Bell Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to cost $799.95 outright


  • Eric

    That’s just ridiculous.

    • Jesse Laurin

      and a $959 iPhone 5s isn’t ? this phone is 100x better and $160 cheaper

    • Charlotte Golden

      ya you’re right! This phone is so awesome, it’s RIDICULOUS 🙂

  • wes

    Please come to Fido

  • disqus_xRWDFXczZ1

    Look, I have the Note 2, it’s a great phone, but for 800 bucks? C’mon! Even the subsidized $300 is rather rich. I love my phone, and all that it can do, but at the end of the day, it’s still just a phone. Sometimes a little perspective is in order. That Nexus 5 is looking more and more attractive by the day.

    • Yulet

      Yeah buy the Nexus 5 and then charge it 2-3 times a day LOL

    • Joseph Cacoilo

      My nexus 4 is good on battery life.

    • Yulet

      But Note 2’s battery lasts at least 2x more than your Nexus 4 + replaceable battery, you don’t need to charge your phone.

    • Joseph Cacoilo

      Hard for me to argue or agree with saying that the Note 2 lasts twice as long since I have never used a Note as my daily driver. My Nexus 4 gives me 4 hours of on screen time a day, for me that’s more than enough. If you use it more than that then I suggest something else.

    • Adriel Garrovillas

      serious? Do you use it throughout the day? I have trouble getting past the 9pm mark on my N4 on light usage. By 9:01pm I’m phoneless. I hate it. I thought maybe I have a faulty battery but I found a forum on google that it is a common problem.

    • Me Ted

      The Nexus 4 had decent battery life. It was the Galaxy Nexus that was awful. Sadly I have the GN and need to charge it by 2pm. Otherwise the device is great.

    • Yulet

      My Galaxy Nexus lasted more than my Nexus 4. GN is retired, lying at home, N4 was returned.

    • Me Ted

      You should try selling it or give it to someone in your family. It still runs 4.3 rather well and will most likely get the KK update too.

    • Ulfredsson The Vanquisher

      should have done what I did and picked up the official extended battery. I’m @ 40% at the end of the day when I plug it in, with moderately high usage all day long.

    • jroc

      Considering the phone isn’t even out, you sure seem to know a lot about it’s battery life.

    • DickGozinya

      Ya, there’s these things called reviews. Maybe you’ve heard of them?

      Ars has a good one on the new note. It appears (actually 100% confirmed) that shamecrap has artificially f’d with benchmarks again. Yay samcrap!

    • Richard Xing

      He’s talking about the Nexus 5. But thanks for playing.

    • thusguy

      Oh damn I had a laugh

    • jroc

      Point me to the Nexus 5 review please. Smarta$$.

    • Rob

      “At the end of the day it is just a phone” …. That takes pictures, surfs the net, plays music and videos, wirelesly streams said music and video to a smart TV, can access my company VPN, allows me to view and edit files on the go, allows me to take hand written notes, allows me to annotate pictures, allows me to draw pictures, I could keep going here but I am guessing you get the picture. My old Startac was “just a phone” it made calls. Want to take a guess as to what a Startac costed at launch?

    • expos9439

      The value of everything is relative. All of the attributes you mentioned are great, thanks to rapid advancement of technology. However, most of them can be had in the upcoming Nexus 5, for less than half the cost. Heck, add about $70 to the subsidized price of Note 3, you can own the N5 outright. So which one has the better value? Bottom line, it’s becoming more and more expensive to own the “latest and greatest” in smartphone technology, and that’s a shame, especially considering prices in other fields of high tech has not gone up nearly as much. This is what I meant by “it’s just a phone, and have a little perspective”. Thanks for reading.

    • Adriel Garrovillas

      how much was it to pick up your note 2?

    • expos9439

      I paid 199 back in November (hardware upgrade). Should be free with a new activation these days.

    • Charlotte Golden

      dude, if you’re using youre note 2 as ‘just a phone’ then you are seriously missing out. It is anything but.

  • matthewcouto

    It’s sad that you can buy two laptops (albeit sh*tty laptops) for the price of one smartphone nowadays.

  • Derek M

    The LG G2 still seems like the best device out there. Amazing speed, camera, internals, just a little heavy on the UI.

    • Hilman in Edmonton

      Agreed, this is the first phone that I am not worrying all day about the battery life (Nexus 4 was awful). Its nice to get through a whole day with it having over 50% left in the tank before going to bed.

