Nokia Lumia 1020 coming to Rogers in October


  • Marc Palumbo


  • Bri

    It seems like an interesting device but it sucks to be an exclusive to robbers.. I wouldn’t sign 2 yrs contract with $80 plan for this device.

    • Marc Palumbo

      Those plans are everywhere… unless you want a lower end phone and be with Koodo

    • Bri

      no I am with Wind mobile. Coverage is not as good but $50 difference is too much.

    • Dimitri

      You can always sign up with Rogers on a 2 year contract, wait at least 90 days & then sell it to someone else on Kijiji or Craigslist.

    • TallePeja

      im with Rogers & i have a $60 plan w/ unlimited canada-wide talk/text & 3gb of data

  • rgl168

    To S. Elop: if you want to increase the market shares of Nokia phones, I don’t think exclusive agreement with one carrier is the way to go.

    • trickster_qc

      I agree. I was pissed when they announced the 920 as a Rogers exclusive (I’m with Fido ). i wrote him an email and he responded basically saying that their current marketing strategy for Canada would be revised upon the release of the next flagship windows phone.

    • jackjiarocks

      HTC got bite in the a*s last year for HTC ONE X exclusive on at&t and rogers

    • Martini

      Same here. I’m not leaving my carrier for a phone. If need be, I’ll save up and buy it unlocked.

    • rgl168

      Well, it appears that they have not revised anything so far, have they?

    • trickster_qc

      it seems the 1020 will also be available on Telus. They are almost half way there ahah

    • Frederick Edwards

      I think they need a more affordable Lumia to be cross-carrier phone. Also keep in mind, ATT’s exclusivity was only 3 months for the 1020, it was 6 months for the 920, while it maintained its exclusivity with the 900.
      Nokia is launching 1080p, 5″+ displays, and quad-core phones later this year according to solid rumors. Those would be better suited as cross-carrier devices.

    • Darth Paton

      I think they need to start bringing more devices across the border. Right now we’ve got the uber low entry 520 (essentially a 2011 era phone) and 620, in addition to the carrier exclusive 920 and 1020. Nokia missed out big time on the 820, 825, hell, even the 810, as well as all the other 920 variants, the 720 (which looked great), and I doubt they’ll bring over the 625. A majority of Canadian smartphone owners don’t even have access to a half-decent Lumia device!

  • Dimitri

    What Nokia should have done, is have Bell, Telus & Rogers ( & some other carriers) carry the Lumia 1020 BUT either have each carrier have exclusive on colors OR all carriers have the same colors but one offers a free wireless charging pad or something else.

    Nokia is doing a bad decision on having the high end phones with Rogers. I guess Rogers is paying them a lot so Nokia & Microsoft take the money & make it exclusive to Rogers.

    • Milan Pavić

      Actually, its more likely that Nokia does not have any negotiating power since their devices arent popular in NA so for now – carriers can just bully them into an exclusive agreement.
      Nokia would not on purpose limit the availability of their devices while trying to penetrate the market. I get the whole prestige and exclusivity idea but that strategy only works when you have very high brand recognition. I really doubt any serious company including Nokia does not realize this.

  • Sam Wiggans

    That sucks… I really wanted to try this phone but I am not switching to Rogers for it..

    • gwydionjhr

      Then buy it outright, and take it to the carrier of your choice. Most of them have started offering 20% discounts if you BYOD.

    • Dimitri

      You also need to pay to unlock it. So depending what the outright price is add another $10+ to unlock it OR if you want to unlock it with Rogers, you pay $50.

      I would look for a cheaper place to unlock it after you buy it outright thno.

    • Xaxxus

      it cost me 50 bucks from a random cellphone shop to unlock my lumia 920 when i got it.

    • Dimitri

      Yea it depends where you go & how new the phone is.

    • FuzzyFish6

      10%, sir.

    • HelloCDN

      Telus cuts $20 off $55 all unlimited plan. Bell and Rogers, naturally, followed too. So actually, buying outright is a very sound strategy these days.

    • FuzzyFish6

      Say what? Robellus are discounting $20 from their $55 “all unlimited plans” if you BYOD? They’re giving people close to a 40% discount??

      They have $55 all unlimited plans?!? 😐


    • HelloCDN

      Yep, all unlimited without DATA of course, sorry 😉

    • FuzzyFish6

      Ahh okay. I was just about to run out the door to a Telus store lol.

      Either way, that’s a great discount even without data!

      And yep, buying outright is the way to go. It’s what I’ve been doing for my past 3 devices. 🙂

    • stanleywhyte

      Could you please where I can buy legally this unlocked Nokia? Perhaps a Nokia store? Or Microsoft store? Good luck finding one in Canada.

