Flashback Friday: What apps can’t you live without?

Photo 2013-03-01 4 22 12 PM

This week has been all about apps: which ones are on what platform; which ones have been updated; which ones offer the most functionality.

And because we have such a diverse readership, a community of advanced users across many mobile platforms, we were wondering, which apps can’t you live without? More specifically, what was the first app you realized you couldn’t live without?

I’m a big fan of the staples — Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Chrome (on both iOS and Android), Foursquare, Rdio, Google Maps — but there are others less well known on which I rely. Press for Android has done an amazing job emulating the Reeder experience, and recently I’ve begun using Untappd to acquaint myself with new brews. I use Pocket all the time for longform reading, and Dropbox to store files in the cloud.

As I’m always flashing new ROMs, I like ROM Manager and XDA-Developers to keep my availed of the latest news across the Android community, and because I’m a movie fan I’m constantly switching between Flixster and iMDB. theScore reminds me of when the Leafs or Raptors lose, and Starbucks keeps me awake during the day. Hailo gets me from point A to B, and Amazon lets me buy everything from A to Z. Reddit News is my escape from reality, and Slide Messaging is how I keep in touch with those who haven’t migrated to Kik or WhatsApp.

Because it’s Friday, and it’s a nice day (at least here in Toronto), I’m going to keep this short and sweet. So, chat amongst yourselves, exchange some app recommendations and, if at all possible, keep it civil.