WIND launching the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 on October 4th, here’s the pricing


  • jackjiarocks

    damn….that is pretty damn steep , even for a a tab price.

    • KEVIN

      I agree…the price of smartphones are getting ridiculous…

    • Erik N.

      The price of smartphones are getting ridiculous because the technology that goes into them is getting ridiculous. We have pretty much almost the power of a typical desktop PC all squeezed into a 5.7″ form factor. It takes a lot of R&D and engineering to get to where we are today.

    • Goran Mihajlović

      The cost to manufacture and the bill of materials are a quarter of that price. That R&D and engineering is more than paid for.

    • Christian Ho

      I think you guys are way off. Reason for the smartphone increase is that by law, contracts are now only 2year as opposed to 3years. As soon as companies changed to 2y, the prices, even on older phones went up. The reason for the increase is that companies have a shorter exploitation life spam on customers, making it easier for customers to go from one company to another or a phone to another. My point is, the REAL cost of the phone is WAY lower than what they say, on the new iPhone 5S they estimate it cost under $200 to put together. But companies have to “pretend” it’s $700+ so customers will be “forced” to sign a contract in order to pay less and then get the money back through us suckers paying the overpriced monthly fees. And as technology evolves, it actually gets cheaper for companies. Apple for example is making even more profit on the 5S than it was making on the 5 (though the best one was the 4S with nearly 75% according to some articles).
      I know that there’ll be a lot a trolls about what I just said, but plz, before that, just do some research on what I just said. look for “teardown shows iphone 5s costs” for example.

    • Goran Mihajlović

      So nor only did phone prices go up, but so too did plans. And taking a flanker brand, Koodo, for example, only ever had a 150 dollar tab. They had the lowest prices after mobilicity for phones in Canada. With the 2 year contract rule, all plans went up by 5 dollars, overage rates increase (data doubled), and new tab tiers were implemented. The tab large is the single biggest ripoff ever. To qualify for the 500 large tab, you have to take certain plans which cost 15 dollars more than regular plans on small/medium tab, and pay 10 dollars a month towards the tab. Assuming the 75 large plan, Koodo pays it down 11.25 a month. 500/(11.25+10)= 23.95 months of payments. You have given Koodo 15 a month in addition to the 10, since the same plan on tab small or medium is 60 a month. And right now the double data deal, for 50, so you’d be giving 25 extra by going large. So the 60 dollars one without the double data time frame would have you effectively giving Koodo 600 dollars. Opting now to go tab large rather than small and the 50 dollar plan means you’ve given Koodo back 840 dollars. Congratulations, you subsidised Koodo. Virgin’s about the same. Fido just increased rate plans.

      Anything to maintain profit margins of 46-48%. Hell, with the flanker brands becoming almost as big ripoffs as the premium brands, I wouldn’t be surprised to see 50% margins soon.

    • Jon P

      This was little too long of an explanation, but I agree.

    • Christian Ho

      They say they are not, but if you analyze it, you’ll see they are. Think about it, you get a phone under the tab, for instance the Note 3 is $449 on the $40 monthly plan. If you read the policy you’ll see that for every amount you pay per month they’ll reduce 10% of it (before taxes) from you tab. Meaning, you pay $40, they reduce $4 on the tab. Do the math and see how long it will take for you to pay off your phone. If you leave the company, you still have to pay the remaining amount under your tab. Sure you can leave at any time, just like you can on any other company, but as the other companies call it a “cancellation fee”, on Wind they call it a “tab”. Same principles, same rip-off (or even worse), just a different name for things.

    • Christian Ho

      A lot cheaper? $449 on wind vs $249 on Rogers or even $299 with the other companies. Hmmm, not sure about which one I’d pick. Oh wait, what if I call roger’s customer retention and what if they offer a $100 off the cancelation fee, reduce the monthly price from 60 to 45 permanently? Done and done got my note 3.

