BlackBerry Q10 launching in Canada on May 1st


  • iphoneeeeeeeeeeee

    If it’s not an iPhone, why would I even look at it?

    • Zed

      because you’d show you’re not brainwashed? Trolling aside, nobody should care or defend their current choice of phones when new ones come out. Just make an informed choice, whatever it may be, but not from hype and marketing, but from actually trying out the phones if possible or learning about them as much as possible.

  • Acer12345

    [insert comment about price]

    • Mindmeld

      If you want a portrait QWERTY phone and this is too expensive, you can always go for the Bold 9900. I hear you can get one for under $400 contract free and it’s still a pretty powerful device. If you are a full touch person, then the Q10 price tag is irrelevant.

  • dracos

    $700 ? are they nuts ? ohh well good luck

  • BBBB


  • Super_Deluxe

    Lol I like blackberry and all but that $700 pricing is too risky considering that there are alot better choices around that price range like the S4 for the same price, HTC One for $650, and the Note 2 for $30 more. But since most people may not spend a whole paycheck on a smartphone they would probably buy it on contract so they might be safe here.

    • FuzzyFish6

      I wonder what the percentage breakdown is for people that purchase phone at full off-contract pricing versus the on-contract subsidized price.

      I bet more than 90% are subsidized. Which is a shame since this means Robelus will never get rid of their 3 year contract terms if people keep going back for them.

    • Super_Deluxe

      We’ll most people would rather pay it off in small sums than the full price up front which is why they go with contracts. Without contracts less people would be buying those expensive phones and would hurt the wireless industry. I think the tab system is the best cuz its makes these expensive phones easier to buy and I’m glad Rogers incorporated that system as well. I can pay it off whenever I can without hassle within those 3 years and could upgrade or switch whenever I want after. Bottom line is people who have trouble paying the full price up front prefer contracts/tabs cuz they probably need the money for far more important things like rent, groceries, ect. It just depends on the person and their living conditions which is why contracts won’t be gone any time soon.

    • BlackBerryBlink

      Better choice is a relative term.. i imagine if people were comparing devices they would be comparing the Z10 to those. The main reason anyone will choose the Q10 is specifically for the physical keyboard so in that case the discussion is mute. If you want the best physical keyboard on a phone there is no other choice, period.

  • Stephen

    lol $200 trash

    • WP74Life

      BB better start training hard to get me to buy a Q10.
      Because right now this is their training center.

  • graze81

    Wow! Way to keep it strong, lol. The Bold 9000 was my first smart phone. I still have it around as a “back up phone”.

  • Liberal Phone Person

    That’s May Day! Good! I can use this to tweet my protest against the capitalist imperialist death machine.

  • WP74Life

    700$ for this ?
    *Picture related.

  • eh

    Blackberry failing to catch up with times just like its failed to catch up with technology. Trolling consumers a month after April 1st.

    • eh

      Because that’s exactly how Android and Apple won over the cell-phone markets, right? By talking like this? Simple fact is RIM is not in a position to charge such prices from its consumers. It has lagged behind the market for years. Now, it comes out with a new operating system. I am all for it! I am looking to buy a new BB10 device. However, THE price of the device is barely justified. Blackberry still has to prove its worth to its consumers and they won’t be able to match the momentum of the established competitors with prices similar to them. I mean, look at Google. Even though, Android is right up at the top, Google has been selling its Nexus 4 for such a low price. You can wax lyrical about the hardware advances in Blackberry but AS a consumer no one is obliged to be loyal to a brand that has taken its sweet a*s time to come up with something good (I haven’t even mentioned the APPS yet. Having the ability to have apps and having apps: two different things altogether!) and put it up at a ridiculous price tag. Blackberry needs to smarten up and be more consumer friendly with their pricing.

    • TheShader

      This isn’t for consumers, that’s the Curve and arguably the Z10 fo the touch-screen toy owners. This is directed at the business-pro looking to replace their old and beloved Bold 9900, and have it paid for by the company. They know their market and it’s willing to pay, and will do so quite freely.

  • Stephen

    This thing should be in a bargain bin right at launch.

  • Alex

    I’m very interested to see how people respond to this style of blackberry 10 smartphones, the qwerty keyboard models are always the most sought after for blackberry users. Good luck To Blackberry and their efforts to get back into the mix of things. It will be nice to see a Canadian competitor fight its way back.

  • fred

    The price and release date of the Galaxy S4. The specs of the Galaxy S3.
    RIM didn’t learn anything from their past mistakes.

    • bob

      What is their past mistakes with regards to devices with physical keyboards? Who are their competitors or better yet name another non blackberry physical keyboard device that matches up? Physical keyboards are their bread and butter. That along with security are the gold standard. Yes, virtual keyboards are more popular but there are still tens of millions in the smartphone world that still prefer physical keyboard devices. Sure BlackBerry has a small market share of full touch screen devices but they have the majority market share of the physical keyboard space and with no true competition in that realm BlackBerry can price their product accordingly. You’re an i***t for comparing it to the S4 and your husband probably thinks so too.

  • vice

    I invested in blackberry several months before the bb10 launch. Made just over 50% of my investment, and thats before the keypad, which is the whole reason why i know sales would go up. if a touchscreen sold well enough to cause stocks to rise significantly, a keypad will more than double my investment because of all the loyal users. So for anyone who thinks blackberry has f-ed up…. “suck it, donny”

    Donny: “You suck it… more”