    • Adriel Garrovillas

      I was considering the LG G2 as well but it just looks so uninspired compared to the note 3.. Did you get yours on a contract?

    • Taylor Bolin

      i have to agree with you, there are certain aspects i like about the G2 having used it for a few days, im still torn about the back buttons, and am looking forward to using the note3

    • Super_Deluxe

      Is it too early for putting Cm10.2 on it?!

    • thusguy

      I got the G2. Rooted it, Got cyogenmod (or nova if you don’t want the hassle). and its amazing! fast as hell battery is the first I’ve been able to heavy use and not have to charge till the a.m. I love it, Highly recommend it.

    • Taylor Bolin

      i have been using a G2 for a few days, and cant wait for the note 3 to come out so i can sample that as well, if its any idication the G2 reminds alot of the G and my feelings will be that the Note3 will show its superiority over the G2. i had nothing running and only 600 mb of ram left, so itll be interesting to see the 3gb ram on the note3

  • Max Fireman

    Wow! That’s rough. $900 taxes in. You can get a giant big screen TV, a loaded laptop or a fantastic camera for that money.

    • Yulet

      Your brain is not working very well if you’re buying a phone outright from Canadian providers, buy it from somewhere else if you don’t want to go on a contract, that’ll be cheaper.

    • beyond

      I agree, unless you buy it used, the prices are just as high if not higher for unlocked devices

    • J-Ro

      I would recommend Kijiji, Craigslist or ebay. I have met some international dealers on each site and normally get a much better rate on phones outright.

    • J-Ro

      That is very true. It takes a lot of hunting but prices are normally high because of the popularity. I lucked out a couple times but I doubt many will want to give this one up for cheap off the bat.

    • Richard Xing

      Right now Negri has the Note 3 priced at $689.50. It’s unlocked but the only downside is that it has the T-Mobile logo at the back.

    • Richard Xing

      The bands are not an issue. Rogers uses 850/1900 bands for 3G/HSPA+ and this phone supports them. Rogers uses the 2100/2600 LTE bands and this phone supports 2100, so I don’t see the problem.

    • Richard Xing

      None of those are wrong. Look at the LG G2 on their site. Same thing. I think when carriers slap their logos on phones, the price drops by quite a lot.

    • Ulfredsson The Vanquisher

      except now with the national stolen phone list, I would not risk Kijiji unless you can get the imei and check it before you pay for it.

    • J-Ro

      I hope they make that an easy task.

  • wp77

    $800? LOLOL. And people think the Surface 2 is expensive at $449? What a joke.

    • Adriel Garrovillas

      haha that’s just ridiculous

  • J-Ro

    This pricing is the exact same as last years model of the same storage type. I don’t know why everyone is so outraged. Did no one see the original prices of the Note II?

  • Super_Deluxe

    Eff this bs pricing. Looks like I’m gonna have to wait till the holidays to upgrade…

  • johentie

    dang… with these 2 year contracts even the contract price is steep.. i was expecting that price.. but at least a $50 rebate… but nope.. no more of that..

  • Me Ted

    Out of control. Annnnnnnd that’s why I’ll probably end up getting a Nexus device.

    • Yulet

      Really? Note 2 16GB was and still is $730 outright. This one is 32GB and it’s $799. What’s out of control?

    • Me Ted

      How about $800 for any smartphone when the margins are ridiculous. I understand market pricing but I also understand that I can get a comparably equipped device in the Nexus 5 for substantially less.

    • Yulet

      You can’t get anything like Note 3 even for a higher price right now. Don’t forget the S-pen, USB 3.0 etc.

    • Yulet

      I don’t even compare this phone with a Nexus device. Battery life is worth $500 extra for me and since I’m never buying a phone outright, it’s not very different for me.

    • AReid

      $500 for a pen & USB…haha

    • jroc

      I’ve got a really nice pen that I will sell you. It’s a steal at only $250. Interested?

    • Me Ted

      I can get a universal stylus for about $1. USB 3? Why do I need that when I have wireless connectivity in multiple formats?

    • AReid

      I totally agree, the Nexus is probably going to be $300-350 outright.

