Bell to offer a $25 Google Play gift card to anyone who buys the HTC One


  • silver_arrow

    Now how about letting us buy Play Store gift cards everywhere like iTunes cards

  • ElNad

    Bell!!!! Not even if they gave me the HTC One. I will never return to them ever. They still can’t do a bill right ten years later.

    It’s sad because Bell Fibe offers great products at a great price where I live. Great internet speed (50/50), lot of bandwidth (unlimited is possible), HD picture quality is incredible, cell phone service is good. But no quality services is worth not being able to speak to a fellow Canadian that can speak one of the two officials languages of Canada if I’m in trouble. I don’t want to speak to Sanjay also known as Dave from Bell customer service (TBBH reference).

  • DJNateyD

    “New postpaid customers” So no point in me holding off renewal until Monday?