MTS expands LTE coverage into Steinbach, offers 2-year contract terms


  • Brian

    MTS is charging $249.99 for a Galaxy S4 in a 2-year contract, with the minimum monthly plan being $48.50; the Big 3 could really learn from them.

    • Dakkon

      >the Big 3 could really learn from them.

      No, not really.

      Their 1 GB plan is $55 with 1000 local minutes, but doesn’t come with caller ID, an extra 9 dollars

      Right now, Rogers is charging $55 with unlimited local and a bonus of Nation-wide calling and caller ID with the same 1 GB plan.

      MTS sucks and is hardly any better than the big 3.

    • Brian

      That Rogers plan is a Manitoba special, something that the rest of the country has. I’m saying that MTS or Rogers Manitoba pricing should be the standard nation-wide.

    • MapleHoney

      My buddy just got a S4 from Rogers for $149.99 with 2 years contract.

  • theeye30

    It’s also worth noting that they offer $60 for 5GB with call display and voicemail lite.

    If you live in Manitoba, this deal sure is a hell of a lot better than the big 3’s.

    • theeye30

      nevermind. they changed it.

  • Kurt

    Decent new plans, too. $95 for unlimited calling, data, and tethering. Slightly better value than the big 3…

    • Twonald

      how do they justify charging for tethering?

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    See, even if this one is not in QC I love to see regional carriers succeed. Now Robelus, why can’t you do the same if you have so many clients?

    I guess they are more focused on more revenue per customer than to offer more to them.

  • Ken Wiebe

    Just a note, even though MTS claims that LTE coverage has been expanded into Steinbach, the truth of the matter is that it is available only in certain areas of Steinbach. Complete coverage for the City is still not available…typical MTS hype 🙁

    • Twonald

      yup, just like their “fiber” internet

    • Owen Finn

      Well, if you don’t like the hype, you are welcome to try Telus or Bell for their LTE coverage in Steinbach…

    • Ken Wiebe

      The point Owen is not which provider has the best coverage, but rather
      press releases and advertising that make you think one thing, when its
      really quite another. MTS should say, we have recently begun rolling out
      LTE services in Steinbach and hope to have it completed city-wide over
      the next 5 years.

    • Jay

      Haha Ken! As a retailer in Steinbach, it’s been interesting watching the LTE roll-out with Telus in Winnipeg and Rogers/MTS in Steinbach. I’m with you on the half truth nature of MTS. Yes, they have launched LTE. But, can you use it? That’s a press release for another day.