  • Stephen Cornthwaite

    This price is pretty much standard fare these days, nothing overly priced about it. Your getting a device with almost double the storage what previous devices started with, as well as a device that is almost as powerful as some laptops, EXTREMELY portable, and can cover almost all your media needs, whether it be entertainment or work related, and all in a single device. IMO this is going to cost you.

    And if people don’t like the price, don’t buy it. I’ve seen almost none of the complaints about price coming from someone who genuinely seems to want it, but can’t afford it, and almost all of them come from people who don’t seem to like the device anyways. Boggles my mind, like just cause its on the internet, you have a right to complain about it.

    Personally, I’m coming from a note 1. If I can find a way to swing this phone’s pricing I’m doing it. If not, I’ll be certainly disappointed, but I’ll have to come to terms with it.

    • Yulet

      They’re companies that want to make profit, not charities.

    • Techie01

      it’s called Business, you don’t like don’t buy it, they aren’t holding a gun to your head. Name a business that doesn’t have a profit margin or markup?

    • Me Ted

      It’s not called business. We’re actually talking about the market price of the phone. So essentially how much will the market allow this product to go for? More demand means higher prices. Less, means lower. Pretty simple stuff.

      It’ll take a massive shift over to – say – Nexus devices to drive the prices down. Maybe it’ll also force Samsung to be more creative in their industrial engineering. Their phones are boring at best. TouchWiz? Good God it’s awful.

    • Stephen Cornthwaite

      If you don’t think the price is worth it, that’s your opinion. I do, as well as a large majority of the people that buy these types of devices. If everyonaffordght they were overpriced, and didn’t purchase them, the cpanies would be forced to change their pricing strategies. But there are enough people to want them, to warrant the prices.

      If I wanted just a phone, I wouldn’t spend more than 150 outright on it. But I want an ‘everything under the sun’ device the size of a phone. And THAT comes at a cost. And if I feel its worth the money, then to me (and like individuals), its not overpriced. Neither you, nor me, are ‘right’ when it comes to prices. It’s all about what people can afford (or feel they can afford. If you feel its overpriced, you are fully entitled to that opinion, and its not wrong. But it’s just that, your opinion.

    • Adriel Garrovillas

      nekkidtruth easy man. No need to be so emotional about this. haha

    • Stephen Cornthwaite

      I had a huge rant written out, but felt somewhere I would be faulted or told I was wrong.

      So I’ll simply say this. you feel the product is overpriced. For you, your right. I feel the product is priced appropriate. For me, that’s right.

      I don’t know what you base your ideas on, but I look at what a device does, what’s alternately available, and what I will get out of it. And in the end, if I can justify the costs, then to me, its not overpriced. And if it is, then I don’t buy it.

      As to the comment about if someone has $800 dollars to spend on a cellphone, does not mean they should be priced in such a way. Actually, that’s EXACTLY why they are priced in such a way. They will always be priced to get as much out of the consumer as possibly. They will markup as much as they feel they can get away with (legally or otherwise).

    • Stephen Cornthwaite

      Ah, right, question about what I feel is overprice, correct? Well, I guess I feel gas, here in BC, is overpriced. I can go south of the border and save $20-$25 on filling my tank (almost 25% less than what I currently pay locally). But I complain about that because its a need when having to take kids to soccer practice or dance class, or visiting relatives, or going grocery shopping. I don’t really have an option not to use it. If I did have an option to not use it, I certainly wouldn’t. But that’s a problem with society in general (sprawled urban areas with lack of easy access (i.e. not motor vehicle access) to essential services like food/medical).

      If you can spin me how my feeling gas is overpriced in my specific area market, relates to how I don’t feel cellphones are overpriced, please do. I will gladly agree I am “wrong” if you can.

    • jroc


  • thedosbox

    Those of you who considering this device should go read the arstechnica review. It seems Samsung has been busy “tweaking” for benchmark performance again.

    • BigBrosMo

      Thank God you posted this! I was about to get a Note 3 because it was the fastest phone but now that I know that they were tweaking I’ll go with the second fastest in their list!!

      OH NO! It’s still the Note 3!!! Did they double tweak it? Is that even possible? OMG DOUBLE TWEAK!!! 😉

    • thedosbox

      If you’d bothered to read the article, you would have known it was still the fastest phone without the tweaks.

      Well, other than the gallery app taking 15 seconds – 2 minutes to load. But hey, you have the fastest phone! Who cares that basic apps have bugs!

