HTC One now available in Canada


  • Max Fireman

    I’ve preordered my S4. The wait begins.

  • Justin Crowley

    would totally pick up this phone, but my only option is outright.. damn contracts

    • Zohaib

      I don’t know who you are with but contracts can be cancelled by just paying off the remaining cost of your last phone. So for example, if your last phone cost $500 and you signed a 3 year contract and paid $100 upfront, you would need to pay (Number of Months remaining in contract)*(400/36).

  • eeee

    would this work with AWS/HSPA on Mobilicity/Wind?
    specs show Band4/IV but also labeled it as LTE band, thanks in advance

    • Oilersfan74


    • sam


    • tilbar

      I don’t think it is actually. No AWS HSPA on it

    • Andrew Brown

      Hspa is basically 4g pretty sure it would have to run it in Canada all all these networks run and work hspa as well

    • Shuja Qadri

      The T-Mobile version will work on wind/mobilicity. That one will be released in the U.S. later next week.

    • Avalain

      No, unfortunately this will not work with AWS on Mobilicity/Wind. It handles the 1700/2100 bands, but only as LTE, not 3G. Daniel Bader confirmed it for me on another comment on this site. You can also see comments about it on the HTC Canada Facebook page. This really sucks for me since now I have to decide if it’s worth leaving WIND in order to get this phone (no, getting the T-Mobile isn’t an option for me right now).

  • Doolie636


    • tilbar

      I’m gonna get one (hopefully today) and dread looking for “the gap”

  • Sam Wiggans

    Probably not, unfortunately.

  • Chris

    i was supposed to get it today but i’m not sure if Airsource is going to ship my reserved unit back to my local store today or not, guess i just have to wait for their call

  • Rhythm

    Absolutely an amazing device. So smooth, beautiful display, POWERHOUSE speakers and good design. Will be picking mine up shortly.

  • tilbar

    Bell has it buried in their “Superphones” list, preceeded by: Galaxy S4, BB Q10, Sony Experia ZL, BB Z10, Note 2, Galaxy S3…then the HTC One. Unusual for a newly released device, maybe reflects its priority with Bell. I really hope this phone is successful…

  • Rhythm

    Really hope this phone does well.. It’s a spectacular phone but I hope people realize it is actually better than most if not all other phones out there and HTC can continue making gems like this. Other than the Motorola phone (?) nothing else interests me this year..

  • Ali

    Does anyone know if it’s come I’m black with any of the carriers? I really want to buy this phone, but I would only take it in black.

    • Avalain

      I heard something on the HTC Facebook page that said it was only in silver in Canada for the release, unfortunately.

    • phreezerburn

      The black version is spoken of as “rare” across English language Pan-Asian tech sites. That alone speaks volumes.

  • SHR3WD

    Why isn’t it available on virgin yet 🙁 And they have no idea when they’ll have it. pfft.

    • Avalain

      It’s on Virgin now. Check their website again.

    • Avalain

      It is available now.

    • SHR3WD

      Yeah just saw it! 😀

    • Andrew Brown

      Its on the Virgin site

  • sfsd

    this thing has a gap

    • phreezerburn

      Between the speaker grill and the body. From what I’ve read, some do some don’t. Most likely the grills make for manufacturing with dual speakers of the size being used possible in such a svelt handset.

  • Stephen

    No, but they are getting the vastly superior S4

    • Avalain

      Stephen, you come across as unbelievably biased and I can’t understand why? The simple reality is that there is no vast superiority between any of the top smartphones these days.

      Personally, I really want this phone because my selling point right now is how well the phone takes pictures in low light. This and Zoe is huge for me based on my current needs.

      The S4 is certainly going to be a good phone; good enough that it doesn’t need rabid shills to make stupid posts in unrelated topics.

    • prince


    • Gohy

      If you can call a slightly improved S3 vastly superior.

    • phreezerburn

      Vastly superior requiring hiring students to post falsities about HTC products, right. That alone made me choose the HTC One over the S4. I loath that behaviour in Apple and now in Samsung which is too bad as my Note II is my current work favourite and I was going to get the S4 to replace my aging Nokia 800 and complete the set.

  • Dave Grant

    I reserved on Rogers (note: NOT PREORDERED). Phone was supposed to ship to my local Rogers store, but instead it shipped direct to my house. Got a delivery notice last night.

    Anyone else experience this?

