Facebook To Show Off Updated Web And Mobile News Feed Design On March 7th


  • iamhacked

    Finally the pictures will resize themselves

  • roman

    I can’t wait for the day Facebook becomes irrelevant.

  • skazzberry 2.0

    Attencion Attencion….

    Le Facebook est le garbage!

  • saltorio

    Larger photos. Wonderful. How about making the rest of the app not suck?

  • Eric

    How about fixing the stability of the app on Android first. It lags bigtime on my Nexus 4 and sometime you have to force quit the app and reload it just to get the newsfeed to show up…

  • Steven

    What ever happened about that Facebook Phone? Did they realize that they should build a good stable app before trying to build phones?

  • Peter


  • Marco

    People still use facebook?

  • oldschool

    Since when is less than a year a long time coming

  • Djunk

    How about… just die?

  • barry rueger

    Like it or not, world + dog uses Facebook, and some subset of world + dog will continue to use it.

    As much as I like G+, the reality is maybe ten people that I know are there, vs a couple hundred on FB.

    I can’t understand why FB can’t create an app that isn’t horribly bad. How hard can it be?

    Beyond that the best entertainment on FB are the extreme negative comments that follow any spam from McDonalds or Walmart. Like THOUSANDS of them!

  • Pepsiboy

    I wonder if they will be able to figure out how to sort by most recent. I see posts from days ago show up before one that was posted an hour ago even though there was no activity in the old post.

  • Steve Dion

    How about they make a windows phone and blackberry app. Seems like a few million users should be worth half a dozen developers.