Bell and Virgin roll out new Loyalty rate plans


  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    85 for 6gb of data? they gotta be kidding right? If this how they treat their “loyal” customers may God have mercy on the new ones.

    Rather swith to videotron (even if it is just a local carrier) where I can get 6gb for only 60.

    Nice try Bell, but no thanks.

    • Dimitri

      You do realize Videotron is not offered in Ontario, BC, Alberta, Manitoba & the rest? Its only in Quebec. That being said we will never see plans like that here.

      Also i would say $70 or even $75 would be a good price for the 6GB data plan.

    • qu3becker

      We feel the same about Wind, it’s not offered in Quebec.

    • Dimitri

      That is very true.

    • djino

      WIND works perfectly for me in Gatineau, Qc 🙂

    • Samuel Gomez Recuero

      I know, but when considering my options I have to take into account all the options offered to me and in QC Videotron is becoming a more vaible solution for many.

    • Frederick Edwards

      Not so great. In Manitoba, Rogers has a couple deals that you can get via their phone line, ie: 50% off for 6 months on new contract and -$5/mo off for 36 months, which works out to be $55/mo for 3-yrs with 5gb data and unlimited cross-Canada calling and sms/mms with free vm/cd.

    • Guest

      fast forward to nearly 2015 and you get 1gb of data with 85 dollars…

    • Rio

      Stop Complaining ffs.

      6GB is usually only offered in the 100$+ plan, now you can get it for 85$.

      Something is better than nothing.

    • danny

      Stop complaining? Bell used to offer 6GB for $60.

    • Rio

      Yes but 2 things 1. That was a promotional plan, so wait till September and I am sure we will see something similar when the next iPhone comes out. Then you can go ahead and switch your plan

      2. That was on a 3-Year, so even when the promotion comes out, the price will be a bit more than 60$ because of the 2 year plans

    • Matt

      Bell used to offer 6GB for $30.

    • Jérôme Lepage

      only as a data add-on bro..

    • Andrew Phillips

      Talk to customer retention and ask. I upgraded from .5 gig for $25 to 6 gig for $30

    • TomsDisqusted

      Even if these plans were an improvement, it’s just more of the same: they compete with each other to create the most different plans, conditions, terms, unexpected add-ons, etc, and to find new ways to lock you in.

      The last thing they want is a consumer who understands their options, and who is free to choose the best option for themselves.

    • Samuel Gomez Recuero

      I can’t speak for the rest, but the best way to lock me in with a carrier is to have the best price for the offer with a descent client service. Just ask bell who they lost me as a residential customer after years of charging me double the price. When videotron came to play for half I switched and never looked back. they still send printed ads to my place (I’m sure I’m not alone on this) to get me back.

    • TomsDisqusted

      “I can’t speak for the rest, but the best way to lock me in with a carrier is to have the best price for the offer with a descent client service.”

      And as you can tell, that is the last thing that Robellus would consider.

    • Samuel Gomez Recuero

      Indeed. LOL

    • disqus_s5N6BcyzDD

      Fast forward to nearly 2015, and you get 1GB of data for 85..

  • Dimitri

    I am sure Rogers & Telus will follow suit.

    I was on the Rogers site last night & the new plans they rolled out are disgusting. You get unlimited Canada wide calling but little data. Hmm.

    Hopefully plans like this are offered with every carrier to keep customers.

  • Joey Naft

    ahahaha what a joke, can you please send the comments to bell head office?

  • Renaud Lepage

    Hell. Freaking. No.

    I’ve heard bad, and then worse, jokes, and those were still funnier than this bullsh*

  • Varroa

    Funny, the 85 dollar plan is identical to the plan I got when I first signed up with Bell 2 years ago, lol. Oh, I also have caller ID, voice mail for that price.

    • fmradio68

      The 1GB plan with Voicemail and Caller ID costs $80!!!!
      My friend is with Bell and is getting that same plan for $50!!!
      That is a $30 difference!!! TOTALLY UNREAL!!!
      And Bell has the nerve to do those fair for Canada Ads.

    • Samuel Gomez Recuero

      Probably Robelus think they are Canada

    • stent00

      they even admitted to my wife she should keep her 55 dollar share plan for 1gb of data. this is unreal. this is how consumers get punished. NO upgrade for me.

