Flashback Friday: What apps can’t you live without?


  • Leo

    Google Apps (Gmail, Talk, Calendar)
    School Assistant +

  • Ya boy

    Apple maps in iOS 6

    • MeYo

      The question wasn’t apps you CAN live with… 😉

    • Comment Master

      the question wasn’t.. which apps kill you 😉

  • Kevin

    Streamzoo, Swiftkey, Gmail, Google Now, PowerCam, Pudding Camera, GasBuddy…

  • AdBlock PLus

    Adblock plus app:

    then go to Adblock plus/ subscriptions in your browser and add more subsctiptions manually. Otherwise it won’t let you add subscriptions manually.

    I don’t get to see the Syrup ads EVER and ditto to youtube ads; on top of that your data usage is lower and the phone works less rendering less images. Even the bloated Firefox gets a bit faster after that.

  • MeYo

    Maps, xScope Pro, B&H Photo Viewer, Canada Topo Maps, Eye inn Sky,iBird Pro, PowerNap, Mantano Reader, gReader Pro…

    • MeYo

      Oh yeah, Kii Pro keyboard, awesome!

  • Sean

    Falcon Pro. After using almost all the major Android Twitter apps it is by far the most polished and beautiful one. And it has a tablet UI.

  • ActivesiN

    google now, whatsapp,zplayer, mobilebandit, flipboard, and instagram

  • Samuel Bolduc

    gReader Pro … Chrome, doubleTwist, XDA Premium, Maps, also Facebook and Avocado (yea I know…)

  • Mike

    theScore (formerly ScoreMobile), ScoreMobile FC, and Digitally Imported Radio

  • MattyMattMatt

    Swype… number one, definitely. Opera, fav browser. Google Authenticator for very obvious reasons. DoubleTwist Alarm and Player. Fast Reboot. Cribbage Pro. Whatsapp. Google Maps. Kijiji (easier than on PC). Samsung MobileLink. MX Player. Quick Office. AK Notepad. Print Bot. Rdio (though they should include options to hide music and make suggestions based on what you do listen to). Bell Self Serve. SuperGNES. theScore. Titanium Backup. Steam and finally SteamGifts.

    • MattyMattMatt

      Ugh, forgot adblock and avast (for the anti theft).

  • Andrew

    SwiftKey, Facebook, Twitter (yes, stock apps), Android Central (forum app), Apex Launcher, YouVersion, LookOut, PowerAmp, and Slacker. I’ve got lots more, but if I had to run a bare minimum, that’s what I’d pick (on top of the usual Google Apps of course).

  • Tom

    Firefox for Android; Fongo (was Dell Voice); Wikipedia app

  • nexus

    Do you have the amazon app store? Thought that was USA only.

    I need google+ tune in, pocetcast, drop box is an absolute must. Also score mobile.

  • Wilbour

    Gmail and Keeper (password keeper)

  • Mike M

    Tasker, falcon pro, pocket

  • Tim3Tripp3r

    The basics are: Titanium Backup, SD Maid, QuicPic, TuneIn Pro, MX Player, PowerAmp unlocked, Tweetcaster Pro, and either Swype or Swiftkey plus how could I not mention Mobile Syrup ツ the “go to” app for what’s hot in mobile for Canada

  • BB104theWin

    BlackBerry Travel, Twiutter, Kindle

  • Mike

    DeskSMS, Pocket Casts, Transit Now Toronto, Pocket and Waze!

  • Chris

    G+ and Flip Board

  • Shawn

    Besides the usual players like Gmail, Chrome, Facebook, Twitter, etc, I use Flip board, MX Player, PowerAmp, Instagram, The Score and Tapatalk the most.

  • mynameissexy

    Free Apps.

  • the handsome one

    Kitchen math. By far the best dollar I’ve ever spent!

  • yehhh

    The app that makes app

  • rockman

    The one that lets me talk to people… using voice… I forget… what it’s called? :S

    Kidding, all I need is Fruit Ninja. People are boring.

  • Sam

    Photo transfer – send photos from any device to any PC, Mac or another device over your wifi network.

  • Toto

    G1 Ontario OSL

  • Rich

    MightyText (Text via Chrome Browser on your PC).
    It’s for that app alone, I won’t swap out of Android.

  • Jordan

    File Explorer by Apposite Designs, apex launcher, power toggles, mighty text, pocket, swiftkey, t.e.a.m battery bar, theScore, UberSync, VLC, uTorrent, Smart Statusbar, lockscreen policy.

  • Nacos

    Tasker, tasker, tasker.

  • andrew

    Wifi Analyzer

  • screamer

    Dropbox youtube plum kijiji and ebay

  • Shawn

    I gotta bookmark this page. Many good apps that I’ve never heard of that I want to try out.

