Fido changes rate plans around to include voicemail, call display and Canada-wide calling


  • FidoMan


  • Agness

    Meh, Wind HMP here. Pass.

    But at least we’re getting somewhere, with Canada-wide calling becoming more or lass standard, and Caller ID (a rip-off of a century) being thrown in, alongside voicemail.

    Still, I am never going back to the Big3. Years and years of blatant abuse will never be forgotten.

    • Raids25

      Agree, Caller ID rip-off of the century. In other countries, especially Asia, upon transition to GSM from analog, they offered the new tech with CID free of charge. People were so happy that they can now screen their callers but here with the Big 3, it was a special feature that you need to pay where it should have been a std one.

  • Big3 Sucks

    Yes, Agreed, never go back to Big3, too late Fido, it’s too late

  • Mike Hawk

    As much as the Big Three have issues, they have the best networks. No comparison at all to the new entrants. You get what you pay for.

    • Kostas Kritsilas

      Virgin.Fido, and Koodo ARE the “Big 3”. Fido is Rogers, Koodo is Telus, and Virgin is Bell Mobility. They are the “ecomomy” lines for each of their respective carriers. Same exact network, same coverage. Wind. Videotron, and Mobilicity are their own carries, and will have coverage issues.

      Why stay with Bell, Telus, or Rogers, when you could go with Virgin, Koodo, or Fido for less, ON THE EXACT SAME NETWORK/ Granted, Wind/Mibliity/Videotron are cheaper, but that only counts when you are sure you will be in their coverage area >90% of the time.


  • Mike Hawk

    …. And FIdo has amazing customer service I. My experience.

    • Andrew C

      Amazing customer service? They told me to go to a competitor. I guess that is amazing for me since I got a better rate plan.

  • tiesto

    CityFido’s been gone for a few weeks, was replaced by the (now-defunct) $40 Unlimited local/no zone Standard.

  • dan

    I’ve had perfect service with fido for 9 years. Great service. And I noticed city fido was gone months ago from their site. Around December I saw it was gone

  • robbers

    It’s about time they included the caller ID and voicemail, but why the hell do they always have to remove something each time they add something extra?

  • robbers

    And they have decrease the minutes as well!!! their 25$ plan included 150 min before and had weekend evening starting at 5pm. My god! this is just a ripp off disguised.

    • Angelo

      The minutes are back up to 150 minutes for the $40 plan although evenings is now stuck at 6pm

  • robbers

    And…their voicemail is a ‘mini voicemail’ meaning it can only save 3 messages unlike their regular one on which you can have 10… this is for the standard plans, not sure about smart or max plans.

  • Big 3 Crooks

    I’m done with the BIG 3. Never supporting them again. Bunch of thieves. Ripp Off. Mobilicity ALL THE WAY !!!

  • Kevin

    It’s nice to see Fido is now offering them for “free” literally.. but its too late for me.. I am already with Wind Mobile.. all at no charge, including the fabulous voicemail, and Miss Me Call..

  • andrew

    Another wind customer chiming in. No issues with my service. Have been a customer for probably a year and a half, or so, maybe a bit less. No reason to switch anywhere else – everything works beautifully.

    To whomever said “you get what you pay for”, I feel like I get MUCH more than I pay for.

    Again, it varies from location to location. Works for me, though.

  • Mac

    Painful that not paying an additional fee is new. It’s progress but still…sigh.

  • Tim3Tripp3r

    If you’re not lucky enough to live in the “big” cities then you are stuck with the big 3 (post paid) so it is nice to see even small victories for the consumer ie more bang for the buck.
    It will be interesting to see if the trend continues into the spring / summer.

  • Hamid

    i’m a mobilicity customer and i’ll be honest, the network’s not great. i’m always losing signal in buildings. signal’s good out in the open but there’s the occasional network loss, maybe once every two months or something. i don’t mind any of this though b/c my phone is purely for friends and family, no business. so if i miss a call, it’s not a big deal. i wouldn’t recommend it to people who really need perfect service all the time cause their business is dependent on their phone. for everybody else though, these small companies make sense. i pay 12.50/month for unlimited talk and text, it’s awesome.

  • jesseps

    The one thing I don’t understand, how you can have unlimited canada wide calling, but they give you 300 local minutes for calls?

  • Falco

    i’ve been in some form of customer service all my life and I can tell you after 6 yrs with Fido, I use them as standard tbat I judge others by. What bothers me is the neverending complaining about the differences between Canadian rates charged by all carrriers compared to Europe, U.S., and wherever else the demographics/geography are totally different. What qualifies those people to determine what rates should be charged anyway? Perhaps you think our carriers should just give the service away. The big 3 provide amazing coverage, but it costs heavy bucks to set up, expand, and maintain that service. If you don’t like it, go to the new guys and really get screwed. their rates may seem low on the surface, but look at the coverage areas. Even then, there are ongoing complaints about lousy reception in their home zones. If people took time to do a little research, the new guys would die in no time. They depend on our ignorance of facts for their survival.

  • Somi

    I agree with Falco. I was with wind and really frustrated. I can pay more for better network and customer service. I switched back to Fido and I love Fido dollars. I am sticking to it now.

  • Crocography

    Finally ditched Rogers, and went with Wind. $40.00 and everything in and unlimited including calling to the States. Paid a $300.00 penalty to Rogers for ditching them, but since I have switched I have had ZERO problems with Wind.

    But what is really great is that I am:
    – no longer trying to get off calls quickly
    – not looking at the time anymore to see if it is 6.00pm yet,
    – not worried about using internet time,
    – worried about how much I download, etc.

    This list goes on and on, but it I think what I finally have s piece of mind with Wind. I no longer feel anxious about using my cell phone.

    To everyone who has ever written that they suck, I call b*llsh!t.

    • Tom

      Certain zones of Ottawa suffer from a complete lack of indoor reception from Wind, and ironically those locations have telecom company offices.

      I’m sure the network will improve and expand, but until then, I really can’t jump to Wind. No point in having unlimited data and calls if I’m unable to actually use either.

  • almost ex-fido

    As a company why would you want to be like everyone else?

  • Jay

    My big problem with the plans from fido is the lack of data. They have an $80 plan with 1 gb of data included, and no way to increase it. So of course they’re fine with throwing in voicemail and caller ID, they know you’ll be paying for going over your data limit. What’s the point of having LTE if you’re only going to be worried about over using it?

  • Falco

    TO CROCOGRAPHY: Give it time man. Anxious about using your phone? I’ll give you anxious….I don’t get anxious about getting reception if I leave my back yard. And Wind’s prices are right off the charts, considering their coverage areas. You didn’t do any research at all, did yoi?

  • daksen

    Damn! When is Wind coming to Manitoba

  • Big 3 Crooks

    BIG 3 are losing customers by the minute to Mobilicity. Mobilicity’s service and prices are the best. Never again will I ever go back to BIG 3 !