Samsung launches KNOX with full containerization for the BYOD user


  • zzZZzz

    I wonder if more OEMs will bring this type of feature. Not that I need it now, but it will attract even more market share.

    • Yipu

      RIP BB Balance.

    • Mexico Ron

      SAFE Samsung is a bit like CLEAN hooker. Good luck with that.

      I thought we all loved Android because it’s openness and insecurity made it so flexible.

    • Anonymous

      RIP BB Balance indeed. One of BB’s biggest selling points to Enterprises/BYOD was Balance. Now the superior operating system has the same functionality.

    • Tom

      “thought we all loved Android because it’s openness and insecurity made it so flexible.” ??

      Openness typically contributes to security, e.g. having a kernel that has a million eyes (every university in the world, for starters) poring over it certainly helps flag issues.

  • Joey

    I’m not sure what’s less inspiring.. More junk software from Samsung, or the continual use of cheap plastic for the hardware.

  • Steven Rodriguez

    All Samsung has done here is copy BlackBerry Balance, and poorly at that. At least BlackBerry Balance helps you protect BB, iOS and Android.

    • schultzter

      Copied who!? Blackberry did not invent the “secure container.” I don’t know who did, but McAfee Secure Container for Android and iOS has been around for at least a year now. It’s a piece of carp and I don’t know if Balance or Knox will be any better.

      The thing I like best about having work and personal on my smartphone is I see the integrated view, especially for the calendar. But I like pressing one phone button and looking up contacts in one place. Email is split but that’s how I want it since personally I use Gmail anyways.

      If the calendar widget can’t pull events out of Knox’s calendar and my Google Calendar then it’s a fail! If I have to have a personal dialler and a Knox dialler than it’s a fail.

      I’m sure IT departments will love it. But everyone else will hate it and find workarounds, and security will be out the window.

    • pacalis

      Ha, and apparently they copied 400 IT policies.

      How DARE they make things more secure and easier for IT administrators.

    • RealDeal

      McAfee Secure Container was originally launched with EMM 10.1 less than a year ago. Blackberry Balance has been out for almost two years. I am pretty sure BB was the first to do it in the mobile space. They did it a full year before McAfee anyways.

  • a little bit of RIP BB

    This just add a little bit of RIP to Blackberry.

    Market share for January 2013 in the US:
    Android 49.4%
    iOS 46.0%
    Windows 3.0%
    BlackBerry 0.9%

    • Beyonce

      You seem to be forgetting that BB has already claimed 60% of the market in United Arab Emirates.

  • Bill Murray

    Samsungs just killing it!

  • Trolling 101

    Its almost as bad as the Z10 trying to run Jelly Bean Android apps, sorry Gingerbread only.

    • Mexico Ron

      Unfortunately, most Android devices are Gingerbread only too…what’s your point?

    • Live in the now

      Really so if I buy an Android tomorrow rather than the newly designed and refreshed Z10 with top end hardware, (laughable at best) it will run Gingerbread? Because your brand new Z10 only runs Gingerbread apps in 2013, lol, that is the point.

  • Haxor99

    Whether you like it or not, smart move by Samsung here

  • Johnz

    @beyonce: who gives an f about the UAE? Like really.

  • locustal

    Meanwhile at Apple….

    IPhone 5s.


  • Sweet

    Ha ! You guys are i****s. There is nowhere near enough info in this article to compare it decently with BB Balance. All you have is a list of features and a very general architecture diagram. There’s nothing to indicate that those features have been implemented well.

    Secondly, the vast majority of security flaws in software is in the implementation (read: coding) not in the design.

    All you should take away from this announcement is that Samsung is getting serious about device security, they copied some features from BB, and they (Samsung) are making a run for the enterprise market. Everything else will have to wait for more info and hands-on review.

    • KL


      It’s a tech blog mostly filled with pimply faced boys and i****s who has nothing better to do than sit behind a computer in their parents basement.

      What do you expect?

  • Darren

    Sweet: Thanks for a much-needed break from the morons, and for your common sense.

  • Fruit

    these phones will cost even more money now

  • Fruit

    IT took BB to master collaboration in the enterprise market, you actually think that samsung has a product that will kill it over night? Go back under the rock you crawled out under from.

  • pacalis

    Fruit, what rock do you live under that you haven’t noticed that Samsung has already killed it.

  • joe public

    Is this keylime pie?

  • ITPro

    You can put a padlock on a house of cards, doesn’t mean it’s any more secure. Be sure you know what your getting into before deploying hype in your organization.

  • Ben

    Nokia had profiles (work/personal) on the E71 >3 years ago. Motorola had them on the Pro+ a year ago as well. It’s a great idea that everyone is still trying to perfect.

  • Telusdoesnotcare

    Nobody cares about this. This is a desperate attempt by Samsung to get more corporations to care about Android.

    Windows Phone is making huge progress among corporations. Coca Cola just announced they’re dumping Blackberries for Windows Phone, as is Mall of America.

  • Canadian

    Unfortunately Samsung devices on Android still have security vulnerability. BB10 is the most advanced and the most secure mobile OS to date.

  • DJH

    I truly wish people would STOP going on about BB10, have you actually played around with the device?

    It f*****g sucks.

  • jb

    this is junk compared to QNX …..not even close.