  • Yadeed


  • Rayzorexe

    My Music Player App (Default)

  • Mike

    — I really like, Music Paradise on Android ( can download all my music I want all for free with this App )
    — Skype, Google Translate, Gang Filter (to block unwanted calls)
    –Dolphin Browser, Soundhound, Pof (plenty of fish online dating )
    –y!mail, My Oc Transpo, Facebook, facebook messenger
    — Whatsapp, Play music, flashlight
    — Fongo ( free calling app )
    — Textplus ( free text messenging app )
    –Gmail, Accuweather, Pulse, Howard Forums
    — Koodo Self serve, Tim Hortons
    –Engadget, Kijiji, Bump, Starbucks
    –Sugarsync, Cibc banking, ING Direct Banking
    –Best buy, futureshop, Home depot, air miles. Ottawa sun
    — Cbc News, Cineplex, IMDb ( free movies)
    — Crackle ( free movies )
    –Zedge, Gamecentre, Ottawa Senators, Ottawa Inside

    — Games —
    Zombie Frontier, Angry birds rio, Angry birds space, angry birds star wars, contract killer 2, Crazy snowboard, Flight director, fruit ninja, Glow hockey 2, HN shootout, Hungry shark 3, Overkill, Paper toss, Parking frenzy, traffic panic 3d, parking king

    — All apps om Android for free that I can not live without

  • andrich

    If anyone is looking for an excellent weather app they should check out Canada Weather and Radar. It is a simple but accurate weather app. I love it. Its not flashy but it does exactly what it says it does.

  • Kevin

    F-droid (have to get it from the web at f-droid.org). From there you can get lots of Free and Open apps.

  • Elinor

    Transit Now. It gives me accurate predictions, through GPS tracking, of Toronto buses and streetcar arrivals which means when I’m ready to leave home, I can see at a glance which of the three buses serving my neighbourhood is due to arrive first.

    The app also displays the current weather conditions, contains a timer and alarm I can set to remind me when I have to leave home or to wake me up before my stop, when traveling, lol.

    When in unfamiliar neighbourhoods, I can use the map and gps functions to find nearby bus stops and the routes they serve.It uses data sparingly,and — if I don’t want to turn data on — I can get a text telling me when the next bus will arrive.

    Of all the apps I have, this is the one that saves me the most time and aggravation on a daily basis. There is a free version but the 99 cents I paid for the full version is well worth it. I highly recommend this for any TTC user in Toronto.

  • Graham

    On Nexus 4:

    Google Play Music, Twitter (stock; I’ve never found another which I actually use), Gmail, Chrome Beta, Map (fell in love with Androids because of maps and Google Navigation), Kii Keyboard, Google Talk, Google Now, and, oddly enough, Calculator.

    The ones I use less often, but find wonderful no less:
    -Out of Milk
    -Cut the Rope (you didn’t say they had to be useful!)
    -Minecraft PE
    -Google listen (clunky, but works ok)
    -Google Reader

  • emixam

    The chive app

  • muchski

    Waze, Maxthon Browser, Kakao, Meme Creator, Flipboard, Gmail

  • 15ive

    The App I can’t live without,is the money App,Fool.

  • Tpm

    Flipboard. One stop for all media, great interface

  • Matt

    My Must have apps are Twitter and FaceBook, Evernote and Box, Pocket when I had an iPhone but now I use ReaditNow on my PlayBook and BB Z10.

  • Bittersweet

    In Toronto I can not live without the Transit Now Toronto TTC app. it’s very good at telling up how many minutes you have until the bus comes

  • Carol Bream

    SwiftKey is the best; mobile bus system apps; the usual suspects; Moon+Reader; Kindle, Kobo, Poynt, SAQ, etc.

  • John

    Have no use for any app. I lived my live quite well before them, and certainly can live without them!!!

  • John

    The two apps I reinstall first are Kingsoft Office and Tunein Pro. Kingsoft is a terrific spread sheet app and Tunein lets me record CBC feeds from all across the country. Just wish I could upload those recordings to Dropbox my other favorite.

  • Dave

    XBMC … This is the best apps to mankind, period.

  • Joe S.

    Transit Now Toronto!

  • deltatux

    The Weather Network, Browser (stock), Google Drive, Facebook, Google Talk, Phone, Messaging, Camera, Calculator, WhatsApp, Email, Gmail, SpeedTest, PowerAMP, YouTube, SwiftKey.

  • Slype

    LogMeIn, Emit, FolderSync, Chrome, tinyCam Pro, Flixster, Zedge, Cyberus (security/theft), mSecure, uStream, Swype/SwiftKey

  • Richard

    Thanks to Rich for Mighty Text, Handsome One for Kitchen Math and Andrich for Canada Weather and Radar. I had a Canada weather app and a Radar app but having both in one package is better.

    In addition to the common apps we all use here are a few that I haven’t seen listed that I find essential:

    Pocket Informant – the best calendar and todo app I’ve seen and I’ve tried just about all of them.

    Colornote – just like post it notes. There are lots of note taking apps but I haven’t seen one that’s faster or easier.

    Google Gesture Search – find people, phone numbers by just drawing a letter on the screen

    Quick System Info and/or System Panel – keep track of what’s going on on your system.

    Worldscope Webcams – check road conditions around you

    Unity Launcher – the best app for switching among applications

  • rockman29

    SNES9x, SNESoid

  • Stephane Boisvert

    For me, Evernote and Readability / Pocket are must haves, and Flipboard also squeezes into the top spots.

  • kristen

    Waze and BaconReader

  • coop3422

    Swype, DoubleTwist (before switching to a Nexus 4, now have to use PowerAmp. Much prefer DT)TD, chive, waze, FB Shazam, the score, rage comis, Telus PVR, 1.FM, and Temple Run kills time.

  • John

    SuperSU, Titanium Backup, AdAway, CallRecorder, ES file Explorer, Light Flow, MX Player, Ringo, Smart Screen Off, and TheftSpy!!