CyanogenMOD teases Nemesis: “A new challenger appears”


Over the weekend, CyanogenMOD released a strange, inconclusive trailer for a project called “Nemesis,” claiming that “A new challenger appears.”

Lots of hints and teasing, but no concrete evidence as to what Nemesis is, the team posted a YouTube video with lines like, “Nothing can be perfect; Things can be better,” flashing a lockscreen with the word “free” where the carrier label would otherwise go.

Our first inclination is to believe it’s a consumer-facing lockscreen replacement, much like WidgetLocker, and will be available to all Android devices, not just CM users.

Should be interesting to see what comes of this, as CyanogenMOD is by far the most popular custom ROM on the Android platform. Anything the team releases or endorses is sure to find traction among a broad range of users.

Source: +CM