Rogers launching the HTC One Mini and HTC Desire 601 on November 4th


  • KiwiBri

    maybe sense 5.5 will be released soon ? may keep me hanging onto my HTC One

  • Tom

    One variant of the Galaxy S2 had an 800×480 resolution at the same screen size. A low-cost LG (optimus L9 I think) has 940×540 at 4.7″ o_O

    Even though the PPI looks like crap, it’s still a big screen, and that means icons and text will look big on it. It’ll still appeal to people on a budget (assuming the price is a budget one too).

  • Super_Deluxe

    Waiting for the next HTC One to have 5-5.2″ screen and an SD card slot. Will buy it in a heartbeat if it becomes a reality!

  • Tyrone_83

    And HTC asks themself every year we should have focused on this in our handsets etc etc etc. Maybe HTC should listen to the people who buy their phones. I think Desire 601 wont sell that good.

  • Stimulator

    960×540 was pretty standard resolution 2 years ago and I’m pretty sure at the time everyone said the same thing about it that they do now about 1080 screens: “Why would you need resolution that high?” “Doesn’t it drain the battery?” “Your eyes can’t even see the difference!”

  • Bri

    ooh that looks nicer than HTC One.
    Like what they did with the edges.

  • thedosbox

    Hmm, didn’t HTC say they weren’t going to release the One Mini in Canada?
    I like Sense, and considered importing one until reviews reported poor battery life and the limitations of 1GB of RAM. Too little, too late from HTC.

    • Eluder

      No, they said they weren’t going to release the One Max,

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