Nokia Lumia 1020 coming to TELUS along with the 4.7-inch Lumia 625


  • stann

    Bell, Rogers, Telus…what’s the difference?

    • beyond

      they are referring to the 625

    • stann

      oh. read too fast

    • beyond

      you edited it !!!!! sneaky 🙂

    • stann

      Well, it was no longer relevant 🙂

    • Steve

      Technically not much. At least in the west, Bell and Rogers operate on TELUS lines, though Rogers has a lower tier of service. Bell/TELUS get priority on the networks.

  • Sanjay Kumar

    This would bring tears to my eyes with joy.
    Finally no more exclusive Nokia phone.
    At least this amazing phone. (Lumia 1020)

  • TechD82

    Too bad there’s no AWS HSPA+ version of the 1020.
    No way I’m dropping my $35/month WIND plan, as tempting as this phone is.

    • efjay

      Assuming the Rogers 1020 follows their 920 config it will be AWS compatible so why not get that and unlock to use on your chosen carrier?

    • TechD82

      Unfortunately, the 1020 does not have the same configuration as the 920. Others have already confirmed this; there is absolute no AWS HSPA+ support on the AT&T 1020, so the Rogers/Telus versions will be no different. Nokia may do a 1021 or 1025 or something for T-mobile (and therefore WIND/Mobi), but no news on that yet.

    • Mike366

      It is said AT&T version Lumia 1020 can work with T-Mobile network. It is nothing but apn settings

    • TechD82

      That is for T-Mobile’s LTE network, which uses AWS (from spectrum they got from AT&T when that deal fell through). T-Mobile uses AWS for LTE and HSPA+, but WIND/Mobi do not (they have no LTE to speak of… yet).
      LTE AWS is not the same as HSPA+ AWS.
      So, the AT&T 1020 will work on T-mobile’s LTE, but not T-mobile’s HSPA+. It will also work on T-mobile’s Edge network, but WIND/Mobi do not have that benefit either (without roaming on Rogers, of course)

    • J. W.

      For what it’s worth, the AT&T 920 doesn’t officially support AWS HSPA+ but the Rogers 920 does. Hopefully the 1020 will be the same.

    • wildspin

      There is a 1020 variant supporting AWS sans LTE. The model # is RM-876. The Rogers version is RM-877.

    • Big Ang

      The RM-876 exists on paper, but it hasn’t been released on any network and I’m not sure if it exists anywhere other than the Nokia testing labs. Unfortunately I’m guessing Robelus will pick up either the US version or the International version (RM-875), neither of which have AWS.

    • hyperhyper

      Yeah, I’ve been watching for any info on it since it is still TBA on the wikipedia entry. I would be more than happy to switch over to Windows Phone for a stint to use this phone.

    • Charles Dawkins

      Anywhere I can find the RM-876 model I will be all in. I still hope the RM-876 will be coming to Rogers or Telus. Fingers crossed.

  • saqrkh

    Nokia being able to get 2 of the major carriers pick up the Lumia 1020? The 1020 must be a pretty encouraging device for that to happen, especially in Canada.

    • Hilman in Edmonton

      Or trying to offload supplies, the 1020 only shipped 40,000 units in the US last quarter.

    • Toron James

      The 1020 was just released a few weeks ago, what qurater are you talking about, 1020 has not been out for a quarter.

    • Hilman in Edmonton

      My mistake, it was 40,000 units in a little less than a month. Still pretty weak numbers considering this is a shipped number. The prices are already being reduced in the US (was $300 and is now $200-249 on contract).

    • Mythos88

      Replied to the wrong msg

    • Jeff Brassard

      And where exactly are you getting this information? Easy to say stuff like this with no sourcing.

    • Frederick Edwards

      Keep in mind you are looking at a ATT-exclusive device that is just starting to be available abroad: first week in China, next month in UK, October in Canada.

      AdDuplex’s reported on their Blog on Aug 18th that in the Lumia 1020’s first three weeks of US-exclusivity, it is selling through at a slightly higher rate than the Verizon’s 928, which retails for $200 less a month. Further, they report that the 928 is sitting at about 5% US marketshare (counting all wp7 + wp8 devices) with 3 months of availability, up 1% from last month.

      With that you can probably come up with a sell-through number to-date, if you can calculate 1% of all US windows phone sold. Just keep in mind that it has only been available for 3 weeks for that data report.

  • Ballack

    Any word for Bell?

    • Eluder

      Bell doesn’t seem to carry anything WP8 other than Samsung, so my assumption is no go on the 1020, but you never know.