    • lorax1284

      My original Virgin Mobile plan was $25 with 100 daytime minutes, 7 PM weekends, CID / VM and no outgoing texts (I’m not a texter and refuse to pay a fee for something that should be free).

      Since then (nearing end of 3 year contract) they’ve added 5 PM evenings AND 50 free outgoing SMS/MMS for no extra cost.

      Plus I have the 6 Gig add on.

      $55 per month.

      They say if I don’t do anything after my contract expires I stay on that plan.

      So, unless they arbitrarily just kick me off that plan, I guess I’ll never get another phone subsidy, but likewise, I’m a free agent. If they said they’d give me a $500 subsidy if I locked in to the plan I have for 3 years, I’d do it, but as it is, it seems they’d rather have me on constant lookout for better offers.

  • ArberBeq

    You must be so loyal to only accept 100 LOCAL minutes & 500MB DATA for $60/month

    • dbott67

      Let’s see… I’m on the $25 Talk & Text plan at Virgin (now $30 for new subs) and get 150 anytime Canada-wide minutes, evenings & weekends starting at 5 pm, unlimited text, VM, CID and flex data. If I use 1 GB of data, I end up paying $45 per month for more data, no long distance charges and more minutes. Where do I sign up to switch?

    • Martini

      You’ll also need to offer your first born as collateral.

    • dbott67

      Lucky I got 2 kids….

    • DL1119

      more you make, more you save!

    • lukev

      The only benefit is that the Platinum Loyalty plan comes with $500 device subsidy.

      If you can take only $300 subsidy, the $65 regular Virgin plan is obviously better than this loyalty crap.

  • RoboBonobo

    I’d switch from the $60/6GB to the $85/6GB, if it had unlimited North American minutes and included Voicemail and Call Display. It’s sad that the “Loyalty” plans are worse than the promotional plans they offered to new customers 2 years ago.

    • hyperhyper

      The sad part is that they would not have to offer “loyalty” programs if they treated their customers as people and not like something that you would scrap off the bottom of your shoe. They forget that if you treat people fairly, they will be loyal to you. Sure there are those who are only in it for the lowest price but we all know there are caveats with going with the lowest bidder. Some will say that Wind/Mobilicity are the lower bidders but we all know what the caveats are with those companies and many, like myself are more than happy accept them.

    • RussianDroid

      I had exactly the plan you are talking about except it’s on Rogers and it was $80. But I deemed $80 for unlimited NA and 6GB too much money. Plus I only used 2-4GB of data max and rarely call my friends in states. Now on $50 plan with 5GB and 250 Canad-wide min, meh works for me.

      lol @ loyalty plan.

    • lorax1284

      You can use something like Skype to do voice calls for free or at much reduced rate. I have the $3 per month Skype subscription that is unlimited North America and it works from any computer I’m near… and my smartphone… so I don’t need a lot of included minutes.

    • RussianDroid

      That’s genius. I’ll take your advise.

  • Darryl Friesen

    The plan I got from Telus 2 years ago is almost identical to the $70 plan shown here. Except I pay $50. How does that reward loyal customers?

    • Samuel Gomez Recuero

      They forget that will have to offer something way better to those who have signed with better plans before they made the switch to two years contracts. otherwise people will probably stay with the same thing they had only now it will be without contracts.

  • Merags

    Funny story, the $85 loyalty plan from Bell is the exact same one I have right now from Bell. Except, I also have caller ID and voicemail. Oh, and I pay $65/month instead of $85…

    • Brandon Roberts

      You forgot to mention you’re getting a device every 2 years instead of every 3 years…

    • RoboBonobo

      Well if you want to keep your nice fancy old plan, you have to buy your own devices without subsidy or contract… So you get to have a new phone as frequently/infrequently as you want… but you have to pay full price.
      Which actually turns out to be quite a bit cheaper in the long term.

    • lorax1284

      For me, a $30 per month increase gets me a few extra features I don’t want, but that adds up to $720 dollars over the 2 year span… which of course the $500 subsidy doesn’t cover. And we know how much it hurts to be on a payment plan (what this amounts to) for a device that’s already obsolete. If you pay in full for the device you want you won’t feel the monthly sting of making payments on a device that’s outdated.

  • hunkyleepickle

    What’s the definition of loyal? Can I walk in to a store and get this, or is it only for current bell customers? Not that I would go anywhere near these new pricing schemes by the big 3, but I’m still curious….

