Nokia Canada making an “important announcement” on May 15th, promises to show “the next chapter of music discovery”


  • Rich

    While I love some of the innovation that Nokia has been putting out, I would really love to see some “unveilings” regarding what’s going on with WP8 and the operating system.

  • Marcus Brown

    I really hope its the Lumia 928 on TELUS and not just Nokia Music being released in Canada.

    • villain

      not going to happy sadly… the 928 is the CDMA counterpart of the 920 with some minor updates

    • Marcus Brown

      Because I had no idea what it was, your right.

  • jgerb0

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaa! Nokia Music is amazing, was waiting for this in Canada!!!

  • Blaine Badiuk

    really hoping they bring Nokia Music up here to Canada. As well hopefully announcements of device details for Canada.

  • Blaine Badiuk

    It is FREE.

  • villain

    would be great…if they had devices on more than rogers

  • Dr Tone

    “presumably the 928, on May 14th in London” Why would they announce a US only carrier phone in London?

  • saqrkh

    Probably the unveil of Nokia Music plus official announcement of Lumia 520 with Koodo

  • disqus_CCANDSVtzv

    Its most likely the 925 on Telus. Which looks the same as the 928

  • philip

    anyone in Canada can download Nokia music now. Just go to settings, and change your country location to the United States, restart the phone and then go to the app store and there it is for download! Great app and service but most importantly it’s FREE!

    • Andrew Brown

      ^This lol and it works with all apps in the store mobile, or desktop through Win 8

  • kirilmatt

    Maybe its a new flagship, well hopefully! WP8 has a lot of potential, I’d like to see one with a snapdragon s4 pro, micro SD, 1080p display and Nokia construction!