Leaked LG device does away with screen bezel and buttons, could be the Optimus G2

There’s another leaked photo in town, and this one comes courtesy of LG. EVleaks seems to be under the impression this is the next-generation LG Optimus device which, based on some calculations from around the web, has a 5.5-inch display.

It’s not certain whether, like the rumours are intimating, that this device (if it is in fact the G2) has no capacitive buttons or that, even less likely, the buttons are on the back, but it is unique-looking. That lack of a bezel combined with a very interesting looking earpiece lends it a sense of the futuristic.

The Optimus G2 isn’t expected to be unveiled until the fall at the earliest, so this would suggest either a prototype or some other model altogether. And because it’s larger than 5-inches, at least based on the calculations of a few observant readers, it doesn’t jibe with what we’ve heard about the next-gen Optimus G model. It’s also unlikely to be the next-gen Nexus, since it has an LG logo on the front.

It would appear that compactness is really the only thing ensuring the continuity of last year’s trend towards bigger phones. Users have a general size limit in their heads, based on hand size, portability and functionality; we are already reaching those soft borders. But, like the Galaxy S4, it appears that LG is attempting to maximize the screen space by removing as much bezel around the LCD as possible. The “bezel-less” phone is probably still a couple years away, but it’s impressive to see what these manufacturers are able to accomplish today.

Now, this phone could certainly be a fake — we’ve seen such miscalculations before — but based on the track record of the source we’d be inclined to take it at face value. And, judging from the face, this could be LG’s new design language.

Considering we haven’t heard a peep from LG about availability of the Optimus G Pro in Canada, the Optimus G2 could be the company’s next big gambit. We’ll update you when we know more.

Source: EVLeaks (Facebook)
Via: Twitter, Engadget