PC Financial Mobile Banking app for Android now available


  • skullan

    Finally, they should have had it ready when they released the iOS app.

    • skullan

      Wow, it’s even released under the CIBC banner.

    • Mexico Ron

      Why? What incentive did they have? Did android users all suddenly gets jobs necessitating a bank acct? When you’re living in your parents basement, a banking app probably isn’t a priority. PC went where their customer were. Now that Android is dominant I suppose the expectation is that some of them will have money and so need a bank acct and app.

    • Alphs

      That’s because PC Financial is part of the direct banking division of CIBC…

  • boulderdash

    does it come with all that money? hurr

    • Mexico Ron

      Why, does that honestly seem like a lot? I guess it would to an android user 😀

    • boulderdash

      @mexico ron if you’re giving away $20k I’ll gladly take it.

    • JHK

      @mexico You’re right, 20K in mexican peso ain’t much.

  • Thompson

    Lol @ a windows phone app. If TD isn’t why would PC?

    • Garnet U

      Wouldn’t it be cheaper for them to just give an android phone to both of their windows mobile users rather than waste time writing WinMo code?

  • williamworlde


  • williamworlde

    Sorry. Forgot to say, “Thanks” for the app’s release. Quintessential Canadian, eh? Can’t even lambast something without apologizing! LMAO!

  • Jarvis

    I think it’s ridiculous for an online bank to take this long to get an app out for the 2 major platforms.

  • Kevin

    Ugh. All they had to do is make their web site mobile friendly.

    I don’t want more useless apps. Just make a decent website!

  • Brian

    For everyone here who’s saying that iOS and Android apps should be released at the same time should try doing it themselves sometime. Don’t get me wrong – I also believe in an ideal world, cross-platform apps should be released at the same time but in reality there are so many complexities around development that it’s extremely difficult.

    It’s a ridiculous expectation. I don’t think the general population understands how much work goes into planning, developing, testing, and approving one application (let alone two). Each app is it’s own separate project that likely does not have the luxury of being worked on by 2 separate teams. Chances are, there are shared resources, like QA, that only have the bandwidth to test one app at a time before moving on to the other (hence a 3 month delay between apps).

    • Piff

      People who say that Android and iOS app should be released at the same time have no clue what they are talking about.

  • Matty

    omg finally…

  • Dan J

    Took long enough! I’m definitely glad it’s here though. No more trying to access the NON-mobile site… phew.