    • gwydionjhr

      Omegacell has a nice selection of unlocked Nokia’s.
      Xaxxus my understanding is that this issue is actually what is holding up WP8.1, which presumably means a fix is in the works

    • Xaxxus

      Nokia Lumia devices are notorious for not working properly on other carriers when unlocked. The 900, 920 had issues with tethering and MMS (mostly on telus/koodo). I dont see this changing with the 1020.

      I wouldnt spend 800 bucks on a phone without any guarentee that it will work.

  • Lirodon

    If they’re the “exclusive WP8 carrier”, how can the other competitors have WP8 phones too? Like, SaskTel has the Ativ S

    • Dimitri

      Rogers is the only carrier that has been getting all the high end Lumia phones starting with the 900, 920 & 1020.

    • jroc

      If you are going to put something in quotes you should probably make sure the article actually says it.

  • Rich

    Take this phone, slap Android on it, sell tens of millions EASY. Even with the damn dual core.

    • IJustGotaTan

      Agreed, if they released an Android version it would instantly sell. As it is, I wouldn’t touch it.

    • iPlunks

      completely false

    • Steve “dead” Jobs

      @iPlunks:disqus – do you use a smartphone? i mean a real smartphone other than icr@p before?

    • iPlunks

      iPlunks is just my user i thought of while watching the Simpsons. I am a proud Nokia 920 user since October 2012 and a 900 before. WP OS/UI is by far the best hands down. Just because Samsung has put alot of money in making there galaxy line more popular then android itself doent mean that slapping android on a Nokia 1020 will sale. Quad core still lags. Nokia would be at the mercy of Google. Everything nokia and built and put time into would be a waste. Google refuses to allow nokia maps on there on phones. What benefits does sony, HTC and motorola have using android? LG is only now making that turn and thats only due to throwing more money into android and making the phone with monster spec to have android run “somewhat” good. But hey what do i know. Your right, lets just slap Android on anx kick our feet up and watch the money fall from the sky

    • Darth Paton

      I wouldn’t bother trying to convince the Fandroids of anything, they blindly follow anything Google or Samsung throws in front of them. I remember when Android was still in the minority and all the Android fans would mock the iSheep for being close minded. Now the Fandroids have a majority and they are ten times worse than the iSheep ever were.

    • Darth Paton

      I wouldn’t bother trying to convince the Fandroids of anything, they blindly follow anything Google or Samsung throws in front of them. I remember when Android was still in the minority and all the Android fans would mock the iSheep for being close minded. Now the Fandroids have a majority and they are ten times worse than the iSheep ever were.

    • FuzzyFish6

      The dual core SoC is perfectly fine and well suited for WP8.

      You’re probably right though, an Android phone with a crazy camera like that will likely sell really well.

    • gagokaputyongpa

      Why are these droid fans always crying for Nokia like a broken record? Duh, it wont happen even in your second life. Give it a rest already coz Android will not be at the top forever. Besides Android will just make Nokia ugly, messy and laggy. Don’t fight your desire – Switch! You wont regret.

  • Mythos88

    Yes! It’s going to be one expensive early upgrade but we only live…actually I have no idea how many times we live but I want this phone. Surely Rogers has learned from their past mistakes and will offer colour options from the getgo.

  • Frederick Edwards

    WP8 is not getting much support in Canada. Since wp8 launch Nokia has released 520, 620, 625, 720, 820, 828, 920, 925, 928, 1020 and Canada has seen the 520/620/920.

    By the time the 1020 comes out in October on Rogers, the phablet (825?), the budget phablet (625), the RT tablet and several other devices will be out, including quad-core and 1080p Nokia devices. This is disappointingly slow. Currently I am stuck importing :/

    • Petephone

      I feel your pain…..

  • jgerb0

    YEEEEEHAW! Grabbing it!

  • Jeff Brassard

    Letting Rogers have this phone is literally a terrible idea. I went into a store in Edmonton wanting to get the Lumia 920 and after arguing with the guy for 45 minutes about how I actually wanted the Lumia and not an iPhone or HTC one, I just gave up and left. I went to another store and the guy told me they didn’t even have any in stock. I went to yet another store and spent another 15 minutes with the staff telling me I didn’t want the 920. I literally just got fed up, went back to my current carrier (Telus) and just got the ATIV S which I love… Rogers is doing a terrible job on the ground when it comes to marketing Windows Phone…. which sucks because I think it is a really awesome OS. In conclusion, why is Rogers getting this phone as an exclusive? I really don’t know.

    • Dimitri

      Simple. Because Rogers is offering far more money then any other carrier to get the Windows phones. They have the claim they are first for Windows phones so Nokia & MS give it to Rogers. Also the reps at the stores are not trained properly & give their own opinion which ruin it for others. In my cause i have actually told a Rogers rep i was recording them & would contact head office. At that point the store manager came over, gave me the Lumia 920 & i got $50 worth of accessories for free.

