Rogers to release the HTC Desire 601 at $300 outright, $79 on a 2-year


  • QQ

    This or the Xperia SP at $300? Hmmm………. I think the choice is clear!

    • Amparipaa

      clearly the Xperia… HTC devices are rubbish. i’d rather the nokia 625 myself (WP8 fanboi here)

    • stephane

      The HTC one to this day is probably still the best overall Android smartphone you can buy either that or the nexus 5.

    • Amparipaa

      i sworn off htc devices ever since experiences from me and a friend of mine were, let’s just say, “a pain in the a*s” that made us defect to other manufacturers.

      i haven’t looked back, and i will never use an htc device again!

  • Petephone

    no thanks, Nexus 5 arriving soon!

  • vn33

    Hmmmnnn … let me see!
    This at $300, or for an extra $50, get the Nexus 5 ???

    Yup .. .Rogers is after the “Look-you-can-get-a-$300-phone-for-$80” crowd !!

    • Amparipaa

      i’d personally save my money by grabbing a moto g and using the rest on a decent bluetooth headset (ive heard the vizio bluetooth headsets are good, price-to-value speaking) in lieu of a 1080p 4.95″ screen and ungodly processor that i’d barely notice in my day-to-day routine…. cuz luckilly i don’t need to base my purchase off a spec-sheet to price comparison. it could still be the nexus 4 all over again, great hardware but with all the corner-cutting to achieve that price, it ended up being a steaming turd.

  • Accophox

    Google needs to get its advertising out for the N5 better in order for entry level devices like this to be priced more competitively. Until that happens, nobody cares that the N5 is $350, because nobody (very few) will have heard of the outright price that it’s available for on the Play store.

    • Amparipaa

      not every phone is cut out to be sold at a price point lower than the cost of manufacturing. for HTC of all companies it’d be economic suicide (giant margins and they still drain money faster than a guy obsessed with hookers and blow)

      the moto g will still be superior all-around to this turd though.