    • RoboBonobo

      It’s for people doing a hardware upgrade.
      I wonder if they force you to switch to one of these plans when you want to upgrade, or if you have the option to keep your current plan.

    • Benjamin Kendrick

      They do force you to switch

    • RoboBonobo

      Wow. No words.

    • hyperhyper

      If you are stuck using the Robellus, BYOD is the best thing you can do with them so you can keep your current plans.

  • Anonymous501

    That $70 plan is exactly the same plan I currently pay $55/month for. My plan is only two years old. It’s crazy how fast/quick phone plans are going up. There’s no way the subsidy difference between 2 and 3 years comes close to an extra 15/month…. I’m afraid to see what the prices will be in a year when my contract runs out.

    • stent00

      and I though someday 500mb of data will be like 5 bucks a month… In my dreams!

    • Maxime Godin

      Same for me. Got that plan with Virgin when I purchased my Galaxy S2, 2 years ago. Guess I’ll try and stick to it as long as I can.

    • lorax1284

      Remember: RoBelUs are public companies: if they can’t show subscriber growth, they have to show revenue growth… just GROWTH, so their investors stock prices will stay up… so what that means is that these price increases aren’t for any other purpose than to bolster their share price and keep the C-level executives in their 7 figure salary jobs: increased prices to consumers doesn’t cover increasing costs (if anything technology costs DECREASE over time).

      So, when you sign up for a new contract with RoBelUs, you have the comfort of knowing that the Ontario Teacher’s Pension Plan is going to be solid, and some suit is going to be able to afford his fourth investment property or pay for his trophy wife’s boob job (or her trophy husbands… boob job? Whatever.)

  • Jeff Slater

    Those plans are a joke, lol.

  • apowerranger

    It’s better than $120 for 6gb. And that’s what I think they’re going for. Yeah my $60 6gb plan is identical but for those who didn’t get that plan and want to stay on Bell, this is way better than their new offerings.

    • Nadefrenzy

      How many min do you get with that plan? Also, do you get unlim. msg/ caller ID/Voicemail too? What about fab10?

    • apowerranger

      Fab 10, 200 daytime minutes unlimited evenings/weekends at 6pm and unlimited msg/caller id/vm

    • Nadefrenzy

      Nice plan. I get the same, but i’m paying $66 lol. Those cheapsters were too miserly to cut down the $1 for VM lol.

  • gluboy

    This is not a news. This is a game of pingpong with no winner. I mean $60 for 500mb and 100 minutes. I like the 10 buddies feature but come on for $60 throw in atleast additional 1-2 gb data. All other providers will follow soon with same identical plans but no one tries to stand out.

  • Ty

    What I would like to know is;
    a) After our current Contracts are up, are we allowed to continue under the promotional plans we originally signed up for? (I get 200 anytime minutes, unlimited eves/weekends, 5GB data, voice mail, call display, two lines, OH AND unlmited text/photo/calling to my 10 favorite numbers, all for 68 bucks a month (WITH TAX) through telus.
    b) If we upgrade our hardware, (but buy it straight out), do we have to change our plans?
    The data prices are ridiculous, in almost all of these new plans they’re rolling out. (Unless I’m missing some of the story, and if I am, please enlighten me.)

    • Benjamin Kendrick

      Nope you have to upgrade to the new plans

    • Jordan Horvath

      Ty, I don’t know about the others but with Telus most of those promotional plans are not eligible to be kept during an upgrade and if they are, you have to get add ons so it’s a minimum of 70 dollars. If you buy the device out right, you do not have to change your plan. Although expensive, it’s almost the best option. Totally ridiculous.

    • Ty

      I’m hoping my next SmartPhone to be the Nexus 5. (Whenever it’s released. So buying it straight out, will not be too expensive). I just don’t want to be forced to upgrade my plan. 60 bucks for everything I get, is not a horrible deal.

    • Jordan Horvath

      As long as you buy the phone outright Telus will not force you to change. Suddenly the Nexus phones and BlackBerry q5 have become a lot more appealing to me!

    • Carl Muir

      I’m with Telus and I have the $65 6GB promo plan. When my 1 year contract ended, I am on month to month. Only worried that Telus could cancel it at their own time and if I want to upgrade my phone, my plan probably goes up in price. Doubt Telus will let me keep the plan as is but move to a 2 year contract and snag a new phone on contract pricing.

