TELUS Q3 results show wireless revenues up 5.2%, subscriber base now at 7,810,000

TELUS is coming off a great few days. The Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications (CCTS) released its annual report earlier this week explaining that TELUS experienced a 27% decline in consumer complaints over the past year.

Today, TELUS reported their Q3 2013 results and declared a 5.2% wireless revenue increase of $71 million, to $1.44 billion, from a year ago. Much of this success was caused by net subscriber additions, which brings TELUS’ base to 7,810,000, up from 7.7 million last quarter. The same trend of past quarters continued with higher postpaid and fewer prepaid customers. TELUS now has a total of 6,732,000 postpaid and 1,078,000 prepaid customers, with postpaid representing 86.2% of their customer base.

Blended ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) increased by $1.07, or 1.7%, to $62.49/month. Data revenue is a huge portion of this and accounts for 44% of wireless revenues — Q3 saw an increase of 17% to $637 million. TELUS notes in the report, “These increases were due to continued strong adoption and usage of smartphones and data applications as well as higher roaming volumes.”

In addition, this is the first time that I’ve seen TELUS include coverage into their report. TELUS notes that their HSPA+ network reaches 34.9 million Canadians, while their LTE network reaches 27.9 million.

These results continue to push TELUS forward as being the number two wireless carrier in Canada by size. Bell reported Q3 results yesterday and claimed 7,805,100 subscribers. With the pending acquisition of Public Mobile, which has 280,000 subscribers, it will put TELUS above the 8 million mark.

Source: CNW