    • BigBrosMo

      I did read the article, and that’s why I said the second fastest phone was still the Note 3. Willis?

      If I don’t use the basic apps, because I prefer 3rd party…then ya, who cares if they have bugs? But seriously, I am curious, which other basic apps have bugs? Maybe I should get a bug-free iPhone.

    • thedosbox

      Ah, so you don’t use stock apps, but you want to know which ones have bugs? OK then.

      And WTF has the iphone to do with this? I neither mentioned or use one, so put your inner fanboi back in your pants.

    • BigBrosMo

      It seems that my pee in your cornflakes caused you to poop your pants.

      1. WHY should the arstechnica article be read by someone considering this phone? Because it’s not the fastest? (It is, tweaking or not) or because Samsung’s ethical practices should be considered? (Then say that, and begin the real debate.) Or did you have another reason? How should a potential purchaser of the phone take Samsung’s benchmark tweaks into consideration?

      2. “Ah, so you don’t use stock apps, but you want to know which ones have bugs? Ok then.” Yes? It seems you forgot the rest of your reply. You were telling me about the fastest phone having bugs in the basic apps. I asked which ones, out of curiosity, other than the gallery because I don’t use it.

      3. Apologies. You used a sarcastic tone when you implied that a bug in the Gallery app was an indication of bugs in many more stock apps. You took that further by associating it with someone overlooking those implied shortcomings for only the sake of being able to claim the fastest phone. That was very iPhone-owner-like behaviour. An incorrect assumption on my part… I guess that’s why they say what they do about the word “assume”! LOL. In response I tried to use sarcasm as well, joking that the iPhone was bug free. But alas, it was beneath you. Please accept my apology.

      4. What’s a fanboi? And if someone had one of those “inner”, wouldn’t it already be in their pants?

      I am sorry you got goaded, son. Good luck at the laundromat!

    • thedosbox

      Huh, I didn’t realize Samsung fans were even more defensive than apple fans.

      Hint: I even said it was still fast without the tweaks.

      Bonus hint: I assume people are able to read articles and make up their own mind. Granted, this may not apply to you, in which case, my apologies.

    • BigBrosMo

      I love hints! What’s the game?

      I know you said it was still the fastest. I was trying to understand why you said it was important to read the article before purchasing the phone.

      I did read the article. That’s twice I’ve told you that. I just don’t get why you said it was important I did.

      Just to be clear, are you assuming that I can’t read, aren’t able to make up my own mind, or both? I thought we already covered why you need be careful with the word ‘assume’.

      WAIT! I figured out the game! You wasted my time getting me to read
      an article for as yet still unexplained reasons, so I took you on an emotional rollercoaster of banter to make up for it! YES, I WIN! Aside from pooping your pants, don’t you agree this has been much
      more fun?

    • thedosbox

      Hmm, I thought you were capable of reading an article and drawing your own conclusions. Guess I was wrong.

      Then again, it’s possible that you’ve already made a purchase and are butthurt about the review. In which case, my condolences.

    • BigBrosMo

      Yay, more fun with poopy-pants!

      Drawing my own conclusions about what? You said “Those of you who considering this device should go read the arstechnica review.”

      Ok… why?

      ” It seems Samsung has been busy “tweaking” for benchmark performance again.”

      Well that’s a poopy thing to do ‘Shamesung’! But again I have to ask… what does that have to do with me buying a Note 3? Why should I consider the tweaking when making the purchase?

      Or were you just making mutually exclusive statements and I misunderstood?

  • MadBlax

    Well compared to an Iphone 5s 64GB at $919.00 sign me up Samsung, getting this beast Friday morning. I am shocked how many people are surprised by this. The original Note was $700.00, over 2 years ago, this thing is bringing way more to the table.

  • Ulfredsson The Vanquisher

    Maaaan… $800…
    I dunno now…
    Looks like I’ll wait to see what’s up with the Nexus 5.
    I made a line in the sand @ $750. Gotta stop somewhere.

  • Rawrrr

    Buy what you like, don’t buy if you don’t like. If you like it and don’t want to pay/too poor to pay, then wait. Waiting ain’t gonna help b/c this market updates and evolves every 3 months… Gg boys and girls. I’ll be getting this since I’m moving away from the Wind zone and will be with Robbers again… Lol 2 yr contract, GG to me

  • Adriel Garrovillas

    $800? Man, that’s depressing.