    • Pound4Pound

      you can keep the plan you just need to meet the $70 requirement so just add a $5 feature and you can keep the plan

    • Samuel Gomez Recuero

      I believe if you buy the phone full price they should not be able to force you into any plan. the phone is yours. If that is the case people will buy the phone with whoever has the better upright price (probably none), and then go somewhere else for the BYOD discount.

  • Trelarah

    I currently have fav 10 nation wide, unlimited evening and weekends, 5gb data, 200mins, 100 long distance mins, caller id and voicemail = $60 from Telus. I’ll never change my plan again and just strat buying the nexus phone outright from now on.

    • Ty

      This is the same plan I have. I’ve got a year left on my contract. I’m hoping they don’t force us to change our plans when the contract is up.

    • Super_Deluxe

      I have Unlimited Canada Wide calling and Texting, Call Display and VM, and 3GB data for $55 on Rogers. Looks like I’ll have to be doing the same and buy my phones outright to keep this plan.

    • Tony Sarju

      Pretty much this. I can’t ever get a plan as good as I have now with Rogers so I’m stuck with them. Nexus devices only from now on.

    • Samuel Gomez Recuero

      that’s the way to do it

    • RoboBonobo

      I’m in the same boat, except with Bell and my plan is slightly not as good.
      My Nexus 4 is being delivered today.

  • Thomas

    Those plans are so far the best option if you look at 2 year contracts from a NATIONAL carrier. Comparing them to the plans you got on a 3 year contract is like comparing apples and oranges. In theory, if carriers want to maintain the margins they had 3 year contracts, they need to raise the price of every plan by 1/3 which is what you see here. Let’s not blab about Wind and Mobilicity because they are bleeding money. And please, no saying that the US is cheaper because if you look at AT&T and Verizon, their plans look exactly like what is offered from the big 3. (before you mention T-Mobile, AT&T and VZW are much bigger and each has about 100 million subscribers)

    • Samuel Gomez Recuero

      I do not agree with you. so they want to gain in two years what they used to gain in 3, but if the contract is two years now the “administration fees” of the third year contract are gone too. So the prices should have not changed that much. they can’t forecast expenses for a third year when the account is assured only for 2. something is wrong here.

    • RoboBonobo

      They want to keep the same margins, but they’re taking much more than that.
      They raise the price of the phone, AND raised the price by $30 per month.
      In order to make the same margins, all they need to do is keep the same price for the phone, and raise the monthly rate by $10. They’re making at least $480 more profit over 2 years than they made before over 2 years.
      And this is supposed to be a special deal for loyal customers. Ridiculous.

    • Thomas

      The 10$ per month you claim is not true. If we take a 60$/month plan (60×12) = 720 which is the revenue they lose because of 2 year contracts. (720/24) = 30 which is what they need to increase the plans to maintain the same margins. Therefore, those plans in in-line with the previous plans. As for the prices of the phone, the iPhone 5 went from 169 to 199 (30$ difference) the Galaxy S4 from 199 to 199 (SAME PRICE). MATH is your friend

    • RoboBonobo

      Check your method.
      You’re counting ‘lost revenue’ that was never lost.

      $700 for a phone over 3 years = $19.44/month
      $700 for a phone over 2 years = $29.16/month
      $10 difference.
      At $30/month increase, they’re actually making $20 more profit every month. If the customer always renews for another 2 years, at the end of every upgrade cycle, they make $720 MORE pure *profit* for every 3 year period than they made before the rate plan change. Then on top of that, they charge you more up front for your device.

      And why do you think they should make the same revenue over 2 years as they used to make over 3 years? They charge the same amount of money for 1/3rd less service? Are you daft?

    • ando bobando

      Your math makes no sense. Why are you calculating it based on gross revenue and not net profit? If they don’t provide a service to me in year 3 then they don’t incur the costs of providing it, ergo they are only losing out on net profit. And besides, everyone is still going to have a phone all the time – customers aren’t suddenly going to go 2 years with a phone and then take a year off afterwards. The opportunity to make money year after year will always be there! They just have to try a little harder, a little more often, to not suck as much and keep you signed on with them.

    • Yeas

      Don’t be silly. These plans are a joke even compared to last years Q3/Q4 plans on the SAME carriers that were available on 2 year terms.

