nor need.

    It’s a sign of the times. None of the Small 3 will be betting during the next spectrum auction. Due to this, Big 3 sees fit to raise prices and lower value. One can only hope that Vidéotron will raise the bar with their Wind-esque unlimited Internet plan! :S

    • Wow

      You could get a prepaid plan if that’s your fit… Virgin offers a $20 prepaid plan with 50 anytime minutes and unlimited texting. Koodo also has a $15 unlimited messaging base plan to which you can add boosters for voice minutes.

  • sicsicpuppy

    Another Telus …oops Koodo fail

  • Hungrier

    Just when you thought monthly data allowances only had one direction they could possibly go from 200MB per month…

  • randomdudd

    can I trade in my minutes for data?

    • grantdude

      Yes. They’ll offer you a great deal where you trade in 1000 minutes for an extra 1MB of data.

  • Siavash

    For some time during the holidays, I could get unlimited minutes with 3 GB of data in Quebec for 55$. Now the same plan is 72$ (and even more, considering the extra 500MB)? That’s weird.

    • Claude Gohier

      In Quebec, it’s still 55$ for 3 GB. Because competition from Videotron.

    • Anaron

      In Manitoba and Saskatchewan, it’s 5GB data and unlimited talk/text for $55/month.

  • Chris

    Hah! Unveiling “fair” pricing. Yeah.

    I’m on Wind for $39/m all inclusive with global texting, Canada-wide calling, unlimited data and a bunch of other stuff. Just wish they had a bigger customer base so their network could be better/bigger.

    Fair… Hahaha.

    • Comrade Yeti

      You know there’s no data overage charge with Wind right? They just slow you down after 10GB each month

    • Philosoraptor

      I never had a problem with Wind with data roaming. It was turned off. You see, not all of us need to be connected to the net at all times. Voice and text roaming rates were reasonable enough and that’s all I ever need in an emergency.

      It sucks that you’re stuck with the Big 3 because of geography, but a lot of people aren’t.

  • Jeff Crouse

    wish you would have posted this yesterday so we could have taken advange of the $39 400mb plan oh well atleast i am still on the $30 200mb plan

    • Anaron

      What’s stopping you from switching to the new plan?

  • Azreik

    I dont think I’m ever going to let go of my $70 my 10,200 min and 6 gig data plan with Virgin I got back in 2011. Looks like I’ll be buying my phones outright from now on and not upgrading.

    • Kotoula

      Why does buying your own phone help you to keep this plan somehow? Do you really use 10k minutes??

  • Jesse Laurin

    If there is 1 thing i used to enjoy about wind it’s that they had 3 tiers of plans , Local, Provincial, and Canada Wide, cause lets face it, local sucks, provincial is perfect and canada wide is useless for 90% of people..

  • Kenny G

    My contract is up with Bell, and all these carriers are making changes to their plans. I was going to go with Wind, but now I’m not sure who to choose now. :-/

    • Martini

      You can still go with WIND.

    • Croc Ography

      See my post below. I don’t know why you wouldn’t switch to Wind… if you are inside their coverage area 95% of the time.

    • afavbcvbcvbcv

      guys wind is so good…. if you are in their zone.
      and that’s why people dont switch to wind. and their reception sucks even in their own zone

    • Croc Ography

      For those of you reading the above comment, I have had Wind for about 1.5 years and the coverage in their zone is great. I have never once dropped a call or a data feed and I would consider myself a data heavy user. In the Toronto to Whitby Zones.

  • gmd

    Koodo, we want data, not minutes. Fail.

    • ToniCipriani

      They know that, that’s why you’re getting charged more.

    • gmd

      I’m not buying!

  • Guest

    Currently, as of 10:30am EST, the $72 plan is showing at $62 on the Koodo website. That’s not bad except for the overage.

    Take your 10% off that for BYOD and that makes it $55.80 for unltd +2.5gb

    ****Update, now it is $72. 10:45 EST

  • Croc Ography

    These are just horrible prices! So glad I still have my Wind all you can eat $40.00 plan from Xmas last year.

    I really don’t understand why everyone hasn’t left for Wind. I used to be on the other carriers and all I ever did was check to see if I was going over in minutes or Mbs! The piece of mind I now have is priceless… and the service has been flawless so far.

    • Merags

      Coverage. I spend my time pretty evenly between Northern & Southern Ontario, and the roaming rates wouldn’t be worth the cost (when I’m up north). If they expanded their coverage to Northern Ontario in a way similar to what the Big 3 cover, then i’d switch instantly.

