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  • Mayoo

    In before “Google Wallet should be used” … which is true.

  • dwmurray57

    Fully FUNCTIONAL electronic wallet that works with ALL major credit cards. Getting tired of the unique apps per bank / transaction type.

  • rgl168

    The reasons for “Mobile payments in Canada have seen a relatively slow adoption rate” is because everyone wants total control. The banks, the carriers, etc., all want control over the entire process. Meanwhile, all they need is to sign a piece of paper with Google and we’ll have a mass mobile payment system in Canada in no time.

  • Kevin Ahoy

    I want an Instagram app for BB10!

  • Richard D Hall

    Multi-platform applications need to be developed for all users.

  • mistycarole
  • anita

    I want to develop an app that can be programmed by the user. In this app the category will be a students class and will act like a glossary of terms or interesting facts that the user will likely need to know or cross reference in an enrolled class. (voice activated option or keyed in)

  • gleib

    An app to evaluate and choose the best Smartphone

  • Tammy Hedden

    one that would have companies utilize the visa debit cards more !!more and more banks are using them now …

  • mamyo

    Thanks and good luck

  • mamyo

    An app to evaluate and choose the best Smartphone