      All this is oligarchical effort to mess with the prices and have people blame the CRTC’s Wireless Code of Conduct. The simple fact that the SAME companies had better plans on 30 day-2 year terms less than a year ago should be evidence alone for the fact.

    • Thomas

      The last year plans on 2 year terms were only offered on lower end devices e.g.. HTC One S and the likes. It sucks to pay more but we can’t say we didn’t see it coming. Anyone that expected the carriers to keep the same plan is a fool.

    • Yeas

      That’s fine, offer it on lower devices. You’re still seeing a phone/plan as the same thing. Many of us don’t mind paying extra for the phone or buying it outright. There should be incentive plans that exist for that option.

      You are defending the stance with the most non-sensical argument I’ve read in this thread, and there have been a few. Either you’re trolling or you’re being paid to go post crap like this.

  • abc1234567890

    I pay 67 with bell taxes in, 300 mins, 6GB data, call display, vm basic, my 10 canada wide, 10 hrs mobile tv, unlimited text…. The deal above doesn’t look so good.

  • Darren Maunu

    Pretty sad when I get more and pay less than what they now call a loyalty plan. Just shows you how much new customers are getting raped.

  • Zee

    Wow, 100 or 200 local minutes — talk about rewarding your loyal customers!!! LOL

  • Byron

    What a joke. They’re just throwing around the word loyalty. We save nothing. It’s still f*****g expensive. Ooo 2 year contract at $60-85 doesnt save much. Canada has the worst plans in the world. Bell, rogers, telus are all pathetic.

  • Hugo Beaulieu

    You know… even though everyone was all hyped up on 2 year contracts, these higher plan rates are not fun.

    Perhaps it’s time for carriers to separate clearly phone and plan… so as to highlight clearly what is costing what. Make people aware of what they’re paying… I for one would be more than happy to get my own phone on my own terms if I knew I ended up paying 100$ extra to get it financed on contract….

    • Josh Bazin

      I agree 100%. Break out the cost of the phone subsidy and make the costs a little more transparent, please.

    • ando bobando

      Exactly. These shenanigans are as bad as trying to buy a car. They’ll tell you the monthly payments but you have to do the math yourself if you want to find out how much it’s really costing you in the end. It makes it impossible to comparison shop properly!

  • Martini

    Seems a silly trade-off. Virgin’s current platinum plans include unlimited Canada-wide calling. I guess they’re making you choose between more minutes, or more data.

  • Clint Hoffman

    Umm….Virgin JUST had a plan with unlimited long distance, unlimited text/picture, caller ID and voicemail with 2GB data for $60/month. What kind of retarded plans are they pushing now!?!??!!?

  • Regalianoken

    Yeah now I feel lucky to be locked in for 3 years with fido.

    $56 for unlimited incoming, eve/weekends
    200min dt
    6gb data
    These new “loyalty” plans are total poops

  • Robert Chartier

    bell told me way back in 2003 after my internet had been down, more times then up over 2 months that there was nothing they could do for me . then the csr told me to get another service provider and refused to put me through to a supervisor. I did for everything and was far more happy with cable for my internet and cellphone no home phone service

  • Robert Chartier

    by the way I am with wind in Vancouver and their service is fantastic.

  • Maxime Godin

    I’m with Virgin. The “Loyalty Platinum 70” is the exact same plan as what I have since two years. Except that I pay it 55$ a month…

  • skullan

    Well, I wonder how close any sort of “loyalty” plans will be with the other providers, eh?

  • bluecanada

    It would be nice if the firms broke out the plans and subsidies, the way T-Mobile does Stateside.

    I prefer buying my own phones, anyway.

  • tyresmoke

    Doesn’t pay to be loyal.

  • cloakster

    Wow, lucky me. Just called in last week to get their $45 loyalty plan which included 1GB data, 400 minutes, unlimited canada-wide long distance, and unlimited everything else for 24 months without signing a contract. Their new $70 loyalty plan is worse than what I got last week for $45, what a scam.

    • katattack

      Bell is charging more for data there voice and data lite and pluse have unlimited nationwide calling unlt. Text and all the features like caller ID message center. I just got the $70 plan and I get 10hr of mobil tv which I love and i know when i got to my cottage i will have service (unlike rogers or tellus) Dont for get as consumers we wanted the laws to change so we no longer have 3yr contract. How elss are these companies going to make up the money By charging more. Its our fault these changes happen in the first place.