    • grantdude

      Other than coverage area, there’s also the phone selection and the lack of LTE.

    • Philosoraptor

      Coverage: yes. I don’t think that anyone will dispute you on that. But still, for many, their coverage is sufficient. But I’ll contest your other points. WIND’s phone selection far outmatches Koodo. HTC One, Note 3, and ZL come to mind. If you must have an iPhone, select iPhone 5 models and all 5C/S are compatible with them. And LTE? If that’s your thing, fine. But it isn’t relevant for many of us. I have access to Koodo’s LTE network and fail to see any benefit over HSPA. I only have 2 GB so my phone isn’t exactly used for downloading. When I browse, I see no noticeable difference in speed. My internet radio apps and Netflix stream just as well. So, my LTE is off on all of my devices to save battery.

    • Anaron

      For me, it was a mix of wanting LTE and needing better coverage. I’ve been with WIND since December 2010 and I recently made the switch to Koodo because of their MB/SK $55/month unlimited talk/text and 5GB data plan. It’s only $9.50 more expensive than my old $40/month Holiday Miracle Plan with WIND (after the 10% BYOD discount from $55).

      At work, I don’t get service because WIND’s spectrum can’t penetrate walls as effectively as the Big 3. This wasn’t an issue outside or at home and I wouldn’t have switched if the price difference was greater than $10.

    • Philosoraptor

      I’m with Koodo as well, though we in Ontario didn’t get that fantastic plan. But, my $56 unlimited/2 GB plan is alright. I still want to see 1 GB @ $40 and 2 GB @ $50 from Koodo.

    • Anaron

      You don’t need a MB/SK address to get the plan. You can use a Toronto address to get a non-Toronto number and later port a Toronto one.

    • Philosoraptor

      Not worth the hassle for $1/month saving, even with the extra 3 GB of data. I haven’t exceeded my allowance since I signed up in December 2012.

    • Anaron

      $56/month for 2GB data is pretty good. You’d have to pay $60/month now for the same thing. It’s not worth the hassle unless you’re saving at least $5/month while getting more. $49.50/month after the 10% BYOD discount makes it a tempting offer for current WIND subscribers on the $40 and $50/month plans. Koodo may not have as good a selection as WIND but they definitely have a better network. I used to get 2-4 Mbps on WIND’s HSPA+ network. With Koodo (Telus), I get 12-16. I also get 20-50 Mbps with LTE.

    • Kotoula

      Has anyone got a BYOD 10% discount from the big 3? I know the little 3 offer it.

    • Anaron

      The Big 3 offer lower monthly rates if you bring your own device. It’s relative though and I’m not implying that their services are discounted. It’s more like comparing walking on broken glass to walking on broken glass and getting punched in the stomach.

    • Anaron

      I’ve been with WIND since December 2010 and their service was good. My usage habits have changed and the lack of LTE from WIND is what made me switch. That, and the fact that I snagged a nice Koodo plan: $55/month for unlimited talk/text and 5GB data. Coupled with the 10% BYOD discount, I pay $49.50/month compared to $40/month with WIND. I get LTE data and better coverage for $9.50 more before taxes.

      EDIT: Another reason I switched is the poor signal strength I got in buildings. I’d lose service at work and after missing a couple of important calls and texts, I simply couldn’t take it anymore. It became embarrassing for me when I told people I couldn’t receive their calls at work on my phone.

  • ToniCipriani

    It’s up now with the exception of the $52 and $62 plans.

    Still $50 and $60 with double data… guess they can’t raise the price yet since Rogers said no, they need to “align with the industry boundaries”.

  • pisdan

    Wow these are garbage plans.

  • EllSee

    Is it just me, or did the plans get worse? Sure, there is a bigger range of plans, but they are more expensive for less now.

  • Damien Robertson

    It is BS! If you live in Manitoba or Saskatchewan they will give you unlimited minutes and 5 GB of data for 55$. Based on that these plans are a ripoff!

  • EP_2012

    Seriously… when are these data plans going to start with 10gb? 150mb of data isn’t even enough for system apps to do their thing in the background for a month, let alone deliver content to the user.

    • Who Needs Facts

      I picked up my first Android phone on Dec.27. This is installing/removing apps and learning to use the phone, after moving from iphone. I use twitter all day, Facebook occasionally and watch some news and or Youtube type things and listen to news on occasion.

      To date I have used 44.32 MB of Mobile data. I have also used 167MB of Wifi.

