Rogers launches $7.99 / 50MB roaming package for travel to the United States


  • Lukeiphone

    Sounds reasonable!

    • Arm

      Does it really?

      I’d gladly hold on to your money for you, good friend.

  • Me Ted

    I’ve got an even better plan while travelling in the US. I go to T-Mobile, pop in their sim, and for $3/day I get unlimited nationwide calling and unlimited data (200mb at 4g speeds and Edge speeds afterward). If I need to make a call to Canada I use Fongo; a FREE Canadian voip service to most Canadian area codes. It just uses data and doesn’t cost me a penny.

    These rates are a joke.

    • gmerrick

      Only way to do international travel is with an unlocked quad band GSM phone. Slip in a new sim where ever you go with cheap prepaid local minutes.

  • Arm

    1. Unlock phone.
    2. Buy local SIM.
    3. Stop being ripped off by paying $163.64 for 1GB of roaming data.

    • WP74Life

      haha, yeah this is the best solution.

    • Anonymous501

      That’s what I do. Every time I cross the border I swap out my SIM for a T-Mobile SIM. 3 bux/day. Unlimited calls to the US and unlimited texts to the US. Unlimited Data (but throttled down after the first 200mb/day). It works pretty well. My only complaint is when I’m travelling with other Canadians that don’t do that, I have to pay LD fees to text or call their numbers even though they’re in the US.

    • Me Ted

      “My only complaint is when I’m travelling with other Canadians that don’t do that, I have to pay LD fees to text or call their numbers even though they’re in the US.”

      Use Fongo to get around that. Free VOIP. It’s awesome.

    • iPlunks

      if a person were to travel to the US and used data. Is it on the company to take the hit or the customer?

    • Azer

      You think that Rogers pays anywhere near $7.99 for a measly 50MB of data? The mark-up is at LEAST a 1000%.

      Why are you defending Rogers? Take a look at your bill, and get back to me

  • Rocco

    Why Fongo? Why not Skype? Wind has $0.50/MB preferred roaming tariff for $5/mo.

  • sicsicpuppy

    So generous of Rogers ………did you feel the sarcasm ?

    • Dave

      It’s like giving customers a candy before they sticking the **** from the back

  • RobEubanks

    The value of this plan all hinges on what your data usage needs are while you’re away. A seven day trip would be a minimum of $56 on Rogers, $112 for two weeks, but if you truly don’t need much data, you could potentially reduce it to $20 or $40 on Telus. 100MB should be enough to check email for a week or maybe two, unless you’re sending/downloading a lot of attachments.

    Obviously, if your usage involves more data-intensive tasks, then the Telus model will add up and not work for you, but if you’re looking for a way to really minimize the cost, the Telus/Bell option has some advantages.

    Personally, I use a local sim in an unlocked phone, which works out better than either of these options for me.

  • Craig Levett

    Even better. Buy a roammobility sim card(or nano sim card) for $20, and pay $4 a day for unlimited voice and text in north america nd 100MB of data. BEST deal by far. You can even book the days in advance on thier website. So easy

    • sysguy

      I agree with Craig. Have been using Roam for a year and think it’s great! Was tired of putting 10.00 on my T-Mobile card every 3 months to keep it active. Roam requires 1 top up a year and the free LD and Text back to Canada make up for the slightly more $ than T-Mobile. Use a 5 band phone and it’s great! Use Rogers One Number on laptop and tablet via Wifi and I can check messages and VM’s to my Canadian number. You can unlock most phones for under 20.00 online (except iPhones).

  • Chris MacIsaac

    Roam mobility!

    1, 3, 7, 14 day plans

    unlimited talk and text while in States (includes calls to Canada)
    add data (100mb) for a dollar extra a day.

    Sim card costs $20 (regular and micro sim)

  • Juxtyce

    I travel to the States a fair bit, 2 – 7 day duration for personal travel. What I have found works best for me (might not be best for everyone) is purchasing a hot spot from Walmart ($79 for the device – Credit Card Sized) and with a $25 one time purchase you get 1.5GB of data that can be used over the period of a year from last usage. You can also convert the purchase of $25 to 2GB for 30 days. The Hot Spot device can handle the connection of up to 5 devices. You can do calling using anyone of the VoIP products/apps for phones. Also if you have not checked out RogersOne, you can get your phone calls / texts via the tablet app.

    Good luck

  • Vannumber1

    Telus you better get on this or im switching to rogers when my contract is up. They seem to treat their customers better rather that constantly raping them while under contract.

    • Ted

      Sigh… Are you for real? Go to one of their sub-brands instead. You will never win with neither Rogers, nor Telus, nor Bell for that matter. You will always be ripped off.

      Unlocked pentaband phone + Fido’s current promo at $39 = somewhat reasonable monthly bill.

      It scares me sometimes how little most Canadians know about Canadian telecommunications industry.

    • iPlunks

      you understand that Fido promo isn’t for everyone. 400mb? available foe month to month and 2yr terms. no iphone

    • Azer

      Getting an iPhone automatically makes you an i***t, since you’re first overpaying for an Apple logo, and then get dinged for even more bucks by the carrier. Buying an iPhone is just a plain stupid idea, especially since the phone is at least 2 years behind the curve now.

      As for Fido, it was just an example. Going with the Big 3 is always a bad move, unless you get some sort of an insider deal. In any other case, you are being ripped off.

  • speederd

    I find this statement quite funny… “Currently, more than 99 per cent of our customers use less than 50 MB of data per day when roaming.” This is because everyone is scared shitless of the enormous fee for data roaming. So this study is erroneous.

    • Craig Levett

      Its so true, people are so cautious now a days sionce there here of horro stories of people with roaming bills in th ethousands of dollars….


      Except for those that stream 12 hours of Netflix and blame their carrier for not reading the contracts.

    • Tom

      Not to mention that every smartphone has data roaming disabled by default.

  • Rhett H

    What a Deal!! I’ll stick with unlocking and SIM card upping thank you very much.


    The thing I always find funny is that when people look at roaming charges they look at what AT&T/T-mobile/etc charge their customers. Do people honestly think that they see their foreign phone and go “Hey look a foreign phone that I can’t milk on a 24 month contract (different story), I guess I’m going to charge what I charge my loyal customers…”

  • D. Ostrowski

    50mb is a joke,I use that turning on my phone. If your going to travel in the states your much more more unlocking your device and getting a prepaid plan from T-Mobile or something similar . Way in hell that I’d ever consider this type of plan.

  • Devhux

    I see they updated the article to mention services like Roam Mobility, but that was the first thing I thought of when I saw the headline too. Good for Rogers to be the first of the Big 3 carriers to lower data roaming fees, but they still have quite a way to go to catch up with Roam Mobility.

  • Tom

    $7.99 was the cost of my unlock code… and using that I can just buy a prepaid local SIM in the destination country. If you’re making calls to numbers in the destination country, it makes far more sense to go that route than to use roaming.

  • Accophox

    T-mobile Prepaid SIM card. 10 bucks.
    Unlimited Talk, Text, Data (200MB softcap). 3 bucks (per day).
    Giving Rogers the finger? Priceless.

  • George Slade

    Travelers Mobile has the best US rates available in Canada. They are like Roam Mobility. A Canadian Company, but their rates are much lower than Roam Mobility.

    a 30 Day Unlimited Calling Plan from Travelers Mobile is $74.95. Free Shipping, Free SIM, no sales tax.

    The Same plan from ROam Mobility is $89.95 for the plan, $19.95 for the SIM plus shipping and taxes.

  • Wizzy

    Roam sucks. I went all over NY state and only got Edge coverage. Which is basically no coverage.