    • RoboBonobo

      They only needed to raise the monthly price by $10 to make up for 2 year contracts. They raised it by about $30/month, and charge you more for the phone. They’re going beyond making up for the change, and are actually increasing their profit margins.

    • katattack

      They did rase by 30 the the light plans were $50 & 55. The voice and data pluse started at $55 and went up. The prices went up by 10-15 where did find your numbers.

    • RoboBonobo

      The $55 plan used to include 1GB of data, and now you get 250MB for $70. To get 1GB now, you need to spend $85 ($30 more).
      You don’t just say “oh it started at $55 and now it’s starts at $70, so that’s $15 difference”… you need to take into consideration what you’re getting per dollar to see how much the price increased.

  • St. Misery

    Call display and vm for $10/month? That’s just disrespectful, on top of bs overpriced plans. Something needs to change around here. Big 3 are way too profitable and give nothing back.

  • stent00

    Geez. im staying with my measly 500mb for 50 bucks. No upgrade for me. Just going to buy my own phone. No thanks to this so called deal. I thought data rates should be getting cheaper??? I guess with 2 year contracts everyone will pay more. I long for my UMB plan on bell before they made you upgrade to a “smartphone”

  • erere

    $85 for 200 min and 6GB? rofl

  • ScooterinAB

    It’s good to see more on the Loyalty front. Every carrier offers Loyalty rewards, but hopefully this will start a trend of easily acquired Loyalty rewards, instead of having to threaten cancellation in order to get them. Hopefully, this is something that staff can offer at store level instead of having to dance through hoops.

    That said, I feel like this is 2 steps forward and 1 back. With everything moving to unlimited calling, it’s a bit of a slap in the face to only have 200 minutes. The cost of carrying calls is almost non-existent, so this just seems like a silly change.

  • bionicmonk

    I had the “85$ loyalty plan” for 60$ from last summer. Utter joke. Bell is working hard to ensure that I leave at the end of my contract.

  • ConsciousConsumer

    I already pay $60 for 6GB with all the other stay they are offering and MORE. $85? lol

  • FOG

    How to screw people 101….

    Change contracts from 3 to 2 years
    Say you’re increasing prices since you have to pay the phone on a shorter time
    Increase price for a plan from 60 to 85 per month (25$ per month)

    Basic math
    Before :
    36 months to pay 450$ in deferred payments for the phone = 12.5$ per month
    Cost of plan = 47.5$
    Cost of phone upfront = 600$ – 450$ = 150$
    Cost of plan = 47.5$ (should not have changed right?)
    37.5$ x 24 months = 900$
    Cost of phone = 150$ + 900$ = 1050$

    Basically, they are now selling their phones 450$ more expensive…

    Contracts loyal clients…!!

  • canuck07

    Well, looks like Verizon isn’t coming so it’s wide open for them to do whatever the hell they want.

  • Will Maitner

    I have a similar plan (200 minutes and 6gb data) with Virgin already, except it’s only $60 a month and $10/extra gb of data. Rip off!

  • FuzzyFish6

    These “loyalty” plans suck.

    I have 400 anytime minutes, unlimited weeknights from 5pm and unlimited weekends, 1GB, unlimited text/picture text to NA, CID and VM for $45 + the 10% discount for BYOD currently with Virgin for $45.

    Definitely hanging onto my plan.

    • Mr.CoolBerry

      Got a similar plan for my BlackBerry. I’m so glad I have this plan right now.
      Gold BB Talk 45 – 1 GB
      Standard LD Rate (to U.S. & CAN)
      10% BYOP Plan Savings
      400 anytime minutes
      BlackBerry Data – 1 GB
      Unlimited Incoming Calling
      Unlimited evenings & wknd from 5PM
      Canada-Wide Calling
      Text & PIC to Can, US & Int’l
      Unlimited Incoming Text
      Call Display Included
      Voice Mail 10 Included
      Pay per use Voice – U.S. Roaming

    • FuzzyFish6

      That’s actually what I have, forgot to mentioned unlimited incoming and Canada wide calling.

      I think my VM is less than 10 (7?) and I don’t have myPeeps though, but I do have unlimited incoming and outgoing texts.

