Nokia’s 10.1-inch tablet will reportedly be called the Lumia 2520


  • Dave Courtemanche

    Windows RT? $500?

  • QQ

    Transformer Book T100 with FULL Windows 8.1, Office and KEYBOARD DOCK is $349.

    Only thing better on the Nokia is the screen resolution, but its not worth the premium Nokia thinks it can charge.

  • Nathaniel James

    Still better than an Ipad

    • wes

      Better maybe, but will it sell? Probably not. And when it comes to business, it’s the bottom-line that counts. So +1 for Apple…. again, as much as I hate Apple, kudos.

    • Tom

      As an OS, I find Windows RT to be superior to iOS. It has an accessible file system, a desktop mode, first party Office, etc – great productivity right there. It’s the closest thing to a proper PC that you can get on an ARM tablet.

      However, the fact is that RT has no apps (made even worse by lack of unification with Windows Phone’s app store – did they really not observe why the Playbook failed?), and RT tablets cost too much for a new player – almost the same as an iPad. How many Android tablets cost that much, and if there are, how well do they sell?

      Windows RT was dead on arrival as soon as Surface RT pricing was announced. They might have stood a chance with lower prices and proper integration with Windows Phone, but they blew it.

  • Paul

    I dont understand why windows is focusing on the RT market when they still need to get the windows phone working better updates are like once every 2 years, not to mention the major updates are still very minor! I’ve had windows phone, iPhone, Android, and even Black berry. iPhone is probably the best, windows phone needs work but is still the second best in my opinion.

    • wes

      I’d like to switch Microsoft (Surface Pro and Windows phone), but there are way too many questions with the long term evolution of Windows products. For now, I’m sticking with my old trusty laptop with an Android Tablet and eventually a Nexus 5. As much as I hate Apple, I give them kudos for what they’re able to accomplish.

    • Paul

      I personally like android the least, I find apple has a nice unified polish in all it’s products. But that’s just my opinion. I think windows has a TON of potential if it would just get some more focus from microsoft!

    • wes

      Personally I would only get small android devices (phones and small tablets). Above 10 inches, I’d get the Asus transformer T100, even though the build quality isn’t the best. U can’t beat the price of 350 with a keyboard and x86 architecture.

  • wes

    I don’t get it. Are non-Apple companies stupid?! Why do they keep pricing their products as if people are willing to pay an Apple Tax on non-Apple products? If you’re not Apple, you can’t expect to charge and sell as if you are Apple. Please follow Google’s lead and sell it for cheaper. If not, get ready to be disappointed in sales. Even the Nexus 10 at 400$ isn’t selling like hotcakes, why would anyone buy an/any RT for 500$? Especially when the current Microsoft RT is 350$… On a side note the Surface 2 (RT) is rumored to be priced back at 500$…. If so, it’s another blunder by Microsoft. If you can’t sell it at 350$, coming out with an upgraded RT and increasing the price isn’t going to encourage people to buy it. Also, if they don’t bundle a type cover with the base price, it’s bound to be another failure.

    I personally would like to buy an Pro, but why would I pay 800$+taxes when I can get a decent laptop for 600$ (or keep my Lenovo T500 that’s working 100%)? There’s nothing that’s encouraging me to spend my money, at least not at that price range. Turning to the Nokia RT, why would I spend 500$ on a tablet when I can buy a cheapo laptop for 300-400$ that can do x86 tasks? The pricing scheme is ridiculous. I think most people are in the same boat as me.

    • Darth Paton

      A company’s pricing is typically dependent on it’s goals. Not every company, for example, values market share as its number one priority. Google keeps the prices of its Nexus line low because having high market share allows the company to bring its services and marketing to wider range of people. A company like Nokia however, may be more concerned with generating more profit, and thus price their products much higher than Google. Also, keep in mind that by pricing this tablet at $500, Nokia only needs to sell 1/3 of the tablets they would have to sell if it were priced at $300 (assuming the costs of production, R&D, marketing, etc. add up to $200 per tablet) to make the same amount of profit.

    • wes

      I get that companies have different goals and the supply and demand curves, but at the same time, I feel as if the price point will deter many people from considering this and many other products.

      I was looking more at Microsoft than Nokia in my previous post. Microsoft, Google and Apple have 3 common characteristics, they sell hardware and they control their own ecosystem (itunes, playstore and xbox music/video). When you look at these 3 companies, they need people to have their products in their hands, because they can make profit off their ecosystem. I want to throw money at Microsoft, but you compare what you can buy with the cost of Pro or RT, you can get so much more, don’t even get me started on Apple.

    • Anthony

      Why pay $800 for a Pro instead of $600 for a laptop? Is your laptop 2lbs, or is it closer to 6lbs? To some people, the size and weight make all the difference. If it doesn’t affect you, then by all means, get the $600 laptop.

    • wes

      I agree with you that that’s one huge pro compared to a laptop (one of the reasons why I want to get one). I’m just waiting for the 2nd generation. Need Haswell cpu 😉 But at the same time, in terms of computer functions, it doesn’t bring much to the table that calls for an absolute need for a change.

    • Günter Schwarz

      I agree. I thought about the Pro but ended up getting a lenovo twist for 900$. The issue that I found with the Pro is that the screen to me is way too small to use it as a laptop, but too expensive to use it as a tablet.

    • Tom

      The Pro should not be compared to regular laptops, but to tablet PCs (the kind with digitizer styluses for REAL productivity). And those tend to go for well over $1000 (especially Lenovo models). The Pro is actually not a bad deal if you’re shopping for a tablet PC.

      But yeah, the Type Cover really should be made standard in the base price.

    • wes

      Actually, I agree with you that the Surface Pro is NOW very decently priced. Especially with the 100$ off and 40$ off the Touch cover. If you know a student or are a student (I am one), you get an additional 10% off the microsoft website (so if you have kids…). The 64 gig can be had for 720+73 = around 800+taxes (with the touch cover), which isn’t really that bad considering that it has a digitizer, and the weight difference as Anthony had mentioned. I’ve always said I would never pay more than 800 for the Pro, but again, I’m waiting for the Haswell Chip.

  • Tom

    If they want this to succeed without going Android, they’d better switch the OS to Windows Phone, or at least seriously update Windows RT to have instant cross-compatibility with every single app purchased on Windows Phone (so people can use the same account on both the phone and tablet).

    Windows RT was basically repeating the BlackBerry Playbook’s mistake. When the Playbook launched, it had its own separate app store from the BB phones (and still does since they cancelled the BB10 update). Didn’t work out too well – fragmentation anyone? I actually see BB10 having a better future than Windows RT has, and that’s saying a lot given the abysmal performance of BB10 this year.

    $499 is also way too high. Most people shopping for tablets in that price range go for the iPad. Android tablets still have a small market share compared to the iPad, and that’s with significantly lower prices across the board. Microsoft’s own Surface RT was discounted to $349 and still isn’t flying off shelves. There just wasn’t anything to truly distinguish Windows RT from iOS or Android, even though RT had interesting features like the desktop mode.

    There’s a reason why Microsoft sold way more Surface Pros (which run the real desktop x86 OS) than Surface RTs even though the Pro was nearly double the price. I wonder, if they had included the digitizer stylus and its capabilities with the RT (something most ARM tablets fail at – pen input), would they have sold more?

    • Darth Paton

      I believe it was announced that Android controls a higher tablet share than Apple a little while back, but I might be wrong.

  • Dula714

    I need a 7 inch Windows RT tablet from Nokia! Most likely with LTE.