Nokia Music official launch in Canada imminent, preloaded on Koodo Lumia 520


  • Rich

    Loving the pricing on a lot of these WP8 phones.
    Too bad app developers are too caught up with Android / iOS that there isn’t much room for love for BB10 or WP8.

    • Mythos88

      I would have to disagree with you when it comes to apps on WP8 though it is better if you have a Lumia.

  • stevedion

    I cannot believe that Nokia would come out with Music in Canada before Google.

  • Eddisonlane

    Loving Nokia and Microsoft right now.

  • Johnson

    Just downloaded Nokia Music on Lumia 920 and its working. (Canada/Bell)

  • Carlos

    No love for 7.8?

    • Harry Harry

      it already works on 7.8. i am running it on lumia 900 with 7.8

    • Carlos

      Tried downloading it on my lumia 710 and it says its not compatible , did it come preinstalled on your lumia?

  • jgerb0

    Its already out for all Lumias in Canada! And its awesome!

  • Darth Paton

    That 520 is a piece of crap. Koodo should have at least gotten the 6 or 720