  • Josh Brown

    I mean it is better than $120 but the $85 used to be $60 just a year ago, and that wasn’t even a loyalty plan and was unlimited calling.

  • steve

    Lol thats loyal? With videotron I pay 60$ for unlimited north america calling and text. Voicemail and call display. They also have just the 6gb for 30$

  • KAPT Kipper

    The only upgrade I see is my cost. 6GB plan was a $30 option when I signed up.

  • Andrew Brown

    My plan I got from Virgin (Thunder Bay ) exclusive limited time only 50 dollar unlimited everything + 6 gigs of data 45 if you use your own phone ….and be Hell or high water are they forcing me out of a Plan I’ve only had a Year! And News flash I’m not under a soul sucking 3 yr or now 2 yr contract’s a month to month 45 bucks!

  • Jonah Emery

    These new 2 year plans are STINGY. I got Rogers last year promotional plan with 6 GB of data. I can’t imagine just having 500 MB. On average I use about 2 GB.

  • Dani Sarfati

    That’s basically what my plan was before with rogers on a 3 year term. This is exactly what I thought would happen… rates will fall back into place. Everybody just watch and see. We might have to pay a bit more upfront for the phone, but even that won’t be able to go up too much.

  • pinkie

    HAHAHAHAHAHA Loyalty plans??
    OMG are you joking? $85 with the 6GB plan, unbelievable!

    Fido has better loyalty plans than this garbage.
    Same amount of minutes and similar features with 6GB for only $50. Other people get it for even cheaper at $45.

  • DeepSlicedBacon

    Why do they insist on this 200 local minute BS!
    85$ plan used to cost 55$ then 65$ now 85$…

  • Aaron Airline

    10 gb data(then data usage is subject to fair usage, which can mean slower speeds but still connected unlimited local calling ANYTIME including weekends. 30 dollars. Wind with less than 6 percent market share and being enveloped by a hostile climate can offer this. Our local carriers have let us down and need a good shake up.

  • EvanKrosney

    The only real “loyalty” plans available are the ones that consumers can get by haggling with the reps in retention. These plans are BS, no better than their regular rip offs.

  • Lucas

    How could I get this plan with bell? Do you have to call for it or do they email you? My contract’s up in a little under a year but I’m looking for an early upgrade. How could I get this plan?

    • Sukdis Knaatz


  • ernie

    Just sad, What are they thinking?

  • Gagan Bassi

    lol they are trying to catch as many fish as they can before american company buys wind. it’s not gonna happen with these kind of plans. do better!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jérôme Lepage

    got to be a joke. It’s the worst plans by far from what i can remember 15/slice of excess of data is juste outrageous and no call display, seriously wtf. Bring back the 39$ with 600 mb and 57 with 2gb…

    • Zed

      That’s gonna happen when they bring back 3 year contracts. Oh wait!

  • Lucas

    man everyone’s complaining like “I used to get 6gb for $50!” Well things change, 6GB of data from Bell would be like $150, let’s just be happy they’re giving us something…

    • kroms

      “lets be happy there giving us something ” L M A O.Really now ?
      So i / we should be grateful then and just STFU. I see.
      Ok Lucas , we will get right on it for you.

    • Lucas

      complaining on mobilesyrup wont do much. I’m just saying everyone should stop living in the past. If you’re so unhappy call the retention line and ask for a better plan. As someone who’s close to needing an upgrade, I’m glad I can get this rather than paying $105 a month for 3 gbs. Of course I would prefer paying $60, but I can’t, and I’ve accepted that, but a lot of people on here haven’t.

  • Jason

    Ive had this for two years carved out of bells pre existing loyalty crap. Been with bell 12 years. Yes, twelve uninterrupted years. As soon as my contact is up im leaving for koodos $60 + $20 data overage pay as you go plan as it includes unlimited long distance and 6 gig of data if you pay for the overages. So koodo offers more for the same price then bell can offer a 12 year loyal customer. Don’t make my mistake!

  • bembol

    I can’t complain, 6 months ago I signed up with Bell for $64 tax-in with 6GB.

  • Danielle

    I’m paying 75$ for 6GB right now on a three year term. To me, going ten dollars more for a two year term is somewhat reasonable. But even then, still pricey.

  • Dave Wilder

    Hey Geniuses, those prices you had, were 3 year contracts, you cried to get rid of them, this is the new structure you cannot compare to what it was before.