      You simply just have to scare them to give you the phone as they want u to get the other phones THEY want.

    • Jeff Brassard

      I wish I had thought of that 🙂 I don’t think Bell or Telus are doing anything to market WP8 but at least when I asked for the phone the rep at Telus didn’t argue with me. She did tell me it was the first Ativ S she ever sold, but at least she did actually sell it to me.

    • Dimitri

      Now you know to do that. Just tell the reps you will be contact Rogers & filing a complain on the store reps ( mention their names at this point). At this point they will either respond rudely ( which i doubt they will) or nicely & give you the phone. I would suggest dialing Rogers at this point before you tell them this so they can see u are contacting Rogers. You can also ask for a Manager, if the Manager refuses to budge, say all this. It should work. Store reps do not think you will file a complaint as they think you are just saying it. Show you are contacting Rogers or have someone with u so this way they can do it. They will start acting mature then.

      This goes with every carrier that reps have issues like this.

    • FuzzyFish6

      Ya there are 2 issues at work here.

      1) Stupid kids in “sales” at the store has no clue what “sales” actually is. They don’t understand that a good salesperson (read, the ones that makes money) tries to understand what their clients needs are and matches products according to those needs.
      As a consumer, I couldn’t care less what the salesperson likes. That’s totally irrelevant to me.

      2) Manufacturers pay the carriers (and thus, salespeople) more money to move a certain product.

    • mrdeeds72

      This is THE most a*s-backwards thing I’ve ever seen. Maybe go to a BestBuy and get unbiased help? I bought my 8X at Bell with no hassle and the salesperson at least was not ignorant to WP. Almost no promotion of WP though in Canada.

    • Dimitri

      Rogers reps & most carrier store reps are known not to bother with Window phones. They rather sell you something else & this is a known thing since the Lumia 900. Over at the Windows forums i have seen this & multiple sites as well.

    • Eric Tang

      There is no such thing as unbiased help. Sales associate receives commission from selling you the phone and each mfg offers different incentives.

    • iPlunks

      Is Telus or Bell doing a better job marketing WP? I have yet to see anything from them

    • Dimitri

      Exactly!. I go into Bell & Telus stores, i do not see any commercials or posters of a Windows phone. All i see is iPhones, Blackberries & Android phones. It seems all Canadian carriers are not up for marketing the Windows phones. Sadly it seems MS & Nokia does not see this.

    • disqus_AaHdfQ0xjZ

      Curious as to which Rogers stores you were at in Edmonton. Live in Edmonton, and thinking of getting this phone…

    • Jeff Brassard

      I started at Ellerslie and 91st Street, went to South Edmonton Common (they didn’t have the phone) and finally went to Millwoods town center before just giving up. Freaking Rogers 😛

    • Jeffrey Alexander

      Same experience. I went it to buy a 920 at launch and spent half of my time explaining to the rep that I know the iPhone 4 is $0 on contract (I was moving from a 3GS) and that I was also aware that the Samsung Galaxy 3 was also $0. Even up to the point of actually charging me he was trying to change my mind. And I initially went in and asked to buy it outright (I like my plan)…clearly I know I want the phone a marched in to purchase.
      Wish, if nothing else, that they’d get the upgrades sooner. I would love to have upgraded to the 1020 already…

  • Rick City


  • Mike366

    My Rogers Lumia 920 just got GDR2/Amber update today. Nokia Cam Pro is so cool

  • mike

    take my money 🙂

  • Joel B

    Post iphone 5s seems like a bad idea.

  • Massonite

    Already have one. Awesome phone! Happened to be in Vegas on launch day, so I picked one up. Only thing that sucks is AT&T disabled the AWS bands so I can’t use it with Mobilicity. Might pick a Rogers one up if it’s pentaband like the 920 was.

  • Toron James

    My next smartphone.

  • beyond


  • stann

    Signing those deals is like digging your own grave. Good luck Nokia and Microsoft. I’ll stay away from such “exclusive” companies no matter which carrier. If you still wonder why Samsung is number one…that’s why! They don’t lock their phones to robelus’ network.

  • MR M


  • MalKuh

    Just give me a date and a price so I can unlock it at WIND.

  • Seppo

    Excellent! My next phone.

  • southerndinner

    Nice camera… but wrong os and wrong OEM and wrong carrier

  • Michael Assad


  • Kenny G

    Rogers always supports Nokia phones. I’ll need to think about this carefully.

  • Kenny G

    Rogers always supports Nokia phones. I’ll need to think about this carefully.

  • Charles Dawkins

    Please let it be RM-876

  • Mariusz Kolodziej

    I’ve got my 1020 unlocked from Telus and working on Wind Mobile with APM setup, model RM-877. Brilliant!