J.D. Power survey says Koodo and SaskTel have the highest Customer Satisfaction in Canada


  • Liberal Phone Person

    It would appear that wind mobile and the new entrants arent doing so bad. Price is a huge part of customer satisfaction.

  • FKnm

    Monthly bill – 40$ + TAX (5%) 100% satisfaction – Wind Mobile, that’s simple.

    P.S. If you make simple math, you can find that % of satisfaction per paid $ is highest at Wind Mobile.

    • Allan

      Does Wind have really spotty reception throughout the GTA?

    • Orange Lada

      Not that I’ve seen. Two years ago I’d have said it was somewhat spotty in isolated places, but coverage has improved a LOT.

    • FKnm

      I can say same, they improved covered a lot and you can feel it how it is still growing.

  • ns.dev

    I presently with Koodo, I don’t think I’ve ever had to call for for assistance. Most of my calls to customer service with previous providers was for swapping out CMDA phones, however I did have a bad time with PC near the end that drove me to Koodo.

    Edit: Nevermind, I do remember that when they changed data saver minimum from $0 to $5 they double charged me, customer service was nice and easily reduced the bill for the $5.

  • psygone

    The article mentions customer service satisfaction, while the report is based on Total Ownership Experience.

    “Satisfaction is measured in seven factors: network quality; cost of service; account management; offerings and promotions; customer service; handset; and sales process.”

  • Martin Chan

    Seems like an overall. I 100% love the plan pricing at Wind but everything else, like customer service is a little under par. Reception is great now, they’ve improved a lot over the years. Don’t lose signal unless it’s at campus with super think radioactive proof walls and other weird locations.

  • EvanKrosney

    $65 WITHOUT data? That’s insane! I pay way less than half that and get data!

  • teflon

    Imagine that. The government ran unionized sask tel ranks the highest. I believe they have for a few years now.The bizarre thing is, is that the Sask Party wants to privatize .

  • ineptone

    My Koodo service plan is well priced and featured and I get great coverage. Switching from Telus, to a Telus sub-brand, was a good choice for me. Especially since I purchase my devices outright and don’t have to worry about a contract anymore. Also, the one time I called customer service – immediately after activation – because of data connection issues on my S3 the agent was extremely helpful and professional. I’d recommend the carrier to everyone, except those who want higher subsidies on top-end devices.

  • Orange Lada

    Monthly phone bill $35 plus tax for everything – with WIND.

    If you have good coverage (and it has improved dramatically in last 2 years), Wind is a no brainer.