  • johentie

    just checked my reservation on Rogers.. status is now “In Progress” instead of NEW.. hopefully it’ll ship out tomorrow!

    • Dimitri

      Only white ones are IN PROGRESS. Sadly the Jet Black ones are still OPEN status. They wont ship until either tomorrow or Thursday & be at the store Friday.

  • realitycheck

    i could get a nexus 4 and 7 for less than 800….. OVERPRICED. i dont want to see the days of $1500 nokia matrix phones…

    • johentie

      hehe but those were cool!

  • Aiden

    If I remember right the Note 2 was about $650 new from the Samsung store. Granted this has double the internal storage so that warrants a small increase in price, but generally speaking I figured this would’ve been around $700 or slightly less. Hmm. I’ll wait till it goes for around $400 on Craigslist.

    • Dimitri

      It has more then just double the internal storage. The Note 2 does NOT have a 5’7 inch screen, does not have 3GB RAM, does not have a IR Blaster, doesn’t support LTE Cat4, does not have 1080P screen, USB 3.0, Doesn’t have a 13MP camera, Can’t record 4K videos, Doesn’t have barometer, temperature, humidity, gesture ect, doesn’t have ANT+ support. All this is included with the Note 3 but not the Note 2. That is WHY the price is a bit higher. I know all this can be a low cost but all the features added, make the cost a bit more.

  • JTon

    Let us not forget how cheap memory is. I’ll be a happy camper once this $100 for 16GB increase goes away

  • nelly_85

    Remember that because of all the added software for all the new features Samsung doesn’t want the note 3 to become like the s4. Betcha after all the software you will be left with 19gb. Also I really don’t think the phone should be priced that high…. Do we forget how much flagship devices were back a few years….. My desire hd was 499 off contract…..

    • HelloCDN

      They do it on purpose, obviously – more contracts for carriers.

  • RussianDroid

    Ok, I don’t think Note 3 is comparable to Nexus 4 (even without stylus and USB3).

    If you compare it to Nexus 5 or whatever it will be called then there is no telling how much it will cost. LG/Google might step up to a higher price point if they use the most guts from G2. Look what Moto did with their X. So 300/800 compassing might be off.

    Note 3 is somewhat a niche device with unique features which are not available on other phones. However, the price IS steep. But it would be dumb for Sammy to sell it cheaper than Note 2. Corp greed in action. It might be cheaper to get a small LTE enabled tabled (eg.Nexus 7) and use Skype for making and receiving calls using Bluetooth headset but that’s making a compromise.

    No phone should be more than $500 unless the price is justified by anything else but profit. I’ll likely still get Note 3 regardless of the price.

  • delumen

    “We told you last week that WIND would be charging a significant sum for its version” I’m pretty sure Bell’s price is more significant.

  • Sanjay Saini

    LG G2$ 599 FTW

  • BB BB

    Don’t forget the carriers like Robbers slap on an extra $50. i.e. Galaxy S4 outright costs $750 even though Robbers $700 for the phone with a new month to month plan. Robber$! Considering what a beast of a phone this is and the fact that a 32GB iPhone 5Scosts $819 the Note 3 is a better buy IMO :p

  • Herbert Chong

    I built a desktop PC myself 6,7 years ago,
    it costed me about $450.
    It still runs smoothly.

    You pay that 800 bucks for a cellphone and guess what?
    These company trying to make you change your phone every year.
    All these software, OS update are trying to slow down your phone to force you to buy a new one.

    Paying 800 dollars for a brand new phone is fine, because after all, these phones are powerful like a laptops now.

    However, if it’s life expectancy is only 1 year or 2. that’s the problem.

    I am still using a Nexus S. I had to downgrade my phone from Jelly Bean back to Gingerbread because it just wasn’t usable at all.

    Waiting for the Nexus 5.

  • KingOfTdot

    My phone arrived at the store on Oct 2 but the salesperson refused and explained that they cannot release the phone before the launch date, but I was able to get some inside information.

    1) The MSRP of the phone is $699.99
    2) Rogers sells it for $749.99 (outright) and $249.99 (2-year contract)
    3) According to someone from Rogers call centre, the HTC one Max will arrive at Rogers in mid October.

    Also, I have come across someone on an online classified site who allegedly has a Rogers-locked LTE Note 3.

  • Francis Lépine

    Will Best Buy have it October 4th in the morning?

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