Bell partners with Samsung to bring KNOX container to Canadian businesses

Bell has teamed up with Samsung as the first carrier to integrate KNOX security into its backend infrastructure for business customers.

As we’ve detailed before, Samsung KNOX is a container for compatible devices — Galaxy Note 3 at first, with the Galaxy S4 and others coming soon — that separates personal data from business data. Anything stored in the container, like apps, documents and photos, cannot be accessed without signing in first; if the phone is stolen, an administrator can lock down or delete the container without affecting the personal side.

KNOX is used in a bring-your-own-device context, allowing enterprise users to carry one device for two purposes. Bell will support customers and provide the back-end administration infrastructure for IT administrators.

Samsung devices with KNOX, of which the Note 3 is the first to come preloaded, sport Secure Boot, full VPN support for hundreds of suppliers, Active Directory, and is fully FIPS compliant for government use.

Pricing has not been revealed, but the service is available to businesses starting today.

[source]BCE News releases[/source]