    • kroms

      Nothing is going to change , so long as it is only ROBELUS we do not care 3yr , 2yr or 1yr …… they were crewing us anyways .

      But there will be change eventually and they KNOW IT. Then you will see a MASS exodus like never before.

      Genius !

  • d3n1s

    With these retentions, I feel relieved I switched to koodo when they had their $39 promo plan like two weeks ago. I use mainly wifi so I think 600mb should be ok.

    I got my own device so I pay $35.1 + tax and get
    450 Canada wide minutes
    Unlimited txt/mms
    6pm evening/wknds
    600MB of data

  • Greg Sandsonni

    $60 for 100 mins and 500gb.. holly carp. No thanks

  • kroms

    What a bunch of BS. No Fear though, OUR DAY will come eventually. On that day it will not be Verizon or ATT or any other Carrier that will STOMP the Robelus , it will be the PEOPLE !. We will leave is DROVES ! and they know it !

    That is what’s going to happen.

  • kroms

    For Now, THEY will continue to milk “US” for as long as they can .

    They dare not try to change anything that would really make Cell Contracts great for Canadians because that would mean they would have to settle for less $ and that is all what’s it about. Screw the Customers/ or Loyalty.

  • Jerrik Nordlee

    People just don’t understand that because Robellus offer 2 year contracts now, they have to charge more for their plans. Their losing 12 months per client so they have to make that money back somehow, it’s called business.

    • Zed Eph

      You make a great point! Infact, the sky’s the limit… why don’t they all just double the plan prices for both existing/grandfathered (they can legally* do it) and new customers?? They’ll make a LOT more money that way! I like your thinking, lay back, relax, they’re only probing you to find the sweet spot. Enjoy.

      * Validity of claim is questionable.

  • Yielar

    Just got onto Telus’ Loyalty and Retention plan with unlimited local calling, unlimited nation wide calling, unlimited text with 1 gig of data for $55 per month. It only comes with 3 voice mail so I paid an additional $5 for the 10 voice mail which I need. I’m happy paying $60 per month for that loyalty plan!

  • Guest

    that is why i go and shop in the US its a lot cheaper 🙂

  • jetbeck

    I just can’t believe we still have plans with “Minutes” or “local”, come on already go nationwide unlimited on all your talk/text crap and differentiate based on data.

    $85 for 6GB wouldn’t be bad if that was a new customer deal 🙂 with the $20/month off for bringing your own device. Personally I’m price is just that $65 for around 4GB and nationwide unlimited talk/text, until that happens I’m more then happy with Wind 🙂

  • Jo

    Back with the retrograde Fab10, and absolute ridiculousness of having to pay for call display and a small voice mail. I am officially switching to Prepaid, and it’s going to be who can keep me, and for how long? When you think things are getting better, they actually get worse. We’ll never have a good cell phone market in Canada, loophole or not.

  • lorax1284

    I have a $55 plan that matches their $85 plan. I guess they want me to switch carriers.

    • jim

      I’ve been looking there’s no place to go. They all did it.

  • deepbluesea79

    I am in a similar boat to many. Virgin Mobile $57 before tax. Unlimited Canada wide talk, 2gb data, id, vm, unlimited sms. In need of a new phone. Guess paying full price. The new plans are a rip off! Wish a company like Verizon would come to Canada. They’d have my business!!

  • Kabir Askari

    its disappointing :/

  • jim

    Complete cr@p! My existing plan would cost me 30$ more a month. Since I own the phone i’d get 5-8$ dollars of that back. Great math!! Weather they give you a phone or not you’re get the same big cost increase.

  • Paul Watson

    Get this…..I ordered a phone and plan online and waited
    for all the emails telling me it was on the way and watched the tracking on
    Canada Post as my phone was delivered to someone else who signed for it and
    stole it. I called Virgin and couldn’t get anyone to help because they didn’t
    seem to know what to do. I spent a week calling and waiting and being passed
    around and around and then to add insult to a very, very bad customer service
    treatment, they send me a bill for a phone and a plan I do not even have??????
    No one has yet called to explain what happened, how they were going to fix it
    or even just say sorry. The worst thing is I left Bell Mobility to get away
    from this shitty customer and foreign call center treatment, only to find that
    Bell owns Virgin Canada…..and everyone knows that if you want a business to
    go belly up fast, let Canadians run it for a month