TELUS doling out a $25 Google Play Gift Card with the purchase of an HTC One


  • jackjiarocks

    all hail the $25 play store gift card for the three year contract!

  • Dave

    A whole 25 GIFT CARD?!? What a money saver!

    • Mikie

      At least its something.. quit ur bitching

    • Dave

      “something is better than nothing” doesn’t always hold value, especially when the value of that something pales into comparison to what (in this case the money for a plan and the phone itself) is being put in.

    • Mikie

      I want I want I want… If you’re not happy then buy another phone.. You get nothing.. COMPARING it to other devices spiffs (where are none) this 25$ is indeed something and is indeed better than a kick in the balls..

      You sound like one of those clients that nothing is good enough

    • Dave

      The hell are you talking about? ?”one of those clients that nothing is good enough”?? Ive had the same phone for the past 2 years because it is good enough and 25$ gift card isnt an overwhelming insensitive to buy the HTC c one, in comparison to getting like $100 credit.

      You need to get whatever barbed rod you have out of your behind and chill out. You could have argued your point with out being an a*s hat.

    • DTerry

      Mikie, he is bitching because the average Canadian settles for the lowest denominator, and our Carriers know this. Time to comment and fight back. Canada is in the Stone Age when it comes to plans, data, tech and etc. Hey Canada, is your Timmy still warm? That’s nice.

  • hunkyleepickle

    i thought it was bad when rogers was offering me one free month for renewing my 3 year contract…..that’s literally like averaging a 3% off sale!

  • Theo

    $25 might not seem like a lot, but you can get a lot of apps on the play store for $25.

    Note: Rogers is also offering the gift card on the HTC One

  • HelloMyNameIsInigoMontoya

    It’s a shame people who picked up this phone from TELUS before this promo didn’t get this opportunity. Like someone else mentioned, $25 may not be a lot, but in the context of the Play Store, that’ll get you 25 $.99 apps/games.