Update: Future Shop and Best Buy Canada to stock Pebble smart watch, pre-orders now open

From massively successful Kickstarter campaign to retail product, the Pebble smart watch has shipped and gone on to find success amidst rumours of impending competition and the promise of mass market appeal.

The company has inked a deal with both Best Buy and Future Shop to stock the watch, with pre-orders beginning this Friday, October 25th. Pebble made a previous distribution deal with Best Buy stores in the States, and courted some controversy by making the watch available before it had finished shipping pre-orders.

Since being released in January, Pebble has amassed quite a developer following, building a nice selection of apps and utilities from integration with RunKeeper to weather reports and sports score notifications. Because the company released a two-way SDK for its Bluetooth-enabled smart watch, there are an increasing number of things users can do with the watch, both on iOS and Android.

Out of the box, Pebble notifies users of emails, texts and incoming calls, and on Android, which is more open to Bluetooth devices, users can see incoming Google Hangouts, Facebook and WhatsApp messages, too.

It looks like only the black Pebble will be available in stores, but we’re hoping the company expands its selections to include all of its colours.

Update: Pre-orders are now open at both Best Buy and Future Shop. Both big box retailers note that there’s limited inventory and “This product is scheduled to arrive in our warehouse on 11/18/2013.”

Grab one here from Best Buy or Future Shop