Livestream launches redesigned Android app, lets you be the creator and the consumer

Popular online streaming service, Livestream, has overhauled its Android app to deliver its functionality beyond creators.

Version 3.0 of the app now allows regular users to distribute video online, for free, in real-time. But more than that, the app now looks and feels accessible to the average Android user, with a gorgeous Holo design that lets you subscribe to streams and channels. To that end, it’s possible to log in via Facebook and follow friends who are active on the service. If you like what you see, commenting is also possible.

Livestream is more than just a place for individuals to post orations on the state of selfies; large organizations, from Associated Press to The New York Times, use Livestream as a real-time distribution platform, and it’s in this area that the app excels. You can be notified when a channel or user begins broadcasting live, and watch archived content after the fact. There’s a lot of great music and news content, too.

Obviously, you’re not always going to be online, so you can create content to distribute later on. The app is ad-free, which differentiates it from its main rival, Ustream, which charges for an ad-free premium experience.

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