    • Sam Wiggans

      They carried HTC 8X

    • Eluder

      Oh ya, though they haven’t carried a Nokia product in ages IIRC. We’ll see what happens I guess.

    • 2dfx

      Bell and Nokia aren’t on good terms…

    • Ron

      Anyone know why Bell doesn’t carry NOKIA?

    • Marcel B.

      As far as I know, the last flagship Nokia phone offered by Bell was the N97 back in ’09… It was pushed along with the GSM network that Bell/Telus unleashed, but the reviews for the phone (and the sales I suspect) were disastrous. Since then, the only Nokia device that was offered by Bell was the C6-01 and that was more than 2y ago…

      In my opinion, Bell should grow up already, remove its head out of its hole and offer this phone or the 925 (if it comes to Canada)

    • Ron

      I agree!

  • Karl

    Awesome. So happy. I loved my 808 camera and happy so far with the 920. Long time Android user but being an avid photographer is what is making me drool over this phone. Hopefully yellow color will be available.

  • Eluder

    Nice to see you corrected your mistake! When I saw your post yesterday I was like WTF? The 1020 is NOT exclusive to Rogers…

  • gwydionjhr

    This is great news! I was just looking at Omegacell’s version of 625 this morning, and it only has one LTE band (2600) that would work in Canada. I’m sure the Telus version will be better suited to Canada wireless!
    Now if we only knew how soon Telus was getting either of these…..

  • Mischa Price

    good job nokia you finally realized being exclusive was only hurting your sales. congratulations i think i am going to go but a 1020 when it comes out

  • Mythos88

    Awesome. It doesn’t surprise Bell is out in the cold–I’m glad I finally left them last year.

  • Mike366


  • Scott Belbin

    any news if bell will be carrying the lumia 1020??? if they are then i’m all over that one!! GIDDY UP!!!!

    • TallePeja

      Bell doesn’t carry any Nokia smartphones, so I don’t expect them to start carrying them anytime soon

  • rgl168

    The person that offered the information regarding 1020 would be a Rogers exclusive should be punished. :p

  • peiguy67

    Sweet! It’s about time, Nokia’s always going with exclusive deals. Good to see Nokia giving Telus a flagship phone.

  • EvanKrosney

    Not in Winnipeg. I went with Telus because they were the first to launch LTE and I figured that their network would be faster because it’s not as saturated as Rogers’/MTS’, but LTE in the city has been very spotty, and good luck getting a signal anywhere a few km north of town.

  • EvanKrosney

    IMO the 625 is the entry level phone to get. WP runs so fast and so well on entry level hardware, and it’s really your only entry level large screened device.

    • auziez

      the camera is the sale to me.

  • Kabir Raza

    ativs U sure ?

    • Kabir Raza

      What do u think of Android and IOS Y do u prefer WP ?

    • Kabir Raza

      thanks for replying, so U r a office person, who like eve thing organized, and are comfortable with MS, well that’s good,
      to us we(asia-pakistan) have different options we have cheap china mobile to expensive galaxies , so several options , to us android is best coz of customization , and that is not possible with WP 8 , well my father like WP 8 coz of simplicity.

    • Kabir Raza

      too much work !!
      nice I really appreciate it.

  • Seppo

    Fabulous news, I can not wait to get my L1020!

  • Andrew Brown

    curious if you buy it out right will Telus unlock it !! I know in the U.S they are rewuired too after 90 days I believe but nothing was ever said if you buy it out right for them to unlock …anyone ??

  • Xaxxus

    holy crap telus is getting a good flagship phone. Is the world coming to an end?

  • shaunguthrie

    Looks like TELUS is aiming for Mid-October. However as with all things TELUS that can change. Here is hoping. Lumia 1020 hands down best phone on the market. Camera is beautiful

    • daftchemist

      I want it! :D.

  • daftchemist

    When when when when when when when!

  • David Malek

    When will Lumia 1020 be available at Telus? October?

  • fraughtwith

    Hope the Microsoft acquisition doesn’t screw up these plans. I would still buy the Lumia 1020 in a heartbeat, especially to get one of the last smartphones with Nokia’s name on it.

  • Bulli

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  • Bulli

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  • bobbs204

    For you techno guys out there. I got my rogers 1020 Unlocked but cant seem to get any data on Bell. Calls are ok and says 4G but no data. Im located in Winnipeg and from what I found out is that Bell is on LTE Band 4 here but so is Telus. Is telus selling a variant of the 1020 that has band 4? Or am I missing something here.