    That’s great and all Rogers, but I no longer want the phone. Got the developer edition coming in via an american friend 🙂

    In typical Rogers fashion I now get to go through the headache of returning the darn thing.

    • Eluder

      Are you a business customer? Because that’s the only way a reservation ships to your home. All regular reservations go to a store, after all, you pick which store you want it shipped during the reservation. If you didn’t do that, then you definitely are a business customer, or you signed up a new account and didn’t reserve, but pre-ordered.

    • Dave Grant

      You’re right – It did go to the store afterall. The delivery notice was for a different thing entirely that I wasn’t expecting.

  • Gareth Sargeant

    I have had for 2 days (Telus) and it is the best phone I have ever used (including 3 iPhones and a Galaxy SIII). Also I ordered on Monday and received it on Wednesday.

  • Stephen

    Marvelous… except the gap and quality control issues that HTC is notorious for

  • Ryan Noverly Joseph

    Bell says it have Android 4.2.. an update ??

  • Croak

    Worked for me too, thanks! Bought a Telus unit, and it took 10 hours to get the code from cellunlocker, which had me a bit worried but it’s all good now.

    Great phone, though to be honest my One X has a better “hand feel” in a lot of ways (lots of little rough spots/edges on the One).

  • Eluder

    Uhh, Fido got the Nexus 4 a while ago, not this week. They were one of the first Canadian carriers to get the Nexus 4. You’re thinking of Telus getting it this week.

  • Chade Salame

    Hey guys!
    So this phone is pretty amazing, I checked it out at one of the stores yesterday and WOW. The two things that immediately stood out was the stunning display (sooo crisp) and the beautiful aluminum body (it feels like an expensive device). So anyways, I’m stuck between the HTC One and the Galaxy S4. Currently I’m with iPhone but decided I want to change things up. Which one do you guys think I should go for? Should I wait out for the S4?

    Another thing, my friend is with Rogers while I am with Telus. He’s in the same boat as me and is probably going to go with the S4 so I asked him how much do you have to pay? He told me that he can just renew his contract (he just renewed it a year ago) and get the phone for however much it is on a three year contract (this is with Rogers). So given that, I was completely shocked. Does Rogers actually allow that? To upgrade your existing three contract without any penalty or extension of your current contract?

    With Telus, the only thing I can do is 1) buy out my contract, 2) pay off my “phone balance” and start a new three year, or 3) just buying out the phone.

    Long story short, my friend can pay anywhere from $150-$200 (depending on the phone) and he’ll have a new device and a new three year contract, whereas I will be paying about $150-$200 plus my “device balance” (which is about $300 right now).

    Does this make sense? Thanks for the input guys.

    • Rob C

      Those two are the most expensive and will not price match either their own ‘2nd Tier’ or with the 3rd Place Carrier and it’s 2nd Carrier (Virgin).

      Same $ for the Phone and Plans are 50% the Cost. I’d recommend the 4th Place Carriers but they seem to be in the process of being bought by #1 and #2 atm.

      It’s 200min for $25/month, Data is extra. The HTC One is $650 outright.

  • Fenky

    “the one x received jelly bean update 3 months after S3)” lol, seriously?

  • Chris

    so it’s the Hype strategy (Galaxy S4) against the value & rebate lure (HTC). let the numbers speak come September

  • Chris

    remarkably it arrived on Friday around noon and I was able to pick it up after work

  • Chris

    There’s the 64GB Developer edition that’s unlocked w/ unlocked bootloader for 649 and a 32GB SIM unlocked device for 579 stateside

  • Rob C

    A CellPhone you buy for $650 from your Carrier in Canada is “guaranteed” to work on that Carrier’s Network (2G, 3G, 4G, LTE), OR you can complain about it.

    A CellPhone you buy for $X from somewhere on the Internet (except possibly a CellPhone intended for T-Mobile) is NOT “guaranteed” to work on YOUR Carrier’s Network (2G, 3G, 4G, and LTE). You can not complain about it, something will not work correctly. Warranty Repairs may be a lot of trouble (and money) too.

    If you want a black 64GB Version then that may be worth trading what does not work to get a rarer CellPhone, but if you want a silver 32GB Version then it is best to buy it outright from your own Carrier (or the #3 Carrier, who has lower cost Plans).

  • prince

    thats correct. its the same frequencies for all the phones that were released for canada so far. it might change when wind or moblicity releases this phone.