    • Christian Ho

      Really?? No, REALLY?? Thousands?? I’ll stop this discussion right here because apparently you don’t have your facts straight. Max they charged (and it says on the contract you sign) was $200 for the phone and $200 for breaking the contract.
      The $15 brings the plan down to $45 wich is $5 more than Wind itself. The difference and the reason why I’d rather pay $5 and be on Rogers or a major company (even though I don’t like them) is the coverage (aside from the incident on wednesday). I went to Ottawa and used LTE all the way there, didn’t have any problem. I’m going to Waterloo this weekend and will be using my cel a lot as well. As with Wind, unfortunately, if the area is not covered, you’ll be thrown to Rogers network anyways and pay roaming (even in some parts of GTA). A friend of mine had to drop Wind because he had no signal on his apartment -.-. I was going to change to Wind but after some research I decided not to. So I’d rather pay $5 extra and have a peace of mind than worry if I’m roaming and pay roaming charges.
      Now going back to your $200 to pay off your phone. $449 + $200 = $649. Rogers, $249 + $400 = $649. I can really see how advantageous it is -.-

    • KEVIN

      I’d have to disagree on that part. Can’t tell if you’re just exaggerating or not. I remember when I had the Nokia E71 & E72 which were premium phones at the time…brand new they were in the $500 dollar range. that was only 5 years ago.

    • Hartia

      Inflation people… adds up. But I do agree, phone prices are too high for wages that haven’t really changed much these days.

    • Liberal Phone Person

      I dont think its inflation so much. I think its more about the massive r&d costs and advertising that goes into each handset

    • Ulfredsson The Vanquisher

      Razr V3 originally retailed for over $600.
      Panasonic x800 was around $700
      I remember because I sold so many Razr’s when they launched at Rogers, it paid for my first year of university.

      Seems to me that phone’s have stuck around the same price points (more or less)

      A top end smartphone 6-7 years ago would be $600 to $800.

    • zanzee

      The price of phones really hasn’t changed much in the last 10 years, people just get used to paying per month on them. In the end you’re better off just saving $750 and walking in.

  • bel4_20

    Can you say “gouge” ouch!!

    • MrEeeaddict

      DON”T BUY IT THEN, I don’t get why people are sooo mad it costs more than their willing to pay?

    • Fawoo

      Some things are fine to demand a lower price on, such as when a company has monopoly over a sector and is driving prices to ridiculous edges, or when some type of scheming is going on where all companies in an industry are rigging prices. Countless other examples.

      Asking companies to lower their profits on a LUXURY device isn’t one of those products where it’s OK to demand a lower price. Remember smartphones are not a necessity, they are a luxury. So MrEee is still in the right in the sense that demanding lower prices on a luxury good such as a Note 3 doesn’t make any sense.

      PS. It’s still OK to state that you wouldn’t buy the product because it’s too expensive, but to call this pricing “gouging” is ludicrous.

    • Fawoo

      There is a big difference between talking with your money and demanding lower prices. They can be done simultaneously, but are not the same thing. Please don’t confuse them again.

    • Fawoo

      Actually yes your comment implied that. Learn to create arguments if you’re claiming otherwise. As seen by the first couple of lines in the second paragraph, you’re already mixing them. 🙂

      But continue to tell me to read your comment when I’ve read through it several times and it lacks any logical arguments. You keep making large claims, fail to back them up, and then make generalized statements.

    • Derek Steiger

      maybe cause a few hundred kilometers South from us its $299 on a 2 year plan???? Oh but wait!!!! The Canadian telcom companies aren’t gouging us.. they are cheaper!! What a load of crap

  • joey b

    well, if i can sell my gs4 for enough money, i may buy this

    • Dimitri

      I sold my S4 with 2 extra batteries ( + 1charging pod) & 2 cases for $650. All accessories were sealed as well.

      Yours most likely will go around $500-$550 if the right buyer comes threw.

  • Jesse Laurin

    If the Wind Tab goes back up to $500 during Christmas this won’t be bad @ $249 on the 2 year tab

  • 刁ㄖ凵ㄣㄣㄇ

    What model is coming to wind??? I really hope its the n9005 snapdragon soc version!

    • Luke Consta

      I’d like to know as well.

    • retrojim

      the s4 that wind has is the snapdragon 600 version. so hopefully the note 3 will be the snapdragon version as well.

    • artiplier

      I’d prefer the snapdragon 800 myself, but Wind’s GN3 pre-registration page lists 1.9GHz Big-core Quad + 1.3GHz little-core Quad under specs….but things could change before official launch maybe.

    • Luke Consta

      Saw that as well and it saddened me 🙁 Imported T-mo version it is, I guess.

    • Jon P

      I wouldn’t be surprised if it stuck with Exynos version as Wind doesn’t have LTE

    • Shūji Kiritani

      We’ll see when someone reports it in the states when they buy it on Oct. 2nd from T-mobile on its release date.

