One LG G2 variant will have wireless charging, and it’s not coming to Canada


  • FlageJan1

    LOOL why would we get anything good?

  • Nathaniel James

    LG is stepping up 🙂

  • hunkyleepickle

    Not to worry, by the time robellus actually get this device to customers, most ppl won’t remember it anyway. Shame really, wireless charging is really fantastic!

  • Humberto Giambrone

    Don’t care about wireless charging, really makes no difference in my life, but the lack of removable battery and microSD annoy me to no end. Hopefully the Nexus, if it is based on the G2, will include both features.

    • Ugslick

      Nexus by default shuns SD card support. Removable battery is plausible, though Google may decide they like the bigger battery better than a removable one (likely I think). This is off course aiming the Nexus 5 is based off the G2.

    • RussianDroid

      As mentioned in comments/articles so many times , Nexus program will not include SD storage as per statements of Android engineer and director of UX.
      Two major issues with it are:
      1. Security
      2. Multi-user support (4.2+)

      I would prefer 64GB on board storage, I mean comon my girlfriend’s old iPhone 4 has FOUR (x4) times the memory current Android flagships have.

      Removable battery
      Shoot an email to Sundar to force that feature into Nexus 5 😉

      I think it’s a personal preference though. As a keyboard monkey I absolutely don’t care about removable battery. Charging phone at work seems natural to me, I come to work with a full charge on the phone and I leave work with a full charge on the phone. I would love to have wireless charging for convenience.

      For long travels (e.g. camping) I use battery pack (large one)

  • Harold Mitchell

    Love his exclamations of surprise!


    OMFG I wish the guy in the video would stop slamming things down so hard it makes me want to smack him lol.