      Even at 6GB you are looking at 200MB per a day – of Mobile data. I cannot see how this can be the norm.

      Not to judge…and I agree 150MB is on the low side, but at 10gb a month I’d be curious to know if you use you cell phone as your complete internet/media delivery?

    • EP_2012

      At a combined 212mb of data/wifi a month, it looks like you’re an extremely light user, the equivalent of dialup for a home internet user.

      Let me give you a few examples of why the minimum should be 10gb.

      First, I don’t view mobile data as an adjunct to wifi – I see it as an exclusive service where wifi can be used for convenience or added security/speed.

      – Apps/game downloads/updates: Google play downloaded 2.45gb this month for me in app updates/downloads. I haven’t installed any large games recently (some are 2gb), but frequent app updates add up.
      – streaming music: I occasionally listen to songza when cooking or having a shower. I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve listened to streaming music, but it added up to 3.67gb this month.
      – Online backup. I use Titanium backup to save app/game data to the cloud. It’s been 1gb so far.
      – Google+ used 1gb this month, but I assume a lot of that is photo backups combined with actual g+ app use.
      – I’m a heavy evernote user and this month I used 458mb.
      – Chrome has used about 300mb, but I admit that I have the bandwidth saver enabled (it says it saved 80% so far). I haven’t done much browsing this month, much less than usual.
      – Not a heavy user of youtube mobile, but it’s racked up 1.72gb.
      – My rss reader is at 189mb.
      – gmail is at 132mb.
      – other misc apps total about 1gb.

      I haven’t used GPS this month, which I normally would if I was driving. I also haven’t been playing many online games this month. Remote desktop would also normally use a lot of bandwidth, but I haven’t had to use it much this month.

      Still, I managed to use close to 12gb this month doing my basic stuff. If I was commuting a lot or using my phone to watch videos or listening to music, this would be a lot higher. If I didn’t have such convenient access to wifi, this number would be double, since I omitted a lot of data that would have been using mobile data, had it not been for wifi. I won’t even get started with tethering your mobile data to a laptop while out of the home…

      My wife does volunteer work and even with her 1gb plan, I’ve gone through extreme measures to keep her bandwidth usage low (she uses opera mobile, I block certain apps from using mobile data, certain photo/app backups can only be done through wifi, etc.), but that means she isn’t using her phone the way she’d like, since it would cost too much in extra data fees.

      And you don’t realize how limited you are with a small data plan until you spend a week in the hospital without a working wifi connection! 🙂

    • Who Needs Facts

      Sorry for late reply.

      I can see that I am totally not connected – at least mobile wise. I don’t think I use 10GB of mobile data in a year, let alone a month.

      Now on my DSL connection yes, as I run Netflix, Apple TV, Playstation, X-box, etc and a house with a wife and two kids, totally connected and online all the time.

      So the question is, are your expectations reasonable, that is, “normal” with most users needs? It seems ridiculous that mobile companies would even 250MB plans when as you outline, App updates can eat that up in a day.

      I am not judging, just asking because for example, companies such as Wind, the “consumers” choice, though offering unlimited data, seem to feel that about 5GB is “fair” but obviously that will not meet your needs whatsoever either.

      So either your needs are extraordinary – or at twice as high as what is deemed “fair” or people are getting their data differently, like in my case, over WIfi or even USB if I want to transfer music or a movie to a tablet (3g IPad) or Android phone.

    • EP_2012

      Here’s the thing…

      These types of plans are only intended as a money grab. If the real average was just 250mb a month, then there’s no loss at offering 10gb or unlimited data. If users suddenly start using 60gb a month on their mobile, then we know that the artificial 150mb and 500mb plans were restricting true data usage. People want ways to save money. Heck, if I could use my cell phone as the modem which drives data to my PC, then I would, but not with the 2gb limit I have. If I could stream netflix for my kids while they wait in the hospital for my appointments, then I would. If people could stream their music collection all day, perhaps they would – radios in cars are useless when you have commercial free music streaming services.

      Lets face it, mobile data use will go up. There’s no doubt about it when you consider that streaming audio and video services are becoming extremely popular, so these outdated mobile plans need to end. I think right now, most people are afraid to use their mobile data because going over the limit could cost them a lot of money. That’s an unnecessary restriction which consumers shouldn’t be forced into because of tiny plans.

  • Thomas C. Riddell

    Way too much money Canadians are getting Ripped off

  • Charles in Vancouver

    Note the absence of flex data which used to be available with talk and text plans. That’s a significant regression.