  • Rich

    Eh, luxury pricing.
    Nexus 4 or 5 for the average consumer.

  • Super_Deluxe

    Man those prices are pretty steep. I would rather they implement the 2 year contacts so its less upfront payment. Contracts now work the same way as tabs anyway. Goes down a certain amount per month and u pay off the rest if you want to upgrade early. For Rogers atleast, don’t know about Bell and Telus.

    • asdfasdf

      exactly. there’s absolutely no difference between a contract and a tab, yet koodo and wind are still charging enormous prices, usually around $150-300 more than contract prices. especially koodo, when their added value is not enough to warrant such a steep price.

    • RandomHero

      Koodo uses a 24 month system identical to everyone else now. It will go up to $500 off outright.

  • Crafter’s Imagework

    How on earth this will bring them more customers!!!! 🙁 come on wind! loose 200/150 from that Tab price and gain a lot of customers in the end….. the sooner you understand this, the better!


    Seeing all these premium/luxury phones being released in the past couple weeks only makes me realize how thankful we should be that Google has created the Nexus Line that provide almost the same specs and features with the downfall in certain areas and “build quality” ( although that is subjective) for half the price of some of these phones.

    I’m not hating or complaining, if you can justify, have the opportunity and budget to afford these awesome phones than you are lucky 🙂

    But to me paying double and almost triple can’t justify the features/specs these come with. IMO…it’s just not worth it to ME.

    *Note 3 definitely looks like a darn sexy phone though*

  • 01011001001

    I second those comments that this is steep, and this coming from someone that buys phones outright.

    • hyperhyper

      Considering I’m saving about $1000 by being with Wind over Bell/Rogers, I can easily afford to buy a new phone every year and still have money left over. Fortunately, I don’t have Kardashian spending values so I tend to upgrade my phone ever 2 to 2.5 years. Now if you were with one of the Big 3, then I would have to agree with your comment.

  • Ro Tep

    If only Verizon was in Canada. The price will be at cheaper price. It hurts to see how our neighbors pay so less compared to us. No more tyranny from Big3.

    • GS

      Don’t forget that with Verizon your phone bill is almost guaranteed to be at least $100 a month compared to Wind’s $20/$30/$40 plans. They aren’t much better off than we are.

    • Shameer Mulji

      You are right but where I live WIND zone coverage is pretty poor compared to the Big 3. It isn’t even as good as Fido or Koodo either. So their cheap prices reflect that.


    With Wind, you pay roughly $1280 for the entire 24 months if you go for the $30 plan. With the big 3, you will have to pay over $1800, with a $70 plan and $199 phone price.

    If Wind has good receptions in your area, go for it. You will save some money in the long run.

    • HelloCDN

      They don’t have a good reception anywhere…

    • Fawoo

      In the GTA they have quite amazing reception actually. Never had a dropped call or slow speeds (unless I go crazy with my data and they slow down speeds purposefully).

    • zanzee

      GTA =/= 90% of the rest of Canada. But nice to see you think outside your little bubble.

    • Fawoo

      HelloCDN stated they don’t have good reception anywhere, I was stating that in the GTA they have great reception actually.

      I wasn’t stating that GTA is equal to the rest of canada, or that it’s more important, I was simply claiming that his statement isn’t true. It would possibly be true if he stated “They don’t have good exception outside of the GTA”.

      Nice to see you jump the gun though.

    • hyperhyper

      Don’t worry about HelloCDN, he’s a paid shill. FWIW, I have to agree that Zanzee did jump the gun. I’m in Ottawa and I have awesome reception everywhere in the city from Gatineau to Downtown to Kanata (most parts). Heck, even when I go to Barfhaven / Farrhaven I get reception.

    • MapleSot

      I have to disagree. Call reception is debatable in “main” cities but Wind has very SLOW data speed. I hate to say it but that’s why I jump ship back to Fido.

    • samwist23

      That’s not true. While I’m a huge Wind supporter, and a Wind customer myself, I’m gonna have to say you’re wrong. I live in downtown Mississauga, and I don’t get a single bar inside my house. That is true for anywhere too deep in a building or underground. Data in pretty pathetic when I do get signal in Mississauga as well. I commute to downtown Toronto everyday for work, and my data is almost useless during rush hours. It got better over the summer, but still not good enough.

      While I agree that you should go with Wind if its available in your area, saying they have amazing reception is very misleading. There’s no comparison to Rogers or Bell’s network that has 2G, 3G and LTE for redundancy, to Wind’s measly 3G running on AWS that suffers with building penetration.

