Minuum 1.2 brings language modules and extensive prediction improvements

There is no shortage of third-party Android keyboards, but Toronto-based Whirlscape continues to innovate with Minuum, its ultra low-profile offering.

At its core, Minuum offers accurate typing on a single line, using autocorrect and prediction algorithms, along with easy-to-learn gestures for punctuation and symbols. In a recent version, the company also released an alternative larger keyboard for times when accuracy is paramount.

In version 1.2, Whirlscape addresses one of the key criticisms lobbed against Minuum: lack of language support. Now users can download language modules — currently German, French and Italian — and easily switch between them.

And, according to the release notes, Minuum’s prediction algorithms have been completely re-written “to make the keyboard faster, more accurate, and better able to handle spelling mistakes.” In other words, the keyboard is no longer just a tech demo, but a capable, consumer-ready replacement for Android users looking to save screen space when typing.

Minuum is currently available on Google Play for $3.99, so go get it!

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