HTC One Android 4.2.2 update reportedly coming mid-June, we go hands-on with leaked version


  • Nathaniel James

    Great news! Now for the HTC One S, One X and One X+!

  • Robert

    I’m also running 4.2.2 on android revolution. I notice that 2d game playback is very much improved as well which is a good thing. Almost every game runs smoothly now whereas they stuttered before. Also I noticed a few micro stutters and sound pops in the youtube app but on 4.2.2 it seems to work fine.

  • Zed

    from what I understand, there are a few bugs with this new version. Don’t know whether it’s due to the ROM built or the HTC code, but I’ll wait a couple of releases.

  • Dave Grant

    Agree! Where’s flashlight toggle? I’m spoiled coming from Cyanogenmod on my One X.

    • Erick Nielsen

      Pointless for GPS toggle. Most applications will turn GPS on or off correctly without having to take the extra step of turning it on or off all the time.

  • bembol

    Man of Steel and 4.2.2 in Mid June?!?!

    *tear drop LOL

  • blueadept1

    Any photosphere in the camera?

    • casey

      that’s an ASOP thing only…

    • blueadept1

      WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT. I thought that the code from the camera app was open source such that manufacturers can use whichever snippets they choose?

    • casey

      -.- 9.9/10 the camera app is re-written so that it resembles nothing of stock

  • Sam Wiggans

    Hopefully Canadian carriers get it out in a reasonable time.. I am enjoying 4.1 on it though with the Sense 5

    • Stephen

      HTC has a terrible track record for updates everywhere, even worse in Canada

    • Sam Wiggans

      Yah I know, but say HTC does start rolling it out in June, then it is up to the carriers to get it out from there.

  • IJustGotaTan

    I like it so far. There was a newer build (AR 10.1) released today and so far it’s working quite nicely.

  • 0ldsnake1

    “This is a huge win for users tired of having a virtual menu button eat up screen space in legacy apps.” …and i’m sold !!! the on;y problem that i had with the One was this !! Farewell my Beloved GS4 …

  • NTN Labs

    I guess this was started by the competition between HTC One with Sense and the vanilla one.

    BTW: this is how competition should work. More features for users and better sw for phones. Opposite to the IP battle we see in courts…

  • Stephen

    lol enjoy 4.2.2 when it comes out in December, true HTC style

    • IJustGotaTan

      It’s out already.
      I think you’re referring to 4.3 which isn’t out for any device yet.

  • casey

    Android open source project. Stock android like on the nexus devices is what I was talking about