    • Ali

      i am a rogers customer and my wife on wind since they started in canada, i have faced more drop calls then her.
      I never got rogers network on my iPhone for 2 years while i worked right on hwy 7 and 404. I called rogers several times and their support said that they can guarantee signal only if you are on a main street.
      I do not get signal in my friends house in Thornhill or Bur oak drive and mcowan.
      Every telecom provider have some dead spots, so give Wind a break on dropped calls.

    • chris

      London has pretty great reception where I live and frequent.

  • FForever

    32 GB model for $749. Not bad.

    • Derek Steiger

      Yeah outright that actually isn’t bad.

  • Ibrahim Elmi

    Don’t they have a trade in program . a good condition galaxy note 2 would give me 250 store credit. i can use that and but it outright

  • Ibrahim Elmi

    sorry for the stupid question but does wind have LTE .

    • hyperhyper

      They do not.

    • beyond

      yes they have LTE, (Lousy Telecommunication Energy)

    • MapleSot

      I was excited when I read the first four words then I see the quote. DAMN YOU TRICK ME! LOL!

    • Shūji Kiritani

      Well they might in the future like Tmobile, they have 4G LTE built on AWS 1700 currently.

  • _ThaNerd_

    WTF! And that’s without the freakin useless watch!

  • Gary Evans

    Galaxy Note 3 = Garbage!!!

    • Dimitri

      Explain how.

    • Dimitri

      Oh yea eh? So what device do u think can out beat the Note 3 with a 3GB ram, 32GB build in memory, stylus, 3200Mah battery that is removable, Sd card slot, large, 5’7 inch HD screen. 13MP camera which records 4K on it. Yea this device sucks right? Get Get a life bud.

    • Dimitri

      Yea yet LG & Huawei will be late in the game since Samsung released all those features on the Note 3. Once one company releases something, the others will come out & do the same. So the original phone that brought out all those features will be the S4 & Note 3. Note 3 with 3GB ram, 3200Mah battery in Canada, 4K recording, Stylus.

      Post back here when LG & Huawei bring those specs out on a device like the Note 3.

  • mwahahahaha

    HA! these companies own us! We slaves better keep working.

  • jhl

    Price of note 3 in S.korea is announced at 1067000 won, which is about 1022CAD outright. Comprare to that, I’d say this is not a bad price, thanks to price competition in NA. Samsung is S.korean company, yet s.korean pays more than us. Neat.

  • Mitchell Sherratt

    So the Note 3 will come to wind before the G2? I wonder what the hold up is.

  • icyhotonmynuts

    What exactly is launching though, the quad or octacore verson?

  • Canadaboy

    new activations only?

  • Derek Steiger

    Exactly. Everybody should wait… force them to reduce the price.

  • TouchMyBox

    I’ve got a feeling that 0.7 inches won’t be worth the $450 premium over the Nexus 5.

    • Dom


  • jeff

    The prices are too damn high!

  • manpreet singh

    would I be able to walk into a wind store on Oct 4 and buy it outright? I’m an wind mobile user….

  • Kenny G

    I guess we’ll have to wait a bit before we see a price drop. I’m sure that will happen when the next Android phone comes out…..I hope. :-/

  • Max Fireman

    Cant wait!

  • Dom

    Just you.

  • Adriel Garrovillas

    Tabs suck imho. I’m never done paying off the tab before I want a new phone :p

  • Adriel Garrovillas

    I really want this phone, too bad I can’t afford it

  • Gary Evans

    Galaxy Note 3 = CRAP!!!
    Android = CRAP!!!

  • Arash J

    Apparently Bell Outright pricing is $799.95 guys

  • Dimitri

    Yea eh? Has LG or Huawie released a phone that has 4.3 on it? 3GB RAM on it? 3200mah battery on it? 32GB memory with SD card on it? stylus built in? 13mp camera with 4K recording on it? IR blaster to control your TV & Cable box? huge slim looking device? Until they can, i will be here waiting.

  • sepehr jamali


    I have an unlocked an rooted SM-N9005 XXUBMJ1 and it’s already been region unlocked.
    But my Wind sim card is not working on it. it can detec it, and i also has network bars, but when I try to call it says Not registered on network.
    what do you think the problem is? do you think I have to install wind modem on it? do you still have the files for that.

    best regards