Nexus 7 refresh coming this month, says ASUS live chat


  • Harlimus

    still no micro sd, fail

    • Matthew General

      What need is there for a micro sd? It is wifi connected, so it won’t eat up your bandwidth allocations. Google offers great streaming services as well, so music won’t eat up your space, photos are uploaded automatically so they don’t have to eat up space, movies can be streamed… What need is there for a microsd? Plus, 32GB is a decent size.

    • Harlimus

      i like to cache my google music to my microsd card so i can listen to it offline. i have a 64gb microsd card. i also like to put movies on my sd card to watch when i’m out and about

    • wes

      You can run music and movies off a USB key (adapter for ue sd card) through a micro/USB dongle if you really want to. But I understand it’s more convenient if you just stick the sd card in.

    • Doobiedoo

      He can’t go without his bedtime story books so…

    • HiKsFiles

      Nexus product will never have expandable external memory. Google believes it makes it more complex for the average user. At least, that’s what Jean-Baptiste Queru once said…

    • Harlimus

      yeah, but i was hoping they would change that

    • HiKsFiles

      Unfortunately for us, that’s not going to happen any time soon. Manufacturers are doing away with expandable memory as it is more profitable for them to sign cloud storage partnership deals with companies like Dropbox and the like.

      Like you, I keep my music on a 64Gb ext. SD to listen to it offline as reception is very weak here at work.

    • kroms

      LOL , Uh no , that would be ALL THE PEOPLE that purchased the BB PLAYBOOK recently and now got Screwed over paying for a Device that is barely able to do anything anymore. THAT is a Fail.

      For $200 the NEXUS 7 is an amazing device.

    • Doobiedoo

      You don’t really need to carry around all your nursery rhymes with you ALL THE TIME, do you?

    • Harlimus

      listen b***h, just because i have my episodes of sesame street on my phone doesn’t mean i listen to nursery rhymes. a*****e.

  • phuzzykiller

    Please proof-read your articles before posting them! How big is the battery expected to be, in comparison to the previous 4,325mAh battery?

    • Vostok

      Can’t your blind eyes see what the chat agent wrote? 4,000 mAh.

  • Gsizzle

    I will be getting this one for sure if it comes with the Snapdragon 600 processor.

  • rgl168

    Someone at ASUS is going to get fired :p

  • leobg

    if it indeed has these specs and is LTE enabled, I’d say at $200 it is a steal!

    • Doobiedoo

      The cellular model will cost more, just like with more internal memory, just like… wait for it… the ipad.

  • hyperhyper

    Sweet. Still loving my 16GB that I picked up last summer but the increased storage is very appealing (as I take mine out of wifi range often and like to have media with me).

    • Doobiedoo

      Life does go on outside the range of wifi, dontcha know?

    • hyperhyper

      It does indeed but when you are up at a cottage for a week or two and working outside all day, it’s nice to sit down with a movie at night.

  • Croc Ography

    Bought a 32Gb a year ago, still the best tablet device I have ever bought. Also the battery life is outstanding.

  • St. Misery

    Good, this can replace my now useless PlayBook.

    • kroms

      Man you people ( the BB Playbook owners) really got Hosed. I feel for you.
      On a positive note, welcome to your New Nexus 7 and enjoy ! At least now you can do things you would NEVER be able to do with your PlayBook.

    • Jonathan G.

      Man that sucks, if it any consolation to you (it probably isn’t though) I read online a few months ago that someone made (I believe) a MAME emulator for the device to play those games on it. So if anything, at least that would give your device some usage out of it.

    • Doobiedoo

      Better off seeing how it holds up to a few shotgun rounds and posting the results on YouTube.

    • Doobiedoo

      A crappy 60 dollar Colby android tablet can replace that junk with better usability. And those Colby things are absolute garbage.

  • Dylan K

    Still loving my old Nexus 7 from last July, has taken quite a beating as well. Maybe I’ll pass on this one to a friend and get this refresh, could use the extra storage.

  • Peter

    Mine had the same issue. I read somewhere that Google forgot to add the fstrim functionality into the ROM (I cannot verify). I ran LagFix on the Play Store and it solved the issue though.

    • Doobiedoo

      Second to the lagfix, fix. Google did fix it though in the 4.1.2 update. You just have to either do a factory reset, or fill up the unused space and then delete it in order for the fix to take effect.

  • Bri

    I’m more excited about the next nexus 10 but that’s probably during winter season I’m guessing…

  • Dave Zember

    Freaking awesome value.

  • J. W.

    The 5mp rear camera is a welcome addition. I think my parents would want one of these.

  • MAmmerata

    I would bust out my wallet so fast right now for an 8 inch Nexus tablet. Please Google, hear my plea lol. That being said, I may break down and get this one rather than sit and wait forever.