    • Anaron

      How so? With the old data flex plans, you had to pay $10/month if you exceeded 26MB and $15/month if you exceeded 101MB. With the current plans, you get 100MB for $5/month. That’s a significant improvement.

  • Walter

    Man I am going to ride this Wind Mobile train for as long as I can.

  • Rich

    Over the past few years the minimum monthly cost for plans has gone from $20 -> well $29 in Koodo’s case.

  • Thomas Milne

    With Bell you can get the $35 tablet plan and get 5GB no contract. Who needs talk time and texting when all that can be data based now? You can get a tablet IMEI number from many places. I got 2 from staples demo stand.

    • Kotoula

      Why do you need an IMEI tablet number? To make calls on your tablet?

    • Thomas Milne

      That is how they know it is a tablet.

    • Thomas Milne

      It is how they know it is a tablet.

  • Yulet

    We don’t care about you.

  • Nick Bransford

    These plans are absolutely awful. More competition in Canada’s wireless market can’t come soon enough.

  • lebel

    The plans in Quebec are better from Koodo. I guess that’s what happens when you have a strong fourth play, The 45$ plan gives you 1GB of data and unlimited daytime minutes. With it, it makes picking the 50$ plan in Quebec a bit pointless.

    • CharlieFox

      Koodo/Virgin/Fido dont compete with each other, but compete with Videotron/Tbay/Sasktel/MB in their respective regions. And yet the cartel lobbyists keeps presenting Koodo/Virgin/Fido as ‘competition’ to each other.

  • Thrasher

    In Europe, you can get 100MB data add-on for €3/month, 500MB for €6 or 1GB for €8 with no overage charges! All of this on prepaid! If you go over, your data speed will slow to snail’s pace, but still usable for email, IM or online banking.
    Or you can keep reloading 1GB of data for only €3.
    And BTW, people keep complaining how expensive their data is…
    Now, when will the Big 3 in Canada introduce data add-ons without overage charges?

  • Thrasher

    With data allowances this low, the Big 3 should just turn off their LTE and 3G networks, keep their 2G/Edge and bring back Motorola RAZR flip phones.

  • skullan


  • Anaron

    WIND’s plans are great for people that live and work in WIND Home Zones. You might as well say, “Great! Come join me in New York City and see what your bill will come up to when we use data and minutes across the border.”

  • gueststar

    its hilarious how mobile internet gets faster and faster and yet the amount of data you get is less and less eff the entire mobile industry.

    • Thrasher

      The sad thing is that Home internet connection is becoming ridiculously expensive as well. Paying $60-70 for a decent speed internet connection is ridiculous. Unless you are a student or you are on a decent promo, companies like Telus and Shaw are ripping us off.

    • gueststar

      yah shaw slowly creeped up the prices $5-$10 a few months ago and when you call they and complain they reduce the price for a few months back to what it was like they doing you a favor. our internet is s**t compared to other places to especially upload speeds.

    • gmd

      For Internet, depending where you are, there are choices. If the provider you have does not give you 300 GB plans, you’re paying too much.

    • Thrasher

      I am in Calgary and there aren’t that many choices, not that I know of. I pay $30-35+tax monthly for Internet. For now I keep switching from TELUS to Shaw and back every 6 months to get the promo price. I refuse to pay $55/month regular price for the slowest Internet. That is just highway robbery.

  • Mike

    Yes, I am with Fido and they gave me unlimited data. No throttling, I’ve used over 59GB of LTE data a few times now. 🙂 I love Fido. I also live outside of Wind’s network, and even if I didn’t, I would never go with wind because their roaming rates suck hard core!!! I’m covered everywhere with fido, and I like to travel. Eastlink doesn’t get much right, but you get free canada wide roaming, same with sasktel and mts. Wind sucks, and I have nothing but horrible experiences with their customer service. You really get what you pay for, their data is also really slow.

    • Ammar

      for that usage, I would definitely stay with Fido, no one would give you that price for your usage. 59GBs! Torrents? 24/7 HD streaming? 🙂
      Did I say I used Fido for 8 years? they had their ups and downs, but when I was cancelling, they put me by mistake in another 3 years contract, and I almost pulled my hair off when I knew… 😀

    • Mike

      No torrents, just used it as my home internet for the month because I moved. I don’t have cable (because it’s stupid) and I watch everything on Apple TV. This means I use a lot of data lol. Was using iPhone to tether to the Apple TV.